Have to Narrow it down a bit!

What to do? I now have a top 11 (12 if you count Cleo instead of considering her as alternate for Clementine) and this is insane. My boys are down to 9, and I could easily cut that to four without crying much, but the girls? My goodness, they grow & grow. I sat & looked at this list for about an hour last night and still can’t decide which to cut, or at least put in the wildcards list. I’ve already put Ottilie there, much to my chagrin, I’ve loved her for so long it hurts to see her way down there but I digress, because adding her would make it a top 12 (13 if you count Cleo)!

Here’s my most recent top 11, what would you cut out to make it 10 (or better yet, 8) and would you tell me why
you cut what you cut? I can’t make myself cut anything, I love them all!

Here (with possible nicknames):
Maud India Scarlett – Maudie, Mattie, Mims, Mimi
Beatrix Ivy Frances – Bea, Trixie, Bebe
Clementine India Maud – Cleo, Clio/Cleo Portia Rupinder
Winifred Elinor Plum – Winnie, Winne, Freda
Imogen Violet Jane – Immy, Mimi, Io
Tallulah Poppy Frances – Lulu, Lucy, Tula
Zelda Lucy Violet – Zella, Zellie, Zel
Edith Zenobia Violet – Edie, Dita
Penelope Saskia Violet – Nell, Poppy, Polly, Penny
Cecily Pandora Jane – Celie, Cece, Celia
Eulalie Frances Pearl – Lula, Lula, Lolly

Every time I try to cut one, I think Oh, not that one, it’s too pretty, too lovely, too sweet and try another and waaah! I just can’t do it! Help, please?

Thanks very much. I’d make a lousy surgeon, methinks!


I’m in love with Beatrix. Almost lost it because of the “Kill Bill” flicks. Loathe those.

But Beatrix love remains (thank you Beatrix Potter!)


I have four combos that make my heart sing, for various reasons,  this is rather how I feel when I say Beatrixgrays20iris20garden

without further ado, here they are:

Beatrix Flora Ophélie – Flora’s for a Florence, Ophélie’s  just gorgeous.

Beatrix Poppy Elinor – Poppies were my Dad’s favorite flower, Elinor’s a cousin.

Beatrix Esme Valentine – Esme for G. Auntie Esmeralda (which is just too unwieldy for this non Spanish chick). Valentine, for my Dad, born on Valentine’s Day and given two names he hated all his life.

Beatrix Violet Cleophée  – Violet for an Aunt, Cleophée because I adore her.  Any form of Cleo’s aces with me, I just find this one rather elegant.

Anyone want to comment on what they like/dislike or why?  Possibly? Or heck, just vote in the poll!