Maud Evermore

I was talking about Maud the other day, here and it has boiled down to three stunning combos, I have them up in a poll and it’s already a tie between them. I thought I’d ask for a few more personal thoughts on them here. So without any more fanfare here they are with what I like about each:


Maud Coralie Alice – she feels a bit Gothy to me, in a Victorian sort of way. And that gives me vampire overtones. I dig vampires. ‘nuf said

Maud India Scarlett – she feels warm and ochre to me, lush but dry.  I could happily wrap myself in the feel of this combo and just perish ! 😀

Maud Lila Ottoline – she’s misty, mauvey and fresh. Ever listen to Led Zeppelin’s “Battle of Evermore”? That’s the same almost eerie feel I get from her. Oooh, I just love that!

maud-coralie-alice-flowersThat might have been a bit much but well, what the heck!  😉

Anyone want to say anything now?  😉


Since no one wanted to say anything more,  I just thought I’d update to say that Maud India Scarlett won in the poll. And honestly? She is my favorite of the Maud combos. I love Ottoline far too much to bury her happily in third place.   Maybe I should do a post on simply Ottoline? Hmmm.

Maud Anew

Maud, glorious Maud!

I went searching again last night and came up with some beauties. (Not that many will agree with me, Maud being almost universally disliked)

Isn’t she the softest, sweetest thing ever? Maud, so lovely.

This is the color Maud is to me!

This is the color Maud is to me!

Here’s what I came up with late last night:

Maud Coralie Alice
Maud Isobel Clementine
Maud Ottilie Rose (or maybe Maud Ottilie Alice)
Maud Roxana Elinor
Maud India Scarlett (or Maud India Elinor) [to heck with the GWTW images, I love this!]
Maud Sophie Angelina
and three Maud Lila combos (I’m quite taken with sweet little Lila these days and think I could live with her happily ensconced in the middle, forever):

Maud Lila Valentina
Maud Lila Celestine
Maud Lila Ottoline

If I had to pick one of those Lila combos, it’d probably be Maud Lila Ottoline (and part of me is tempted to flip it, Ottoline Lila Maud which would compete with Ottoline Alice Marigold in my head).

Anyone have any thoughts on Maud, themselves? 😀

Florence Redux

Some more tries to pair up Florence:


Florence Valentine Alice
Florence Valentine Rose
Florence Carys Valentine
Florence Mary Ghislaine (Not that I’m particularly fond of Mary)


and some that will be going in a Poll today, if I get the time:

Florence Beatrix Maud
Florence Lilias Pearl
Florence Lila Plum
Florence Beatrix Elanor
Florence Elinor Primrose
Florence Violet Cordelia
Florence Violet Celandine
Florence Violet Isadora

Anything jump out at anyone?

Florence Beatrix Maud, Florence Beatrix Elanor, Florence Elinor Primrose & Florence Violet Isadora are the ones that sort of stick out to me.


Thinking Florence L-, also came up with these two:

Florence Lucy Valentina (Really trying to get a a Valentine/a in there for Pop, somewhere)
Florence Lucy Isobel

And I would kill to find a way to put Florence & Alice together without it being too hissy. Alas, I think that’s a losing battle.