Ignatius -Saint or Sinner?

I’m sure most are familiar with Ignatius through St. Ignatius Loyola and are familiar with Iggy Pop. talk about good boy/bad boy!  He literally straddles the line!  There’s celebrity precedent too, Cate Blanchett’s third is Ignatius Martin.


He’s on my lists because he’s a family name way back and I like him.  It was also one of Arthur Conan Doyle’s middles (His full name: Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle!) His “”The Lost World” is one of my favorite stories.  I’m rather taken by the “good boy/bad boy” thing too, I figure he can be Iggy if he’s as boisterous as the rest of us are and if he’s quieter, Nate or Nat would work equally well.


I’m still wondering about the perfect combo for him. Ignatius Henry August has the most meaning but only so-so flow. Other hits and misses:

Ignatius Julian Reuel 
Ignatius Miles Reuel 
Ignatius Henry Jude
Ignatius Malcolm Arthur/Ignatius Arthur Malcolm
Ignatius Edward Becket
Ignatius Edward Jolyon
Ignatius Edward Grey
Ignatius Henry Otto


But none are quite perfect yet.  I totally dig Ignatius and think he sounds quite awesome with the surname. So I keep toying with middles. If anyone has any decent suggestions, feel free to toss ’em my way!