Clementine Redux

Working on the thought I barely recalled: Clementine, nn Cleo. Since I adore Cleo and thoroughly like Clementine I figured I should try out some different combos for her, see if anything really jumps out out me. Wanna see? ūüėÄ


Here goes:

Clementine Portia Clotilde – love the lush feel of this one
Clementine Lucy Isobel – feels a bit expected.
Clementine India Maud – ooh, interesting, I love India and well, Maud’s in contention for first place…
Clementine Alice Elinor – very pretty.
Clementine Eos Faye – No one’s going to ‘get” Eos, but she’s so pretty!
Clementine Mina Alice – love Mina and Alice together.
Clementine India Jane – a bit crisper than India Maud.
Clementine Ottilie Echo – Alright, so Echo’s whimsy. It gets two of my favorite names in there with the whimsy.
Clementine Ivy Agatha – Or maybe Agatha Ivy, either way, Agatha grounds both very nicely.
Clementine Sylvie Violet – Loving Sylvie recently and Violet’s gorgeous and honors.
Clementine Jemima Adele – Love, love, love Jemima andAdele feels light & sweet here.
Clementine Esme Viola -terminally elegant!
Clementine Violet Rosalind – maybe too nature-y all around?
Clementine Agatha Violet – utterly charming, Agatha Violet.
Clementine Edwina Violet – I love Edwina, she’s charmingly quaint. Violet honor, again.
Clementine Lily Adele – Lily honors Grandma, Adele is just sweet. (now if I could just get him to stop saying Adele like they do in “Natural Born Killers…)
Clementine Lilias Pearl – Lilias honors Grandma a bit more circularly, Pearl just charms me.
Clementine Viola Odette – still hooked on those Opera names!
Clementine Maud Elinor –¬†My beloved Maud with Honoring Elinor.
Clementine Alice Grey РStill feeling a bit Steampunkish, this suits the mood. And feels sort of buttoned up and respectable at the same time.  


So there you go, along with all my thoughts at the moment. What do you think?  Let me know!


As always, Thanks!


Just a quick post to say we’ve finally come to an agreement on Rufus. Well, it’s down to three different choices at the moment.
Rufus Wilder John – His favorite
Rufus Milo August – My favorite
Rufus Alastair Grey – in case we’re still fighting over RWJ or RMA late this summer. ūüėČ

Eulalie, Third Time’s a Charm?


I’m still loving Eulalie. Even though I’m not satisfied with her present combo and¬† still searching for a replacement.

Eulalie Frances Madelief is the lovely standard bearer. I’ve had her combo around for about half a year now but I’m becoming disenchanted with the overall look. Eulalie’s different. Sounds vaguely familiar to most but still feels a bit unususal. I really think she’s awesome.

So I’ve been digging around the various lists and have come up with 5 that charm me in various ways. I have them running off in a poll at BtN but I’ll list them here too, just in case anyone has trouble with the link or just doesn’t want to click.

Eulalie Frances Pearl
Eulalie Alice Grey
Eulalie Esme Katharine
Eulalie Saffron June
Eulalie Ivy Frances
Eulalie Isobel Green


Do you have a favorite? Care to sell me on  it? I like all of them in turns and can give you a good reason why I like each. I need a nudge in one direction or another.  Thanks!

Rethinking a few things

Zelda & Eulalie mainly. Trying out a few new thoughts, even though I’m feeling singularly uninspired today. Here, tell me what you think of these:

Zelda Elinor Grey
Zelda Iris Grey
Zelda Saskia Jane

Anyone have any other ideas for Zelda?


And Eulalie. I am really liking her sound these days and though I like Eulalie Frances Madelief, I’m looking for something with a but more oomph (and a little less weird for the second middle), So keeping Eulalie Frances, here’s the few my brain has come up with:
Eulalie Frances Esmée
Eulalie Frances Pearl (not sure how I feel about Pearl, exactly but it works here)
Eulalie Frances Violet /Eulalie Violet Frances/ odd thought: Eulalie Alice Grey?
Eulalie Frances Vianne
Eulalie Ivy Frances/Eulalie Frances Ivy
And one that just catches my fancy despite it being as odd as Madelief: Eulalie Frances Petronella.


and no, I don’t know what the fascination is with Grey these days.

¬†So, is there anyone out there who can help me, maybe kick me out of this funk I’ve been in all day? I’d appreciate it, very much.

Unisex Names

I think most people who hang out here know I’m not a fan of unisex names, preferring my boys & girls to be clearly marked. ūüėĬ† But I was really trying to keep my¬†mind open for a lady on another board I hang out at and I actually came up with a few names (some unisex, some obviously masculine) that I could live with on a¬† girl.¬† Here are mine,


Finley РNow, Finlay is on my boys list (paired as Clarence Arthur Finlay) but Finlay/Finley could easily go the way of Francis/Frances for me. Why not? 

Connelly – ¬†just a fresher “Celtic surname” than MacKenzie.

Leslie¬† – ¬†has been girly for a fair while but has been fading. Almost feels fresh again, doesn’t it?

Grey – Colors are unisex as far as I’m concerned. And yes, I’d use Pink in the middle for a boy, if I thought I could get it past the other half (who’s even more of a stickler for ‘boys are boys, girls are girls’, than I am!

Ashton¬† – it was used on a girl in John Jakes ‘North & South’ Why not?

Greer  РWell, if Brooke Shields can use it on a girl and spell it wrong, why not spell it right on a girl?

Ashby  РYet another surname name (Henry Turner Ashby). Feels a bit soft,  another why not?

Darren – Yes, it’s masculine but I cna’t be the only one who only thinks “bewitched” when I hear it. So maybe if it goes on a girl for a while, it’ll become fresh for a boy again somewhere down the road?

Ripley – Worked for Sigourney Weaver!

Yancey – This old school Southern sounding surname name sounds effeminate enough for a girl, to me.

Hollis – Another surname name. Sounds suitably girly for me. Anything that breaks down to Holly, potentially sounds girly to me.

Dilys – is an actual girls name that while soft, is sufficiently unfluffy for a girl.

Auden Рyep. As in W.H. Auden  Why not on a girl?


So, there are mine, what are yours? And wondering, do you think any of these are alright?¬† Like I said, I’d rather have my girls and boys obviously so on paper. I don’t find waffling to be any sort of beneficial to anyone. It’s confusing to employers, annoying to the children themselves, occasionally and I just can’t figure out why anyone would bother. But I do try to keep an open mind,¬† hence this post!¬†¬† Have at ’em!