Sibyl Godeleve

It’s a gorgeous pairing. Sibyl Godeleve.  Mia asked if she could see it with something else up front, if I didn’t like it with Harriet (which I just can’t get behind a thousand percent). I went digging (and asked for His help too). I only came up with a few where Sibyl is the first name:

Sibyl Esmée Godeleve
Sibyl Louisa Godeleve
Sibyl Flora Godeleve 
Sibyl Ivy Godeleve (not sure about sibyL Ivy but I rather like saying it aloud)


He came up with a little over a dozen with Sibyl Godeleve in the middle. I’m not fond of them, but see if there are any you like, that I may be passing over:
Dorothea Sibyl Godeleve
Louisa Sibyl Godeleve
Mathilda Sibyl Godeleve
Romilly Sibyl Godeleve
Agatha Sibyl Godeleve
Laetitia Sibyl Godeleve
Coraline Sibyl Godeleve
Araminta Sibyl Godeleve
Gloriana Sibyl Godeleve
Beatrix Sibyl Godeleve
Flora Sibyl Godeleve
Penelope Sibyl Godeleve
Winifred Sibyl Godeleve
He also had Lucy Sibyl Godeleve, but Lucy Sibyl is far too hissy for my comfort.


Sibyl is harder to pair than I thought she’d be, but there’s a fair try. Which do You prefer? Sibyl up front or Sibyl Godeleve in the middle? Anything at all jump out at you?  I’d appreciate the input! And, as always, Thanks a million for stopping by!  😀

Ottilie, again

I’m still loving Ottilie. Ottoline’s still hanging around in my head, but not on the list anymore. Ottilie’s a touch more mainstream in that searches will pull up  a good number of Ottilies, Ottoline mostly pulls up Morrell.


Ottilie Alice Mehitabel has been my lushest  Tillie combo to date but I wanted to try out a few others that also appeal, humor me, please? 🙂  Here:

Ottilie Alice Valentine – Valentine for Pop.

Ottilie Alice Godeleve – I just adore medieval Godeleve.

Ottilie Alice Ghislaine – was G.Grandma’s first middle, Maud followed.

Ottilie Alice Celandine – Celandine’s just so pretty!

Ottilie Alice Gwendolen – I like Gwendolen’s lush but familiar feel. Not as much as the previous ones  but enough to include her.

Ottilie Alice Celestine – not sure about the repeating sounds but I love Celestine’s meaning  “of the sky, heavenly”. Beautiful, no?

and the last, but not least,

Ottilie Alice Lavender – Pretty, pretty, pretty!     😀


Anything there appeal more than Ottilie Alice Mehitabel?  Feel like selling it to me? 😉  I’ll take anything!