This is going to meander a bit, bear with me. 😀

I finally got a chance to watch “Run Fatboy, Run”  the other night. I’d been looking forward to it for awhile, too.   I have to admit, colossalgeek that I am, I love Simon Pegg. He’s a bit geeky-sweet and that’s right up my alley.  😉

Continuing on with that thought… I love the name Simon (obviously, I named my second born Simon!) which doesn’t hurt the admiration of Pegg. But I was rolling his character name around in my head and again, I must admit, I really like Dennis.  He’s breezy!  I knew a Dennis in college. Most charming womanizer he was, too. I still like Dennis, despite him.

If I continue liking him he’s very good middle material for consumate nicknamer, me.  I’d end up with a Denny and it’s a resturant chain here in the States whose slogan should be “Hey, it’s Late, We’re Open“!     So, in the middle he goes where he’ll stay full, guaranteed.

I even have a combo I’m rather pleased with: Arthur Dennis Valentin. He’s crisp & breezy.  The happiest, airiest name I’ve stumbled across in a long while. He makes me smile when I say him. Thats a great thing!  So I have a keeper, for now. Let’s see if he sticks around when I actually do get pregnant!


Now for the important question:

What do YOU think of Dennis and his use as a possible middle name?  I’d love to know! 🙂