Phineas charms me. Has since I was 12 and reading “A Separate Peace“. Awesome book, really dark and beautiful, in an odd sort of way. Anyway, back to Phineas. I think his day has come, with Finn being all the rage lately. Finn doesn’t appeal to me too much, but Phineas does. Handsome, strong and dashing. He’s charming all right. I was toying around with him today and came up with a  double handful of combos with his input. About half of them charm me, some of them (but not half) are lighting Him up. 🙂   Will you tell me what you like, and maybe why, if any?  Well, here:

Phineas  Anselm John
Phineas  Malcolm August
Phineas  Milo Edward
Phineas  James Aloysius
Phineas  Jasper Abram
Phineas  Henry Rafael
Phineas  William Porfirio
Phineas  Oliver George
Phineas  Alasdair George
Phineas  Malachy Arthur


What do you think of Phineas, Good, Bad or indifferent? Any of the combs jump out at you as really good or should I go back to the drawing board?  I want to know what you think!  🙂


Thank you, for your comments, and just because you stopped by!  😀  


I’ve really been digging Claud recently. No clue why, to tell the truth. I just find his one syllable sweetness kind of appealing.  I tossed together a few combos, wanna see?


Claud Maximilian Edward
Claud Laszlo Morgan
Claud Alasdair Porfirio
Claud Porfirio Reuel
Claud Barnaby Lorcan
Claud Lucius Niall


I have yet to run these past Him, but I’d love to get preliminary thoughts on Claud, Claud vs. Claude (I don’t know why the final ‘e’ spellings aren’t appealing to me anymore) and the combos themselves?  I’d appreciate it most mightily! 


As always, thanks for stopping by!  😀

Narrowing India, Helen, Lazarus & Winifred

Yep, really.  We’ve got a few of each we’re both divided upon and need some help choosing the best of each set, whould you oblige? I’d appreciate the extra voice! 


Here’s Helen:

Helen Saffron Adele – His favorite
Helen Ursula Violet – my favorite
Helen Tilley Violet – the not so perfect compromise?


India’s got a longer haul, He went through all the choices we had and narrowed it to 6. I like half of them, He likes the other half!  Here:
India Rosamond Violet   (Anyone see the link here?) ;P
India Ottoline Violet    (Still looking for a home for Ottoline)
India Clementine Jane (Still wondering if I should even have this one, or should it replace Clementine India Jane, which is #3?)
India Mehetabel Jane (Just loving Mehetabel to pieces)
India Scarlett Jane (he likes India & Scarlett together, I want Jane to ground them a bit more)
India Frances Valentina


Lazarus is down to three, His, Mine and a possible compromise:

Lazarus Edward Reuel
Lazarus Arthur James
Lazarus William Wilder

Can you guess which one’s whose favorite?


And last, but not least, Winifred, she’s definitely top 10 material but we’re down to two combos:

the new:
Winifred Lily Jane  -Winifred, Auntie Lily, Grandma, Jane, Mama
Winifred Elinor Plum – again, Auntie, Cousin, Just because we like it.


So, care to pick & choose among these? I’d appreciate it. I’m getting tired of the back & forth!


As always, Thanks a million And again, Thanks for stopping by!  😀


Keep an eye out for Claud a bit later, too!

India & Lazarus

Thinking about these two today. I’m still trying out India in front and Lazarus, well, I’m tired of putting him in the middle, so I’m trying him out in first place too. India’s just so lush and rich to me. I love her color (a nice, dusky red) and the fact that three syllables are packed into 5 little letters. So awesome!

Came up with a handful of each that appeal, Sorry for the long lists but here:

India Frances Camille
India Frances Raphaela
India Frances Valentina
India Rosamond Violet
India Ottoline Violet
India Clementine Jane (But this is a flipped around: Clementine India Jane)
India Mehetabel Jane (probably my favorite one)
India Scarlett Jane

Now Lazarus, as a sound has enthralled me since I was tot, sitting in church listening to the stories. Such a snappy, strong sound. And handsome, too.  What really made it hop into mind though is “Black Snake Moan” yeah, it’s an odd little movie but with Samuel L Jackson and Christina Ricci (I adore her!) , it was worth the shot. And it turned out to be pretty good too. Samuel L Jackson’s character is Lazarus!  It was lovely, hearing Lazarus for about an hour & a half too. So here are my attempts to put Lazarus up front:

Lazarus Edward Reuel
Lazarus Milo Rex
Lazarus Morgan Amadeo
Lazarus Arthur James
Lazarus Rohan Jude (Rohan is a Sanskrit Rowan, to me)
Lazarus Malcolm Rex
Lazarus August Bede
Lazarus Vincent Oliver
Lazarus Claud Taliesin
Lazarus William Wilder

I’m rather taken with simple Claud, too lately. I think he’s pretty spiffy. Solid & handsome. Funnily enough, Claude looks lopsided to me, but Claud is lovely. What do I have against that final ‘e’, I wonder?  But maybe I’ll toy with him another day. Concentrating on Lazarus now.

Does anything from either list jump out at you as pretty good? Or better? Maybe worse? I don’t know. There’s a few of which I like, but I have a definite favorite of the India combos and a definite of the Laz combos too.  Not saying anything more than that, though!  What do you think? I’d love to know!  😀



My “style”?

I am apparently all over the map, style wise. I really looked at my top lists the other day and was struck by the fact that I seem to have at least 2 separate styles. Weird and funky.  here, I’ve grouped them in similar piles:

Group 1
Maud India Scarlett
Ottilie Alice Ghislaine
Zelda Lucy Violet
Edith Zenobia Violet
Lilias Mehetabel June
Sylvie Mimosa Jane
Xanthe Iris Dorothea
Cleo Portia Rupinder
Cecily Pandora Jane



Group 2
Clementine India Jane
Jemima Lucy Maud
Lucretia Ruby Iris
Winifred Elinor Plum
Matilda Frances Ruby
Imogen Violet Jane
Beatrix Violet Jane
Euphemia Elinor Glory
Philippa Saskia Violet
Cecilia Violet Petronel

and those are just the girls!  I can do that to the boys too, to a lesser extent. See:


Rufus Wilder John
Remy Edward Xavier
Cosmo Henry George
Bruno Edward Rafael
Barnaby Edward Rex
Ignatius Edward George
Clarence Arthur Finlay
Caspar James Porfirio
Alasdair Barnaby George


Group 2
Arthur Henry Llewellyn
Oscar Valentin George
Linus Willem Bleys
Harvey Edward Augustin
Francis Henry Porfirio
Edward Balthazar George
Rafael August Anselm


So, do you agree, I’m mildly crazy? or do you see these in different groups?  Which group appeals more to you? Which ones? Anything really jump out at you up there? Let me know! 


And, as always, thanks for stopping by!  😀  


Yep, I’m convinced he’s for me. I don’t know if he’s top 2 material but he’s definitely top 1o stuff.  What do you think of him? Yeah, he’d probably be Cass or Caz, depending on which was I feel at any given moment.  But that’s neither here nor there, overall as Caspar is only 2 syllables, so isn’t likely to get shortened often.  I love his meaning “treasurer”.


Here are the combos we’ve come up with since last night:


Caspar James Porfirio
Caspar August John
Caspar Barnaby Elias
Caspar William Tiberius
Caspar John Willoughby
Caspar Willem Wilder
Caspar George Valentin
Caspar Albion Rex
Caspar August Peregrin
Caspar Julius Albion

I’m rather pleased with a couple up there. He’s got no major preference as of now but he did say he’d be stewing on these today as he left. So He’ll probably have a favorite by 6 pm. 🙂


Do you have a favorite? Anything jump out at you up there? Or should I go back to the drawing board?  Any thoughts at all are welcome, as always! 


And a huge Thanks! to you all!

Thinking “Normal”

Well, trying to anyway. Anytime I bring up something familiar, Edward, George, Francis are the three I’m playing with at the moment, he has to give me a huge list of odd things to use as middles. My goodness!

I’d solidified Edward a long time ago. Edward was my Uncle. Well, one of them, anyway (Frank, Benjamin, Leo & Stanley were the others on the maternal side). I hated the Uncle but love the cousin who was named for him. So in backwards thinking mode, it’s for him, not the Uncle.  Edward Balthazar George.  Has stood as such for nearly 4 years now. He’s my “Well, he looks too timid for anything else” combo. It sits at the bottom of the Wildcards pile and waits for his chance.

 Francis is one I’ve liked forever, simply for his Frank appeal. I find Frank simply open and friendly. And the Uncle was an absolute doll. I have many fond memories. He’s lovely. And well, Francis polishes up very nicely. I’ve had Francis Henry Porfirio for at least a year. Tried out Francis Arthur Peregrin as well, he’s still stewing on it. Other recent tries were: Francis Dmitri Jude & Francis Milo George. Don’t know which I prefer FHP or FAP (either way, his final initials would be FM!


Now for George!  I’ve tried to put him up front before, with little success. But I tried again and came up with a few that I do find appealing. Here:

George Lucien Sylvester
George Constantin Gavriil
George Malcolm Amadeo
George Arthur Aloysius
George Maximilian Xavier
George Milo Valentin
George  Malachy Wilder
George Laszlo Rafael
George Inigo Maxfield
George Rafferty Graeme


Anything seem appealing up there? Anything you think might be better with a tweak?  Talk to me!  🙂


As always, Thanks for stopping by! 😀


Yes, I know, he’s brash and a bit rough and Ol’ Blue Eyes did Frank no favors. But I recently went digging through the family tree and realised that my Uncle Frank was just Frank. Not Francis/Frank. Now, I’m still inclined to use Francis and nn him Frank but I admit, I like Frank much better than Francis.  And I have another confession: Jason Statham plays an awful lot of Frank (well, 2 really) and I watched “Death Race” again last night.  Yeah, and I’m going to see if I can talk him into “The Transporter” tonight. Yeah, I’ve got a thing going here, it seems. I just like looking at him, don’t care that he’s not a top actor but wow! his action flicks are awesome!  (that’s enough of that, then)

So, Frank. Is he enough to stand on his own or should I go with my gut and go with Francis in full, Frank as a nickname?  I have no Frank alone combos, not yet. I will be working on those shortly. I have Francis though, and I adore his combo: Francis Henry Porfirio, nn Frank. How adorable would a tiny Frankie be? 🙂  I’m melting just thinking about that!

So, which would you choose? Francis or Frank?  Wanna tell me why?  I’d love to know! 


As always, thanks a million. I appreciate it more that you know!

Working with Lilias

I’ve done the preliminary work with Lilias (which I showed with Rupert) and come up with a handful or so that appeal. But I was thinking, Rupert & Lilas for twins? Aren’t they awesome together?  :0


Here’s the Lilas pairings:

Lilias Guinevere Elinor
Lilias Coraline Jane
Lilias India Marigold
Lilias Margery Blythe
Lilias Mehetabel June
Lilias Ruby Primrose
Lilias Sibyl Celestine
Lilias Ottilie Katharine
Lilias Penelope Faye
Lilias Xanthe Aurelia


Now here are the Rupert finalists, being polled today (as the Lilias one will be shortly)

Rupert Anselm George
Rupert Edward Porfirio
Rupert Arthur Conan
Rupert Henry Maxim
Rupert Arthur Graham
Rupert Maxim John
Rupert Willem Alasdair
Rupert Maxfield Jude
Rupert Henry Wilder
Rupert Edgar Reuel


What do you think, overall? Anything worth keeping there?  I’d love to see what you all think!


Thanks a million!

How I “Work”

I’ve been asked how we put together our combos, so I thought since I have two new ones up for that sort of thing, I’d walk you all through it. It’s sort of boring, but at least you’ll see what we do.

The names up for combo-ing today are Rupert & Lilias. Now he says Rupert’s too “posh” but I still like him and think with some grounding middles, he’s doable, so I’ll start with him.

Rupert. Now I take out my huge notebook with all my favorites in it. So I’ll start at the beginning and list all the things I think sound pretty good with Rupert:

Rupert Anselm
Rupert Edward
Rupert Elliot
Rupert Ivo
Rupert Fintan
Rupert Conan
Rupert John
Rupert Graham
Rupert George
Rupert James
Rupert Augustus
Rupert Florian (oh, please? maybe?)
Rupert Arthur
Rupert Morgan
Rupert Sterling (a HUGE gp, maybe?)
Rupert Finbar
Rupert Geoffrey?
Rupert Maxim
Rupert Stephen (My brother, Steven has always wished he were Stephen, maybe?)
Rupert Henry
Rupert Valentin
Rupert Francis
Rupert Xavier
Rupert Porfirio (I know, not grounding, but WOW!)
Rupert Finn
Rupert Bede (again, I know it’s not grounding…)
Rupert William
Rupert Reuel (again, not exactly grounding, but wow!)
Rupert Alaric
Rupert Edgar
Rupert Taliesin
Rupert Wilder
Rupert August
Rupert Willoughby
Rupert Gabriel
Rupert Alastair
Rupert Barnaby
Rupert Oliver (my Brother’s second middle)
Rupert Imre
Rupert Lorcan
 Rupert Alasdair
Rupert Felix
Rupert Maxfield
Rupert Willem
Rupert Tilley
Rupert Milo
Rupert Louis
Rupert Laszlo (It’s a family name and I just adore it but it doesn’t fit with the rest of the family.. so in the middle it goes. But I’d LOVE to out Laszlo up front)


And now I start weeding to see what sticks, here’s where I need your help!  Please?  Once I find a few that stick, I’ll go through the rest of the family names and see what meshes where. But I need help weeding through these. Would you be so kind?  🙂 I’d greatly appreciate it!   I promise I’ll work on Lilias a bit later tonight.


And, as a side note, the reason this is so late in the day is we took Josie to the mall to Build a Bear and she came home with a big pink, glittery unicorn named… wait for it………… Petunia!  Yeah. There was a book by the computers there with all sorts of names, she skimmed though it and landed on Petunia. So there you have it, the newest of the stuffed creatures a big pink unicorn named Petunia! After Bluebell, Dermot & Petunia, it makes me wonder what she’ll name my Grandkids someday!  😀

Inspirations from Elspeth & Margery

I figured, since these two are such big hits about now (Margery & Elspeth are #2 & 3 atm), I should look around for other names that feel similar, see if anything jumps out at me. Came up with these:

Graeme/Graham                                                         Susannah
Gerard                                                                                 Aurora
Crispin                                                                                Rafaela
Reid/Reed                                                                         Marian/Marion
Sinclair                                                                               Edna
Elias                                                                                     Niamh
Declan                                                                                 Eleri
Bram                                                                                    Rosemary
Clark                                                                                    Amelia
Hugh                                                                                   Willa
Hollis                                                                                  Eleanor
Kenneth                                                                         Bryony
Simon                                                                             Alice
Duncan                                                                             Anne
Charles                                                                              Anna
Bertram                                                                           Verity
Archibald                                                                        June
Callum                                                                             Beatrix
Arthur                                                                            Maisie
Evander                                                                           Sibyl
August                                                                           Effie
Rupert                                                                           Fiona
Edward                                                                         Maeve
Finn                                                                                 Cecily


As you can see  there are a fair amount of my ‘already on the list favorites’ up there already. Which tells me I’m at least staying within my own stylistic arena and I think that’s good. 🙂  beyond the few already on my lists, is there anything up there I should add to my lists? Whether it be the “working list”, the “collected favorites” list or just the “Names I admire” list, anything strike you as decent up there?

Anything you like and think I should too?  Let me know!


As always, thanks for stopping by!

Quick Help for a Friend

The pregnant lady down the street shared her thoughts for a girl this morning:
Sibyl/Sybil, Millicent, Frieda & Phyllida (which is as close to Phyllis as I’ve ever seen)!  This would be a sister for Byron.
Her potential brother list is smaller still: Lysander, Leon, Leander & Lucan (which she’s not so sure about) I suggested Hugo, Samson & Tillo/Tycho (somehow I thought with poetic Byron, Tycho was a pretty good fit).

I just thought it would be nice to share her list and potentially ask for suggestions for her, she’s due in June!  So here it is, a plea for suggestions! 

Thanks gang!

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