August revisited

August is in the works again. I love the nod to my Mom, born in August 1940. If August Francis didn’t trip me up, he’d be *the* combo. Sadly, it does. So, I went digging and the three following have approval, but I can’t decide! Can you help?
They are:

August Lucien Reuel – I really like him, but nothing falls below the line. Visually, that bothers me. How much? Enough that I kept fiddling! Lucien, he loves & we’re both huge Tolkien fans, hence the lesser used Reuel at the end. Look up Reuel’s meaning too, it’s fabulous!

August James Tiberius – Yes, Yes, I KNOW, but it pleases him to no end and I love James Tiberius by itself, but don’t want to hear “Star Trek Fans much?” all the time. So I kept looking. James honors my lovely Uncle and “James Tiberius” is awesome on it’s own.

August Galen Aloysius – Now, *this* one, I love. Utterly. AG, Augie & Gus are all lovely nickname possibilities. He doesn’t mind Galen in the middle (we both say GALE-en), and Aloysius honors.

August isn’t our front runner, but he could go as high as #3, in the end (and we take top 5 with us). So there you go! Which one would *you* pick and why, if you please!

Thanks a million, as always.