Names I have an Irrational Dislike of

I think we all have some like this. Names that are perfectly usable but for some reason they turn us off. I have a handful for each sex and thought I’d share them. Then share yours!


Hannah – perfectly bland
Abigail – I still think of the “lady’s maid’ assocation.
Jasmine – the flower makes me sneeze and the princess is perfectly blah.
Theresa – Funny, I love Tessa but Theresa just does nothing for me . Absolutely white bread boring.
Karen – Not a pleasant sound for me.
Anna – it’s pretty, yeah but so everywhere. Simple Anne has always been my preferred variant.

Charles – He’s the Theresa of the boys list!
Paul – Nasty assocations aside, it’s a small name with a tight feel. And St. Paul is no friend of mine. Bah, mysoginistic fool.
Noah – Sounds like No with an Itailian accent to me. Old Italian nighbor ruined Noah for me.
Benjamin – Just feels a bit too preppy for my liking. Too fussy and preppy.
Harry – feels sloppy and messy.
Chase – It’s just ridiculous. Put it in the front and whatever you’ve paired it with sounds like a command, use it in the middle and it sounds like a bank. Blah.


No offense meant to anyone bearing these names, this is just my list of names I personally dislike and why. Perfectly good names (all but 1, anyway) just yuck to me.


What are your perfectly usable dislikes?  I’d love to hear!

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  1. JNE
    May 26, 2009 @ 15:41:59

    Isn’t it funny how some names are so personal like that? I like some of your names listed here, but that’s just it – they’re not bad per se, just have that ‘ick’ for you – and some of mine are the same.

    Anita – it reminds me of mosquitos, maybe because of the nasal ‘ni’ in the middle.
    Cornelia – knew one who was more obnoxious than I thought humanly possible; also don’t like the ‘corn’ beginning… my mind goes Beavis/Butthead with this name for some reason
    Victoria – again, association with a shrewish girl, but also it feels like a name that is trying way to hard and the nn Vicki is just not pretty at all in my ear
    (I also have sounds that put me off of a name – generally I do not like names the end in -lene or -reen, like Ilene, Irene, Doreen, Charlene, etc.)
    Leonard – the sound does not appeal at all, not the LEHN beginning, not the NERD ending… (much like the lene/reen ending for girls, the nard ending is a deal-breaker for me on the boy name side)
    Philip – None that I’ve met made me like the name any more than I did beforehand, and I just do not enjoy the -ip at the end – it kind of sounds like a hiccup
    Frank – my pappy was a Frank, so I kind of feel badly that I dislike the name so much, but it’s to nasal, reminds me of hot dogs, and is even more icky if put into the diminutive “Frankie” (which also makes me feel badly because that’s my uncle, even if he is by no means a favorite).

    I could probably list a lot more icky names, but these are the icks that popped into my head right away and are probably, therefore, some of the more prevalent “normal name” icks for me.


    • Lola
      Jun 02, 2009 @ 14:16:09

      Funny, I do like Irene, but I’ve always said it the way my family does: Eh-reen-eh or Eh-REEN-ee. Eye-reen is awful! From your list, Leonard doesn’t bother me, but then, I’ve had a thing for Leonard Nimoy since I was 6, so that may be why. Frank is a love of mine, for the short, sharpness of hm. That and I had a lovely Uncle by the name. I’m more inclided to Francis, nn Frank (ala Ol’ Blue Eyes) but still, I thoroughly like Frank. Philip I do like, he’s my favorite Prince. 🙂 But yeah, I can see why these don’t appeal to you any. They’re definitely “grow on me” type of names! 😀


  2. babynamelover
    May 26, 2009 @ 17:13:21

    Maddison, Emerson on girls


















    Thats all I can think of for the moment 🙂 sure there’s more


    • Polly
      May 26, 2009 @ 22:00:40

      I’d say that disliking Maddison and Emerson on girls is perfectly rational!


      • mystical pippin
        Jun 20, 2009 @ 19:12:42

        I love the name Madison for girls! It reminds me of the movie “SPLASH”!

    • Lola
      Jun 02, 2009 @ 14:18:55

      I’d agree with you, Anna, on most of these. Robert, Leslie (the boy version) and Sophie are the ones here I like. Sophie just because I think it’s beautiful, Robert & Leslie (and Lesley) are family names, and as such have a good assocation for me.

      But the rest? Blech! (and I wish Madison/Emerson would crawl back under the rock they came from! )


  3. Polly
    May 26, 2009 @ 22:03:35

    I dislike Caroline. It sounds so plain and boring to me.

    Anything that begins with Jen or Gen is tiresome and not at all pretty.


    • Lola
      Jun 02, 2009 @ 14:20:24

      Aww, I love Caroline. I have the dearest GF with the name, never been shortened. But I’ll agree with you on the Jen/Gen names. I can’t even warm up to Genevieve. (But the Jem/Gem names… I love those!) 😀


  4. Emmy Jo
    May 26, 2009 @ 23:29:52

    Lola — I completely agree with you about Chase. I’ve often thought that myself.

    There are plenty of respectable names that I dislike (but still think are perfectly reasonable for anyone else). Among them:

    Christina/Alexandra/Samantha/Rebecca — They’re lovely, classic, and feminine, but they bore me to tears.

    Selena/Sabina/Sabrina/Karina/Catrina — These are snobby mean girl names in my book. (Yet I still like Helena, Serena, Marina, and Katharina.)

    Danica — I know this is an awesome Slavic name, but I can’t get over the fact that it sounds like a trendy cross between Jessica and Danielle.

    Giselle/Ginevra/Gemma — I dislike names where G makes a J sound. No rationale — they’re just not for me.

    Francesca — I can’t help but think of an very obese young woman when I hear this name.

    Danielle/Michelle/Nicole/Louise/Diane/Christelle/Estelle — Most two-syllable French choices don’t appeal at all. On the other hand, three-syllable French names (like Amelie, Eloise, and even Virginie) sound much more appealing.

    Milo/Nico/Hugo — O-enders on boys are not my thing. The only one I like is Leo (and I’m not just saying that because it’s your son’s name).

    Jasper — I want to like this one, but it reminds me of a pretty British crook.

    Emmett/Everett — These names fit my general style, and I like them for other people, but they sound either floppy, muppety, or snobby.

    Anthony/Zachary — They’re the Samantha/Alexandra of the boys’ names. Boring.

    I don’t mean to offend anyone by these. They’re all perfectly respectable names, and they’re wonderful on other people’s children.


    • Lola
      Jun 02, 2009 @ 14:25:22

      Oh, I know of your “o” ender dislike, Emmy Jo, no worries. I know they’re not for everyone. (I can’t help myself, they’re all so jaunty!). And I’m not adverse to 2 ending in ‘O’ at all.

      The only one on your list that makes me cry is Ginevra. I do so love that one thanks to a character in a book (“Too Deep for Tears” by Katherine Davis, I think) But I do like J names. Quite a few of them. Jemima being the light & love right now.

      But yeah, I can see why these are on your lists,Pardon those two exceptions, I agree! 🙂


      • Emmy Jo
        Jun 02, 2009 @ 15:17:41

        I’ve found another O-ender I do like, Lola! It’s Jethro! Is that crazy or what?

        My husband and I have been addicted to watching NCIS recently, and Leroy Jethro Gibbs (the chief investigator) makes the name seem so smart and powerful (and so much less hillbilly).

      • Lola
        Jun 02, 2009 @ 16:28:37

        Jethro! I like that one. But then, most people my age think “Beverly Hillbilly”, and I never watched that, even in reruns (which is how I would have seen that to begin with). Jethro, thanks to the Bible, I firmly like Jethro (He was Zipporah’s Pop, Zipporah was Moses’ wife) and well, I’m a huge fan of Jethro Tull (the band), I play the flute and when I was a kid, rock music with a flute in it was kind of weird. So when I found Jethro Tull, I fell in love. Still thoroughly enjoy the music. The inventor Jethro Tull was a pretty neat namesake as well! And what a fabulous meaning “abundance”!

        So I’ll get behind Jethro! 😀

  5. Bunny
    May 27, 2009 @ 00:13:54

    I agree with you about Chase. Simply cannot stand it and I hate that it is becoming so popular. Not only does it sound like a command, as you said, but to me it sounds like it should be a dog’s name since the first image that comes to mind is a dog chasing a ball.

    I also prefer simple Anne to Anna.

    I do disagree on Paul, which is my absolutely favorite boy’s name. =P

    Names I dislike for no particular reason:

    Margaret – Love when other people use it, dislike it personally.
    Esme – Dislike it long before Twilight. Reminds me of villains for some odd reason.
    Margot – This spelling reminds me of escargot. Love the Margeaux spelling though.
    Katrina – Cannot help but think of the hurricane.
    Serenity – Brand of adult diapers for incontinence as well as a brand of tampons.
    Miley – Pet name of a nickname.
    Destiny / Trinity / Patience / etc – Sounds very trailer trash.

    Chase – Explained above.
    Aidan – Too popular.
    Nathaniel / Nathan / Nate – Too common.
    Johnathon – Perfectly fine name, I just do not like it.
    Christopher – Again, perfectly fine name, I just do not like it. Prefer Christian.
    Zachary – No idea why. Do love the longer Zachariah and Zacharias though.


  6. babynamelover
    May 27, 2009 @ 03:57:23

    Ī forgot Rylie/Rylee/Riley


    • Lola
      Jun 02, 2009 @ 14:28:43

      Funny Anna, I dislike all the Chris- names. Every one of them. I just don’t like the greasy Chris sound. Blech.
      I want to like Margaret, she’s lovely strong and Daisy is the most darling nickname, ever. But I just can’t warm up to Margaret, much preferring Margery & Marguerite. Nate doesn’t bother me, if he’s Ignatius in full but otherwise, I dislike it too. And Nathan’s hotdogs to me!

      Everything else on your list, Yep, I’ll second those! 🙂


  7. Emmy Jo
    May 27, 2009 @ 08:38:55

    When my brother was a whiny toddler, he used to always say, “No-ah! Staw-pit!” (translated: “no, stop it!”) So Noah is definitely out for us, too!


  8. Baby Name Brainstorm
    May 27, 2009 @ 09:38:15

    Hi Lola — interesting to see we share some similar tastes in this department. I’m sure I’ve probably got a long list of unfavourite names if I thought about it long enough, but as a gross generalisation, I think perhaps what I find unappealing are girl’s names which just don’t seem to sound feminine enough. I think I might put Karen and Theresa in that category. Sorry to see that Benjamin made your list however — that’s my middle name 🙂


    • Lola
      Jun 02, 2009 @ 14:30:52

      Aww, Lach, Benjamin was one of my favorite Maternal Uncles, really. I have such lovely assocations with it, but I can’t get past the feel of the name. It would go in the middle for me, too. Much better there!


  9. Emmy Jo
    May 27, 2009 @ 21:50:37

    Don’t feel bad, Lach! Lola hates my name, too (though she was kind enough not to mention it on this post). Well, I don’t think she hates it, per se. I just think she’s very tired of it. 🙂


    • Lola
      Jun 02, 2009 @ 14:33:43

      You’re right, EmmY jo, I don’t hate your name. In fact, I lobbied pretty hard for my neice to be named Emily, even (she’s Megan). But I’m just tired of hearing it so much. Emily is everywhere here. And here, she’s very much Emily, not Emmy, Emma or Emme! Just Emily. (which still beats Amanda in my book!). 😀


  10. Laura
    May 27, 2009 @ 23:22:45

    Though I’m not a big fan of Abigail i prefer it to naming a child straight Abby. I’m not sure how others feel about it but it annoys me when people use nicknames as first names on Birth ceritficates for example someone called there child Wills- not William not even Will but Wills


    • Lola
      Jun 02, 2009 @ 14:37:55

      As someone who was given a name without a decent nickname (never, EVER call me Lori!) 🙂 (my nickname came from my kid brother’s inability to say it) I agree. I’d much rather have a full name on the birth certificate and use a nickname (or six!) on a daily basis. I don’t like the “we’ll name them what we’ll call them” logic either. What’s wrong with options? 😀 Leo is the closest I got to a nickname name. And Leo’s a full name in it’s own right. I’d use Frank too (to honor the Uncle) but am put off by the “forthright & sincere” meaning.


  11. Bunny
    May 27, 2009 @ 23:40:57

    I agree with Laura. I too hate when people use nicknames as first names on Birth certificates, since that is actually what my parents did, and I have had to live with it first hand.


    • Lola
      Jun 02, 2009 @ 14:39:35

      Oh, poor you! I’d be furious and probably change my name to the full version as soon as I could, if I’d been given one. Thankfully, that’s one less complaint I had. My biggest complaint was that it’s too vowelly. I always wanted something strong and stern but feminine, hence my Cleopatra love! 🙂


  12. Eva
    May 29, 2009 @ 07:37:05

    I have names like that too!
    for the boys:
    William & Liam – William seems so proper, and every time I here Liam, I cringe! I have no idea why, they are perfectly fine names.

    Jacoby – I really want to like this one because I love Jacob. But Jacoby reminds me of corn on the cob. 🙂

    Rachel, Rebecca, Hailey, Jessica, Jenna, Sarah, Stephanie, Kimberly, Samantha – so boring and over used.

    Camille, Georgia, Angela, Ellen – I only grouped these together because I have no idea why I strongly dislike all these, but I just do!

    Sadie – reminds me of a dog, it’s cute I guess though.

    Danielle & Daniella – These don’t have a particular pleasing sound, to my ears, anyways. Danielle seems way to similar to Daniel.

    Abby, Addie, & Maddie – I think Abigail, Adeline and Madeleine are so much more attractive, so it sort of bugs me that there are people using these nicknames that aren’t as pretty!

    Adrianna – I love Adrienne, but not Adrianna. Adrianna seems so much more exotic though.

    Alexandria – I love Alexandra, and I just don’t like this elaboration – it just ruins it!

    Julia – something about it is so prissy! I just don’t like Julia at all.

    I also don’t like Noah, Chase, Benjamin, Charles (I love Charlie though), Theresa, and Karen from your list.


    • Lola
      Jun 02, 2009 @ 14:41:48

      Funny Eva (Love, love, love your name!), I dislike Camille too. But Camilla? Now that I love! And I agree, Elaborating Alexandra ruins it. Josephine would have been Alexandra if it wasn’t so popular when she was born. I’ve loved the Alex names for boys & girls since I was little. I keep thinking, maybe in the middle, now.


  13. Bizzy
    May 30, 2009 @ 19:28:00

    Ooh, interesting post! I have a couple:

    Meredith: I just don’t like the soft Mere combined with the heavy -dith. I dunno why.

    Evelyn, Vivian: These sort of fall in the same category as Meredith, in a way, and although I know they are perfectly usable on girls these days, the fact that they were men first throws me off big time. I think it’s the lack of a ‘timeless’ quality.

    Felix: I better duck for this one because I know he’s hot! It just feels icky to me. “Feel” and “licks” stand out for me.


  14. Lola
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 14:43:31

    Biz, Meredith, Evelyn & Vivian all are the same type of name, to me, Boy gone girly. They’re all originally masculine names that went to the girls. Blah on all three. Felix I do like though, I like cat names on my boys, go figure! 😛


  15. Sarah (nfate)
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 20:23:52

    My irrational hate is Ella. It just makes me seethe. Feels so short and incomplete to me, yet she is number 1 in my state (and I’m pretty sure, country too) and I just meet them every where.

    Don’t even get me started on Madison! Or Cruz, or Ashlyn or even Chloe for that matter!


  16. Lola
    Jun 03, 2009 @ 08:24:10

    Sarah, Ella doesn’t bother me much (I think Ella Fitzgerald, myself) but Emma does and don’t get me started on Elle! Blah. Why would anyone want to name their girl “she” in French? I just don’t get it. Cruz doesn’t bother me wither, it’s one I hear frequently in the Brasilian community here but Chloe, Zoe & Phoebe all bug me (funny, Daphne does not). I dislike that open ended sound, sounds so 4 year old!


  17. Sarah (nfate)
    Jun 03, 2009 @ 10:57:48

    I agree about Phoebe.

    She looks just lovely on paper and if she was not that common then I might like her but in my state she is ranked 49th. She is also family material for me and my hubby is just enamoured with her so some how she appears sporatically on our lists. But FEEbee is such a silly sound.

    When I said Edward’s name it sounds so deliciously suave and classy to me. Not overly classy like EdwAREd but sorta of like ED-waood but not really. But I just can’t make Phoebe sound anything but silly.

    And there is the spelling issue too. So yup, I have to agree with you.


    • Lola
      Jun 03, 2009 @ 12:23:22

      49?! Eeeek! I want to like Phoebe, really. I have a darling GF with a Phoebe just a bit older than Josie. But I see how often people spell Phoebe wrong and it just drives me batty. Andf you’re right, fee-BEE *is* a funny sound. I’m still trying to figure out why Daphne is a love but Chole, Zoe & Phoebe are not!

      And you know I completely love Edward, such a handsome name! 😀


  18. Sebastiane
    Jun 07, 2009 @ 18:23:54

    I cannot help but agree with you that Hannah is perfectly bland. I have never seen the appeal in this name. I either think of a plain farm girl or of an old grandma.


  19. Rachel
    Jun 11, 2009 @ 16:12:38

    I pretty much dislike all F-names, especially names beginning with Fr-(Frances, Freya, Frederick, etc). I don’t know why—something about the sound is….yuck…to me. That also goes for names containing the “-ph” sound (ie. the highly popular Sophia) as it sounds like f-.


    • Lola
      Jun 20, 2009 @ 09:31:04

      Awww, that F sound is a favorite of mine, whether in F form or PH form. Frances/Francis is a firm favorite, Josephine is my daughter, Philippa, Florence/Flora & Raphael all figure on my lists somewhere! But will admit there are a fair bit of F names that just don’t appeal despite that. I can see why you dislike them, anyway! 🙂


  20. Julia
    Jun 12, 2009 @ 04:12:56

    OK I’m a bit late to the party here but yes, I have a list of irrational dislikes too 🙂
    Paige – Ugly, ugly, ugly. And stupid too. Who wants to be named after a page boy? Plus I have negative personal associations with this one.
    Hannah – Bland and whiney.
    Hayley – overused, usually by certain types of people…
    Ashley and Casey – they’re boys names, ffs! I cringe especially when Ashley “feminised” as Ashleigh. Or Ashlee. Ugh.
    Amanda – It’s just so ugly. Weirdly enough, I love Miranda. But not Amanda.

    Joshua – It sounds kind of… squishy. And all of the Josh’s I know
    Declan – ugly sounding.
    Ryan – Hannah’s male counterpart – Bland and whiney.
    Aaron – Again, so ugly!

    and do not get my started on all of they -ayla and -ayden names.


    • Lola
      Jun 20, 2009 @ 09:32:26

      Declan is the only oe I might argue with, I find Declan snappy, snazzy and sharp. But everything else on your list? yeah, I’ll go with those!


  21. audeline
    Jun 12, 2009 @ 20:43:03

    I find that I have a lot less names like this than I used to. I hate almost all names with Br in them, but even that’s waning.

    Hannah – this definitely used to make my list. I pretty much hated it. Exactly bland with a hint of whine. And then, very recently, someone on BTN posted about the combo Eleanor Hannah, and it struck me as perfectly lovely and perfectly balanced, and – gag me, I have started to like Hannah a little. Just today I thought of another Hannah combo, Vivian Hannah. Sigh. Same thing happened with Sarah a few months before, which is weird because Sarah is one of my sister’s names. (ACTUALLY the names they considered for her were Sarah, Rachel, and Hannah and I have never liked any of them until recently. I still like Rachel best.)
Abigail – I’ve always liked it, the “gail” part is so sweet and unique. I am biased though because it’s the middle name of my oldest friend (Grace). I don’t like Abby much at all.
Jasmine – I go on and off with it. Lately I think it’s kind of pretty, but this is after a long stint of having absolutely no reaction to it at all.
Theresa – We have the same opinion. And jeez, I try so hard to like Theresa, I really do! There is no reason I shouldn’t!
Karen – I hate this name. Perfectly perfectly perfectly bland. Jeeez.
Anna – I love Anna and Anne and Ann. Anna’s my other sister’s name so it would be hard for me to start liking it, although I went through a long phase where I was neutral towards it. I love it now though, everything about it. For freshness, try it as a MN. Eleanor Anna, Margaret Anna, Gertrude Anna – I think it’s so /interesting/ and pretty as a MN.

    Charles – Man I used to love this, and now cannot bring myself to find ANY interest in it, AT ALL. Although I think it’s starting to come back.
Paul – I used to be pretty charmed by this name, before I was a namenerd. Now I do not think anything about it at all. And, yeah, we are not christians but my mom hates St. Paul anyway, and Sir Paul is my least favorite beatle, and I had a very silly ineffectual professor named Paul, and – bleah.
Noah – Haha you have a point. It is kind of interesting for me as long as I don’t meet any babies named it. Now it just seems like a big cloud of a beard to me. Kind of cartoony. Slightly comical name.
Benjamin – I used to be totally bland about this, but not because it was too preppy. I just know about ten billion Bens. Lately, I feel like it has its (very specific) place.
Harry – It’s grown on me. It’s silly though.
Chase – Friggin stupidest name ever.

    aaand aside from the traditional “not legit~!!12” stuff, here is my list:
    Abram/Bram : BARF
    Braxton: cheat on the notlegit thing, but this is probably my least favorite name ever
    Brandon: AWFUL
    Chad: I think this is sooo stupid
    Connor or Conor
    Damian – it’s not even evil to me, it’s just one long WHINE
    Griffin – W.T.F.
    Kai – Jeeez
    Kyle: I am gonna stop including surname based ones like this and brandon and chad, but JEEZ do they get ugly. I guess people resorted to surnames because normal first names were not ugly enough for them.
    Ian, Liam – haaate.
    Ryan – I cannot like anything about this name, and it’s everywhere.

    Briallen – JEEEZ
    Fallon – why does anyone use this.
    Gillian or Jillian, but mostly Gillian – friggin’ stupid.
    Mira, Mirabella, Mirabelle – barf barf barf
    Sydney, I hate it for boys too but man is it bad on girls, man


    • Julia
      Jun 13, 2009 @ 06:22:34

      I just don’t understand Braxton. WHY would you want to be reminded of contractions every time you look at your kid?


      • Lola
        Jun 20, 2009 @ 09:38:54

        Braxton gets a “WTH?” from me too, Julia. What woman in her right mind could go through 9 months of pregnancy hearing “Braxton Hicks contractions” and then turn around and name her boy Braxton? Baffles me too.

    • Lola
      Jun 20, 2009 @ 09:36:53

      Audeline, funny you should mention Mateo. I don’t like Matthew in any form. Don’t hate hearing it on other lids, just won’t ever use it on one of my own. But Damian is a long time favorite of mine. Yes, I grew up Roman Catholic, so Damian has a bit of punch for me, no whine. Funnily enough, Christian bugs me for the same reason, whiny. Well, that and it makes me think religion an my logical step from there is “What would Christian’s brother’s name be? Buddhist? Lutheran?” Blah.

      Maybe Luther would make a good brother for Christian, now that I think of it!


  22. mystical pippin
    Jun 20, 2009 @ 20:00:18

    here are some names I dislike:


    Agrippina – (sounds like ag – gre – peen – ya)
    Hillary – too stuffy and stiff sounding
    Lois – another stiff one
    Carmen – sounds like a sticky substance….
    Wilhemina – (not sure about spelling) only ugly girls have this name!
    Theresa – don’t like the way it rolls off the tongue (most of the time it sounds like someone is calling a sausage Chorizo! Chorizo!)
    Victoria or Vicky – too straight laced and uptight sounding…
    Lucinda – don’t like the sound
    Margarita or Margaret – and I don’t like Peggy either margaret sounds like a sickness and peggy reminds me of pigtails (I don’t know why)
    Melinda – mannish
    Wynona – sounds like you’re asking a question!

    Henry – but I do like Henri (french)
    Charles – (charlie is ok) sounds to stuffy and boring
    Luke – too religious
    Luthor or Luther – how could any parent name their child that???
    Jimmy-Bob – or any other -2 name man – sounds like the parents were trying to use up all the uncles, grandfathers, etc… names – stupid. How bout this – give your son HIS OWN name? Or what’s his middle name?
    Hank – I use them to blow my nose.
    Ray – a little to edgey and adult sounding for a kid – name him that when he grows up!


  23. Sebastiane
    Jun 25, 2009 @ 20:05:52

    I love the name August. I agree, its strong and manly. I cannot picture this on a girl. I do love the feminine version of Augusta as well, which I find so regal. Gus is an awesome nickname. Its spunky and handsome. Auggie is also cute, but I prefer Gus of the two. Of your combinations I adore these,

    August James Tiberius-I don’t find this kitchy at all
    August Milo Aurelian


  24. Jane
    Aug 24, 2009 @ 17:54:34

    This is such an interesting topic! I am waaaaay late reading it, but just had to had a few of my own irrational icks:
    Rocco – I can’t take this seriously, and it strikes me as quite trashy.
    Kai – I understand this when used by Hawaiian people, but otherwise I just don’t understand the appeal. It doesn’t sound strong enough to me. And it looks unappealing visually.
    Archie – I don’t understand the appeal of this name, or of the full name, Archibald. Both sound awful to my ear. Archie sounds like a cross between a sneeze and the word “itchy”. I guess my brain works differently to most people though, because Archie is very popular in some places, like the UK.
    Samuel – somehow this sounds so whiny and weak to me. I do love Sam though.
    Jethro/Jett/Tex – all of these names sound so red-neck to me. I must be a freak, because many of my very un-redneck friends love them!
    Brodie/Brody – I dislike the sound of this, plus I prefer classic boys names, so this was never going to be a hit with me!
    Ashley/Adrian/Ainsley/Aubrey/Dale/Robin/Francis/Jordan/Kelly/Leslie/Shannon/Jade/Stacy – on boys these don’t seem strong enough, and on girls they don’t seem feminine enough! I am not a fan of androgenous names.
    Charlotte – this is so popular, but sounds so poncy and prissy to me. Same with Victoria. I can see that they are beautiful classic names and shouldn’t irk me so much, but they do. Go figure.
    Emma/Emily – I hear this name so much on little girls that it now bores me to tears. Just sounds so dull. And my first experience of an Emily was a girl in my class who was beyond prissy and priggish, so that ruined the name for me forever.
    Anne – to me, this is even plainer and duller than Hannah. I much prefer Anna.
    Frankie – on a girl, I can’t stand this name. Why would you call your little girl Frankie? I don’t get it. As a nickname for Francesca, I can understand it, but otherwise, no. Zero appeal to me.
    Lucy and Alice – both of these used to be on my ick list, now I really like them! All I could think of with Lucy was “loose-y”, and with Alice all I could see was “a lice”. But now I think they are both very sweet names. Strange how your taste can change, isn’t it!
    Maud/Maude – I don’t understand the appeal at all. This sounds irredeemably ugly to my ear.
    Vanja/Vanya – this doesn’t sound good to my ear, whether the first “a” is said soft or hard.
    Janice – I find the “iss” sound unappealing and irritating
    Millie – I know this name is quite popular now, but to me it should only be used as a nickname, perhaps for Matilda or Millicent. I can’t see Millie as anything but a child’s name. I just can’t take it seriously. Same with Tilly/Tillie. Nickames only, in my opinion.
    Cordelia/Cornelia – I want to like these names, but the Cord and Corn start are so unappealing. I love these names when other people use them, but I just can’t seem to get behind them for my own use, despite them both having my favourite “elia” ending.
    Flora – some people say that the brand of margarine has ruined this name for them, but for me it’s the instant thought of a bacterial culture growing in a petrie dish. I think of flora and immediately the phrase “bacterial flora” comes to mind. I don’t know why!!
    Amelia – another name I want to like, and almost do, but the “meal” sound in the middle is so unattractive to my ear that I can’t get past it. Unfortunate. I love it on other people’s children!
    Chloe – I can’t understand the current popularity of this name. It sounds so whiny to me.
    Mirabelle & Christobelle – these smack of the 80s to me. Along the lines of Chardonnay and Armani. Cringe.
    Arabella & Araminta – these sound like posh wannabes to me. Pretentious in the extreme.

    The funny thing is, I could meet someone with any of these names, and completely change my mind about the name. I used to dislike Scarlett as too brash and unclassy, then met a gorgeous, adorable little girl called Scarlett, with a very cool mum, and ever since I have adored the name. It’s all about associations, really. That’s why it’s useless to try to please everyone when naming your child – there will always be at least one person who doesn’t like the name you choose, even if they don’t tell you! 🙂


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