My “style”?

I am apparently all over the map, style wise. I really looked at my top lists the other day and was struck by the fact that I seem to have at least 2 separate styles. Weird and funky.  here, I’ve grouped them in similar piles:

Group 1
Maud India Scarlett
Ottilie Alice Ghislaine
Zelda Lucy Violet
Edith Zenobia Violet
Lilias Mehetabel June
Sylvie Mimosa Jane
Xanthe Iris Dorothea
Cleo Portia Rupinder
Cecily Pandora Jane



Group 2
Clementine India Jane
Jemima Lucy Maud
Lucretia Ruby Iris
Winifred Elinor Plum
Matilda Frances Ruby
Imogen Violet Jane
Beatrix Violet Jane
Euphemia Elinor Glory
Philippa Saskia Violet
Cecilia Violet Petronel

and those are just the girls!  I can do that to the boys too, to a lesser extent. See:


Rufus Wilder John
Remy Edward Xavier
Cosmo Henry George
Bruno Edward Rafael
Barnaby Edward Rex
Ignatius Edward George
Clarence Arthur Finlay
Caspar James Porfirio
Alasdair Barnaby George


Group 2
Arthur Henry Llewellyn
Oscar Valentin George
Linus Willem Bleys
Harvey Edward Augustin
Francis Henry Porfirio
Edward Balthazar George
Rafael August Anselm


So, do you agree, I’m mildly crazy? or do you see these in different groups?  Which group appeals more to you? Which ones? Anything really jump out at you up there? Let me know! 


And, as always, thanks for stopping by!  😀  


I’ve been thinking about Jemima a lot recently. I think it all started with me thinking twinny again (they do run in the family and I’ve already had one set.. so I figure, potentially planning isn’t an awful thing to do).  So I asked him what he’d name girl twins. He said Clementine & Jemima.  Which surprised me. They’re sweet, but have history as a grownups name and I like the thought of Cleo & Mimi when they’re small. Why not?  (Boys we already know would be Rufus & Cosmo).


Now, I have a Clementine combo I am completely happy with: Clementine India Jane, so that’s not where my head went. It headed for Jemima. Where I have a combo: Jemima Frances Ruby.  I like her sentiment but I’m not sold, entirely, on her feel.  So I went digging again. And came up with a very few that I *do* like:


Jemima Romilly Elinor
Jemima Louisa Caroline
Jemima Lucy Maud*
Jemima Elinor Blythe
(And of course: Jemima Frances Ruby)

I really like Jemima Lucy Maud. I have had Lucy Maud together in other combos (Ottoline Lucy Maud, Agatha Lucy Maud, Araminta Lucy Maud, Cecilia Lucy Maud, Matilda Lucy Maud, Sibyl Lucy Maud) But I think this one is where she shines. 


Well, now you know which one appeals most to me! Which of these appeals to you, most?  I’d love to  hear thoughts on them! 

As always, Thanks a million!  😀


My Babci was Cecilia (well, Polish: Cecylia, anglicised when she was 5). I have three cousins named Cecilia, none of them are actually related to her, their Grandpop married her second.  Celia, Ceil & Cecilia they go by. So I put Cecily on our list, as it’s one variation not taken. And in that instance, it’s like Josephine seeing as how she’s named after that Grandpop, Joseph and there are no other Josephines in the family, just 12 Josephs.  Odd, but true  (the one there was died when I was 14).

I’ve had Cecily Pandora Jane (Babci, His Mom, My Mom)  as a standing combo for at least half a year, if not longer. I still think it’s absolutely aces and love it to pieces. But I still like Cecilia quite a bit. It was nearly my name (Pop’s suggestion, Mom didn’t want to) which would have been funny because my very first school friend was a Cecilia (and she’s been my BFF since kindergarten),  whose Grandmother was a Laura (which is the name *I* got! Weird, no)? 😉

So I went digging. I knew I wanted to keep it mainly family, so Cecilia Violet was my first instinct.  And then I stumbled across Petronel again, Medieval Petronilla, which is from Latin Petronus, now Peter. And Peter was my Babci’s favorite brother.  So it definitely works with Cecilia in my mind. So Cecilia Violet Petronel is the overall favorite, so sweet & charming. What do you think of her next to Cecily Pandora Jane?

And just in case you think coming up with Cecilia Violet Petronel was easy, here are the other tries:


Cecilia Iris Adele
Cecilia Iris June
Cecilia Iris Valentina
Cecilia Iris Angelina
Cecilia Oona Rosemary
Cecilia Ivy Elspeth
Cecilia Ruby Jane
Cecilia Primrose June/Cecilia June Primrose

Cecilia Ivy Anouk

I still prefer Cecilia Violet Petronel over them all. I’m just not sure I like it better than sprightly Cecily Pandora Jane.   Either way she’d be Celie or Cece easily.  What do you think? Cecilia, to be one of now four or Cecily, to stand apart slightly?


And, as always, Thanks a million!


Yep, I’m convinced he’s for me. I don’t know if he’s top 2 material but he’s definitely top 1o stuff.  What do you think of him? Yeah, he’d probably be Cass or Caz, depending on which was I feel at any given moment.  But that’s neither here nor there, overall as Caspar is only 2 syllables, so isn’t likely to get shortened often.  I love his meaning “treasurer”.


Here are the combos we’ve come up with since last night:


Caspar James Porfirio
Caspar August John
Caspar Barnaby Elias
Caspar William Tiberius
Caspar John Willoughby
Caspar Willem Wilder
Caspar George Valentin
Caspar Albion Rex
Caspar August Peregrin
Caspar Julius Albion

I’m rather pleased with a couple up there. He’s got no major preference as of now but he did say he’d be stewing on these today as he left. So He’ll probably have a favorite by 6 pm. 🙂


Do you have a favorite? Anything jump out at you up there? Or should I go back to the drawing board?  Any thoughts at all are welcome, as always! 


And a huge Thanks! to you all!

The Freaks

It’s a bit mean of a title but I mentioned yesterday there’s a handful of names I’d love to use even though they don’t fit with the rest of the kids. Thought I’d toss them out here, see if you agree!

Without further ado, here are the freaks on my name lists:

Leonore (obviously, if Cleo rhymes, this *is* Leo)!



I try to stick these in the middle but I would adore to use any of these up front. Do you think I could get away with any of these, or should I just keep thinking about them as potential middles? What do you think?  😀


As always, thanks a million for stopping by! 

___ Mimosa Jane

I admit it, I’m stuck on Mimosa Jane as a pairing. I think it’s fresh & sweet. I know it needs a bit of grounding; Mimosa’s pretty far out but I think Jane does an admirable job of bringing Mim back to earth.

So I went digging, came up with these few. BtN won’t let me poll yet, I have no clue what I did when yesterday but apparently after 2 was my main posting time there. When I get the chance, these will be there, so if you’re so inclined, go look for them there later. Otherwise, here they are for your perusal. Which ones work and do you like any?

Agatha Mimosa Jane
Salome Mimosa Jane
Esmee Mimosa Jane
Romilly Mimosa Jane
Laetitia Mimosa Jane
Cecilia Mimosa Jane
Philippa Mimosa Jane
Sylvie Mimosa Jane
Anthea Mimosa Jane
Sibyl Mimosa Jane

So there they are. There’s three I really dig and would put on the list so quickly! But I’m staying mum on them for now. I really want to see what the rest of you think, first! 😀

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Esmeralda, Times 3!

Not being entirely satisfied with the Esmeralda combos yesterday, I went digging again and came up with these few, tell me what you think of these:


Esmeralda Iris Adele
Esmeralda Mina Blythe
Esmeralda Ivy Scarlett (too colorful?)
Esmeralda Frances Pearl
Esmeralda Rowena Blythe
Esmeralda Lily Elanor (too flowery?)
Esmeralda Elvira Scarlet (Colorful again?)
Esmeralda Flora Jane
Esmeralda Mimosa Jane
Esmeralda Lilias Coralie
Esmeralda Harriet Isobel
Esmeralda Harriet Plum (Colorful ?)


I’m particualrly partial to two up there (one fairly normal & one way out there) and a third is appealling a bit less but I still think it’s nice.  So take a gander and tell me what you think, if you please. And have a very Happy Easter!


Thanks for stopping by!

Esmeralda Combos

As promised, I worked on combos half the evening. With some help, of course, here are the results of that brainstorming session. Without further ado, Esmeralda complete!:


Esmeralda Oona Cecile
Esmeralda Sylvie Lenore
Esmeralda Clio Pearl
Esmeralda Lucy Jane
Esmeralda Cerys Valentine
Esmeralda Luna Pearl
Esmeralda Romilly Faye
Esmeralda Romilly June
Esmeralda Clara Adele
 Esmeralda Glory Cecile
Esmeralda Daisy Malu
Esmeralda Maud Valentine
Esmeralda Louisa Glory
Esmeralda Tullia Pearl
Esmeralda Cleo Pearl
Esmeralda Oona Lilias
Esmeralda Daisy Elanor
Esmeralda Beatrix Mary
Esmeralda Lilias Pearl


Some of them are a bit themey (Esmeralda & Pearl together), or just a bit odd (Oona Cecile). Mary shows up here as a nod to a cousin I’ve always admired but she’s a Marie and hates her name. Mary pleases her and me both. Louisa charms him, Oona, me. Tullia we both like but find too frilly up front (it reminds both of us of Tulle) and Elanor is, as most will know, for da Man. If it was good enough for Sam’s girl, it’s good enough for one of mine!  qany other questions, feel free to ask. Off to the Birthday party and then it’s egg dyeing time when we get home. I am psyched!  😀 Have an Awesome Easter weekend, one & all!


Rethinking Esmeralda completely thanks to someone on BtN (Bear, thank you!). Esmeralda was G. Grandma’s older sister and the mother hen of the gang of them. I’ve always loved the name, it’s so lush and rich. Starting to think of combos but wondered if I could get thoughts on Esmeralda by herself. Anything at all, thoughts wise, is welcome. Too odd with the last name?  Esmeralda MacK–?

Whaddaya think?

(sorry this is so late, spent most of today geting ready for Easter as well as a birthday party tomorrow! )

Lilias ____ Celestine

I’m giving this pairing another shot. I like the crystal clear, sharp sparkly feel of Celestine (funny how it differs so radically from muddy Celeste, in my head)
I had Lilias Sibyl Celeste but overall, far too ssss-y. So here’s another try:

Lilais Ivy Celestine
Lilias Agatha Celestine
Lilias Ursula Celestine (Ursula- ur-SUE-la)
Lilias Isadora Celestine
Lilias Rowena Celestine
Lilias Elvira Celestine (Elvira- el-VEER-ah)
Lilias Caroline Celestine
Lilias Romilly Celestine
Lilias Primrose Celestine
Lilias Mathilda Celestine
Lilias Rosalba Celestine
Lilias Allegra Celestine
Lilias Sylvie Celestine (too sss-y again?)
Lilias Violet Celestine
Lilias Malu Celestine
Lilias Rosalind Celestine
Lilias Marilyn Celestine
Lilias Zoya Celestine
Lilias Annabel Celestine

So, anything there? Or should I just stick with what he likes: Lilias Mehetabel June? Hmmm. Don’t know myself just yet, want to give me a few thoughts?

Thinking “Normal”

Well, trying to anyway. Anytime I bring up something familiar, Edward, George, Francis are the three I’m playing with at the moment, he has to give me a huge list of odd things to use as middles. My goodness!

I’d solidified Edward a long time ago. Edward was my Uncle. Well, one of them, anyway (Frank, Benjamin, Leo & Stanley were the others on the maternal side). I hated the Uncle but love the cousin who was named for him. So in backwards thinking mode, it’s for him, not the Uncle.  Edward Balthazar George.  Has stood as such for nearly 4 years now. He’s my “Well, he looks too timid for anything else” combo. It sits at the bottom of the Wildcards pile and waits for his chance.

 Francis is one I’ve liked forever, simply for his Frank appeal. I find Frank simply open and friendly. And the Uncle was an absolute doll. I have many fond memories. He’s lovely. And well, Francis polishes up very nicely. I’ve had Francis Henry Porfirio for at least a year. Tried out Francis Arthur Peregrin as well, he’s still stewing on it. Other recent tries were: Francis Dmitri Jude & Francis Milo George. Don’t know which I prefer FHP or FAP (either way, his final initials would be FM!


Now for George!  I’ve tried to put him up front before, with little success. But I tried again and came up with a few that I do find appealing. Here:

George Lucien Sylvester
George Constantin Gavriil
George Malcolm Amadeo
George Arthur Aloysius
George Maximilian Xavier
George Milo Valentin
George  Malachy Wilder
George Laszlo Rafael
George Inigo Maxfield
George Rafferty Graeme


Anything seem appealing up there? Anything you think might be better with a tweak?  Talk to me!  🙂


As always, Thanks for stopping by! 😀


Yes, I know, he’s brash and a bit rough and Ol’ Blue Eyes did Frank no favors. But I recently went digging through the family tree and realised that my Uncle Frank was just Frank. Not Francis/Frank. Now, I’m still inclined to use Francis and nn him Frank but I admit, I like Frank much better than Francis.  And I have another confession: Jason Statham plays an awful lot of Frank (well, 2 really) and I watched “Death Race” again last night.  Yeah, and I’m going to see if I can talk him into “The Transporter” tonight. Yeah, I’ve got a thing going here, it seems. I just like looking at him, don’t care that he’s not a top actor but wow! his action flicks are awesome!  (that’s enough of that, then)

So, Frank. Is he enough to stand on his own or should I go with my gut and go with Francis in full, Frank as a nickname?  I have no Frank alone combos, not yet. I will be working on those shortly. I have Francis though, and I adore his combo: Francis Henry Porfirio, nn Frank. How adorable would a tiny Frankie be? 🙂  I’m melting just thinking about that!

So, which would you choose? Francis or Frank?  Wanna tell me why?  I’d love to know! 


As always, thanks a million. I appreciate it more that you know!

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