Snazzy Laszlo. I do think he’s pretty neat and he honors an oddball cousin (who paved the way for me) as well as backhandedly Grandpa & Pop, both Leslie’s (well, Pop’s middle). They’re reportedly related names. (I can’t find anything but the supposition that they are, but they seem similar enough that it’s remotely possible). Never mind he’s stuck on Laszlo because of Paul Henreid & “Casablanca”.  And since it’s family, I can humor him!

I get a neat image of a Laszlo, too. He’s tall, dark, well muscled and an artist type, quiet, sensitive and perceptive.   With that sort of image in my head, he’d suit a boy of mine most perfectly!  And to top off that, Laz is a definite nickname option! I generally toy with Lazarus because of Laz and that darling -us ending) but Laszlo is family and I can still get Laz from him. How cool!


I have a few combos. Laszlo’s tough to pair. The classics go alright but anything funkier feels funny.  So here’s what I came up with, with help:
Laszlo Edward Grey
Laszlo Edward Gabriel
Laszlo Edgar John
Laszlo Maxim Gavriel
Laszlo Albert Gavriil
Laszlo Miles Gavriil
Laszlo Arthur Morgan
Laszlo Malcolm Jude
Laszlo Rafael George
Laszlo Xavier James


What do you think of Laszlo himself, decent, not? What?   Any combo up there strike you as pretty cool/decent/usable/whatever?