I’m quite enamored with Helen at the moment.  It’s a definite family name for me, I have three Aunts with the name (well, 2 Helens 1 Helena) but I prefer simple Helen to Helena these days, even. And the last Helen is on her last legs as I type this. She’s not doing well at all.


I think it’s brilliantly simple and beautifully strong. Helen’s warm honey to me,  and I’m liking her a whole lot. Tried my hand at combos, preliminarily anyway. Here’s what I came up with, and is now narrowed a bit:


Helen Saffron Adele
Helen Calliope Jane
Helen Ursula Violet
Helen Isolde Ruby
Helen Aurelia Violet
Helen Rosamond Lily
Helen Tilley Violet


I decided to try Saffron out with Helen because they’re almost the same color (not shade) to me, Saffron’s yellow/orange gold and Helen’s honey gold. Ursula is one I just like.  ur -SU- lah.  Primrose is just a bit of whimsy I didn’t think would hurt Helen much and I tried the familial Tilley out in full, I figure, if Leo, Simon & Josephine have a family surname in the middle, Tilley should work too.  Of course, Jane, Lily, Ruby, Violet, Marigold, Ottilie & Lucy have significance and Isolde, Camilla, Calliope, Aurelia, Plum & Adele are just ones we like.  But I figure with two family names, I can spare a bit for something we just really like!


 Anything jump out at you as emminently usable? Am I on the right track, at least? What do you think, anything? 


As always, thanks a million for stopping by!

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  1. Caitlin B
    Apr 21, 2009 @ 10:43:20

    I’m sure you’ve mentioned it before, but I’m just wondering…do you pronounce Calliope as kali-OH-pee or as kah-LIE-op-ee?

    I think Helen and Isolde go very beautifully together. My favorite combinations are the first 5 on this list. Ursula Violet is probably tied for first place (in my eyes) with Primrose Jane. Helen and (the lastname) Primrose are family names for me, too!

    Does Adele have too much the same sound as Helen, or is it a nice echo? I’m having trouble deciding.


  2. Lola
    Apr 21, 2009 @ 13:26:37

    Thanks for stopping by, Caitlin!

    Calliope is Kah-LIE-oh-pee to us. Adele has an echo hELen Saffron adELe. I find that particualr combo fun to say!

    It’s funny because he just emailed me and said “I like Helen Rosamond Lily & Helen Tilley Violet best”

    Helen Ursula Violet is a favorite of mine. I adore Ursula but he says “middle only” He’s afraid of the evil Ursula reference. Helen Isolde Ruby is incredibly lush to me, I adore saying it aloud. Helen Aurelia Violet almost glows, I find that one very pretty indeed. So let me go edit these combos, leaving what we’ve unofficially narrowed it to!


  3. babynamelover
    Apr 21, 2009 @ 17:23:46

    I like Helen Isolde Ruby- I love Isolde


  4. Lola
    Apr 21, 2009 @ 19:01:21

    Thanks dear! My only probelm with that particular combo are her intials would then be HIM! 🙂


  5. Sarah (nfate)
    Apr 22, 2009 @ 01:39:11

    I’d like to introduce myself. I am Sarah. I am one of the co-writer of NFAtE. I’m due in September with my second so I am currently 18 weeks along.

    My first is 3 now, Edward Nole. Nolan was his favourite name but there was no way I was having anything that resembled the -an, -en, -in, -on craze. I wanted Noel but he said that people would confuse it with Noelle so Nole seemed like a sensible choice. And Edward is sort of a family name but mostly I just love it! He was quite out of favour in Australia when we chose it. But Twilight is bound to cause a rise in his popularity.

    My co-blogger Laura is quite smitten with Saffron from middle names here. She is on my list too. Quite a way down, but still there. Did you happen to see Laura’s post on her a week or so back?


    • Lola
      Apr 22, 2009 @ 09:27:16

      Hello Sarah! Yes, I did catch Laura’s post on Saffron. I think I suggested a nickname for it: Fronsie. It’s a favorite of mine as well, but she’s middle material for me, as Josephine & Saffron really don’t make very good sisters.

      I think Edward Nole is quite handsome and while I would have argued that Noel Coward had no such troubles; being mistaken for a Noelle, I think Nole at least makes sense and won’t embarass him as an adult.

      A belated congratualtions on #2, to you. And thanks for stopping in and introducing yourself!


      • Sarah (nfate)
        Apr 22, 2009 @ 11:12:11

        I didn’t think that the Noel spelling would be an issue either but my husband, Nathan, insisted it would. I still love Edward Nole

        I have to say though I like Saffron, I am not a fan of Fronsie. Kind of screams ‘The Muppets’ to me.

        I feel your pain about Saffron as well, there are so many names I just can’t use for Edward’s brother or sister. Our whole girls list is unusable. Olive/Olivia has to be my number 1.

        Our boy’s list is more on the usable side but we still cant agree on the favourite. He is set on Wilfred or Christopher and I like Theodore and Ashley.

        Is it just Josie you have or do you have to pair names with other siblings aswell?

        Thanks for your congratulations. Hopefully I will be able to stop by every now and then and visa-versa.

  6. Lola
    Apr 22, 2009 @ 14:59:42

    I agree, Edward Nole is still a very handsome pairing. It’s going to suit him forever. I love names like that! Ooh, Olive would be stunning with Edward! Olivia’s been top 10 here for a good spell and honestly, this Yank is getting tired of her. I’ve been looking for alternatives to Olivia. Nameberry did an awesome post yesterday, based on a “replace the top 10” game we’ve been playing. Go take a look, if you haven’t already!

    Josie is the only one at home anymore (her older brothers will be 23 this July and are not living at home anymore. they’re Leo & Simon). So “matching’ with her is more on my mind than them. I did concentrate on matching all of them with Josie because they were 18 when she was born and just barely off to college. Now they’re done with that and off in the world on their own adventures. But that’s no longer a major concern for me. As long as she sounds fine with the next one, and all 4 are somewhere in the same ballpark, I’ll be happy.


    • Sarah (nfate)
      Apr 22, 2009 @ 23:48:39

      Glad you like Edward Nole. Olive has recently been bumped up to number 2 as his possible sister. I’m not too worried about the popularity of Olivia if thats what we put on her birth certificate (if it is a girl). She hasn’t quite kicked off in Australia yet , she is just getting there.

      Matching is tricky. Especially names like Edward and Josephine. Classical names are an aquired taste and are limited, unlike the more adventurous names like Saffron.

      What are your boys’ middle names? Maybe I could pinch some of your ideas.


      • Lola
        Apr 23, 2009 @ 10:29:33

        Sarah, The boys primary middles are Sebastian & Ambrose. I love those big, swooshy names!

        I don’t find it too hard maching Josephine with other names, I try to put the more adventurous stuff in the middle, but honestly, there aren’t that many “classics” left that are appealing anymore. For the guys: Edward/Edgar, Francis, George & Arthur, for the girls, Helen, Cecily & Beatrix are the closest I get to classic. Others are familiar but not “classic” (Jemima, Clementine, Sylvie, Zelda, Cleo, Winifred, Imogen).

        See what I mean? Blah. The boys were easy! Josephine was tough, but #4 is proving to be the toughest of the bunch!

  7. Laura
    Apr 23, 2009 @ 09:10:43

    Lola I really like the names you have used for these combinations. My Favourites of course Saffron, Violet, Isolde and Aurelia. Oh and Ruby and Lilly 😀 ok lets just say them all
    Helen I think is often an underestimated name. Its very strong and I think a very beautiful name. (well it was used by Helen of Troy) These names go really well together holding a great balance of the differing names. My favourite combo would be Helen Aurelia Violet and coming a close second Helen Saffron Adele. This actually has to be one of my favourite posts with the combination of names. Hope they gets shortlisted 😀


  8. Lola
    Apr 23, 2009 @ 10:24:38

    I think she might get shortlisted. He’s really digging Helen (I hear him repeating it under his breath quite often today alone)

    It’s down to Helen Saffron Adele, Helen Ursula Violet & Helen Tilley Violet atm. Going to be a tough decision!


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