The Freaks

It’s a bit mean of a title but I mentioned yesterday there’s a handful of names I’d love to use even though they don’t fit with the rest of the kids. Thought I’d toss them out here, see if you agree!

Without further ado, here are the freaks on my name lists:

Leonore (obviously, if Cleo rhymes, this *is* Leo)!



I try to stick these in the middle but I would adore to use any of these up front. Do you think I could get away with any of these, or should I just keep thinking about them as potential middles? What do you think?  😀


As always, thanks a million for stopping by! 

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Emmy Jo
    Apr 14, 2009 @ 12:01:12

    Dorothea totally works with the sibset. I think Sibyl, Portia, Aurelia, and Anthea might also work. And maybe Coralie, though it seems less substantial.

    On the boys’ side, Maxim and Caspar sound right at home. Constantin and Peregrin could also work — they don’t really rhyme with Josephine when you say them aloud, do they?


  2. Lola
    Apr 14, 2009 @ 13:17:29

    Hmm, Maybe they do, I’ll have to try them out again, mostly they seem a bit too “different” as Leo & Simon (while higher now) were in the 300’s when they were named (doublecheck me, they were born mid 1986) and Josephine’s mid 200’s. then again, Beatrix, Clementine, Tallulah, Jemima.. Rufus, Cosmo etc. don’t rank either, they just ‘seem’ a bit more mainstream, if you get what I mean.

    Peregrin doesn’t rhyme (per-eh-grin) but Constantin does, sadly (con-stan-TEEN) and while he’d most likely be Stan at least 80% of the time, Constantin would still ring out 20%. Same reason my beloved Pomeline finally came off the top 20. Clementine stays because we instinctively say clem-en-TYNE, which doesn’t rhyme with Josephine. Who knew I was such a sucker for the -een sound? Sheesh! 😀

    Maxim I keep off because I always end up saying max-EEM which rather rhymes with Josephine as well, butif everyone else was going to end up saying Max-IM then it is workable! But Caspar? I adore Caspar, it’s a backhanded reference to G. Grandpa Balthazar, Caspar was another of the three wise men. 😛 I’ll have to think about him as well, oooh, the possibilities!

    Thanks Emmy Jo!


  3. Janey
    Apr 14, 2009 @ 13:35:31

    Dorothea goes great with Josephine and is very pretty. In German pronunciation it would be Dorotaya – even prettier. I really like Tia as a nickname for it.

    I have an ancestor called Leonora Cecilia (what a name!) Personally I quite like Leonie as a name and I think I’d like Aurelia frenchified as Aurelie, complete with acute accent on the ‘e’.

    I think all your names up here could go with Josephine, apart from Constantine, due to the rhyming, as IMO Josephine ticks both the very traditional/old-fashioned and the slightly kooky/eccentric boxes.

    Funnily enough, Sibyl makes me think of other ‘s’ names, like Siobhan and Sinead (I like the latter one).


    • Lola
      Apr 14, 2009 @ 19:45:48

      Thanks Janey! I would call a Dorothea of mine Dot until she was 4 or 5 and than switch to either Thea or Dottie, depending on her attitude. That sort of thing generally works for us, seeing as how Josephine waffles between Josie for when she’s feeling normal, Fifi for when she’s feeling diva-ish and Effie for when she’s feeling pretty. Everything else has sort of slid into the background for now. Dorotaya is how my Russian & Polish relatives would most likely say it (well, the Poles may cut it to Dorota)

      Leonora Cecilia is gorgeous! I love Leonie but I already have a Leo, so it’s definitely out. As are all the Leo- girls names (I’d kill for a Leontine!) Sadly, Rhyming Cleo is as close as I dare to go, especially since he’s not at home anymore. Another Leo name is way overkill here. 😦

      Thanks for the thumbsup on almost all of them, though. Sybil is one of the few S names I do like. ‘S’ is just not a favored sound for me. Susanna is the only other girly one at the moment. But Sibyl has been floating around my lists since at least 1978. I know a canine Siobhan (really!) and Sinead does nothing for me. Saoirse is one that is slowly growing on me. But most obviously Celtic names sound like I’ve just emigrated from Scotland/Ireland when paired with my very Scots Mac- surname. At least, they do to me. Which is why I tend to stick with fairly bland-ish English names toss a few French names in and a few Spanish/ Russian/Polish names for Family.

      But thanks for stopping by!


  4. audeline
    Apr 14, 2009 @ 18:17:14

    Isis Isis Isis! Isis is, I think, one of my very few /actual/ GP’s. I think it’s beautiful and mysterious and fascinating. Its sound is so solid and complete and it’s so cool to look at. It’s just so awesome. But whenever I try imagining that one of my friends is named Isis, it doesn’t work, and it ends up conjuring leopard skin patterns for some reason. which I kind of hate. My favorite name is also Minerva, and the goddess thing already makes me a little uncomfortable, so I can’t realistically see shortlisting it. But man!

    Isis goes really well with Leo and Simon actually, just aesthetically, but throwing Josephine in there throws it off. Dorothea goes wonderfully though. And Aurelia. and Portia, which I feel similarly about to Isis but not as strongly. and Coralie, and Lavender. And Ignatius, Caspar, Blaise, Maximilian. None of them go particularly badly, but I think these work really well. Also, I (personally) am totally unoffended by the rhyming endings.


    • Lola
      Apr 14, 2009 @ 19:54:15

      Isis, wow! I thought no one would like that one. I’m partnered with a huge superhero/comic book geek so Isis has a special place in his heart. I would love to use it, he’d be tickled purple! Maybe in the middle, though; Josephine & Isis? I don’t know about that. I agree she fits well with Leo & Simon but if the name was a bit much for the Fifi, it’s definitely going to be a bit much for her potential sister. Minerva is wicked cool, I’d call mine Minnie when she’s little, Min when she’s older (Yes, I read “Wheel of Time, Goddess help me).

      I keep toying with Aurelia, she’s so rich and georgeous. Portia’s in the middle (Cleo Portia Rupinder) because I know a fair amount of Highbrows but the few lowbrows I know would think ‘car’ before Shakespeare. Bah!
      Maximilian feels odd when I string the sibs together but wonderful with just Josephine. And Max alone fits the set all the way around. Max’s popularity puts me off it a bit though. But wow, Maximilian! Maybe Lavender in the middle as well. I have Ignatius up front (Ignatius Edward James) and I’m going to definitely be toying whith Caspar tonight. He’s been a favorite forever!

      Thanks so much! 😀


  5. Laura
    Apr 15, 2009 @ 07:27:01

    Saffron is actually my favourite girls name!! I also love Portia and Caspar. I can understand though they are on a sort of different path comapred with Josephine. Come on though use my favourite name as a middle name at least 😀 😀


    • Lola
      Apr 15, 2009 @ 09:09:45

      Thanks Laura! Saffron is definitely on deck as a middle. It’s the name of one of his favorite cousins. Portia is in the middle (Cleo Portia Rupinder) which will get used if she looks like her sister. Caspar, well, he’s today’s post, look for him soon!


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