Esmeralda, Times 3!

Not being entirely satisfied with the Esmeralda combos yesterday, I went digging again and came up with these few, tell me what you think of these:


Esmeralda Iris Adele
Esmeralda Mina Blythe
Esmeralda Ivy Scarlett (too colorful?)
Esmeralda Frances Pearl
Esmeralda Rowena Blythe
Esmeralda Lily Elanor (too flowery?)
Esmeralda Elvira Scarlet (Colorful again?)
Esmeralda Flora Jane
Esmeralda Mimosa Jane
Esmeralda Lilias Coralie
Esmeralda Harriet Isobel
Esmeralda Harriet Plum (Colorful ?)


I’m particualrly partial to two up there (one fairly normal & one way out there) and a third is appealling a bit less but I still think it’s nice.  So take a gander and tell me what you think, if you please. And have a very Happy Easter!


Thanks for stopping by!


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Emmy Jo
    Apr 12, 2009 @ 13:50:36

    The one that feels and sounds the best to me for some reason is Esmeralda Mina Blythe. The double A endings don’t bug me here for some reason, though normally I think they would.

    I almost like Esmeralda Harriet Plum, but I think Esmeralda and Harriet clash. It has a good rhythm, though.

    Esmeralda Ivy Scarlett is pretty. It has the right feel, I think — so what if its colorful?

    And Esmeralda Rowena Blythe has a perfectly literary vibe, but I don’t like the rhythm of Esmeralda and Rowena right next to each other.


  2. Lola
    Apr 12, 2009 @ 14:02:05

    Thanks, Emmy Jo! I’m trying to give Harriet a chance. I prefer Henrietta, nn Harriet but Harriet is the family name (and Henry!) so I am trying.
    Esmeralda Mina Blythe is pretty, isn’t it? Esmeralda’s brilliance brightens up somewhat dark Mina and Blythe keeps the whole light sweetness & light.

    Esmeralda Ivy Scarlett is one of his. I like it a lot but that florally/colorful feel sort of takes away a bit for me. Not too much to count it out though.

    Esmeralda Frances Pearl feels a bit gemm-y but definitely rings every bell I’ve got. I find it warm, elegant & lovely, but I have to admit, Esmeralda Mimosa Jane is what makes me sing, though. I adore Mimosa, the tree (can live with the drink thing in the middle, easily) and think Esmeralda’s greandness & Jane’s simpleness keep Mimosa from flying way off.


  3. neschria
    Apr 12, 2009 @ 15:31:33

    Esmeralda Frances Pearl is my personal favorite. Frances Pearl brings Esmeralda back down to earth, and while Esmeralda and Pearl might be heavy on the gems when you’re analyzing the name, it might feel less so in use. I knew a lady named Ruby, yet there was a gap in my mind between Ruby as a name and ruby as a gem. (But maybe that’s just the way my brain works.)

    I like Esmeralda Rowena Blythe quite a lot too. It’s coffee and cream puffs, on the good china.

    Esmeralda Mimosa Jane is light and lovely as well. Mimosa is new on my radar, but my great-grandmother had one in her yard when I was very small, and then my grandparents moved into that house when she died and lived there until they died, so it has strong personal resonance for me. It makes me think “soft, pink, and sweet” before “cocktail”.


  4. appellationmountain
    Apr 12, 2009 @ 21:15:27

    Hmmm … I think Esmerelda Iris Adele and Esmerelda Ivy Scarlett are my favorites, though Mina Blythe and Frances Pearl work well, too.

    I kinda love Mimosa Jane – but in real life, it seems too over the top. 🙂


  5. Lola
    Apr 13, 2009 @ 09:28:31

    Thank you, both of you!

    Neschria, you’re the only other person I’ve run across who doesn’t think “alcoholic drink” right off the bat with Mimosa. We had two in the back and a magnolia tree dead center of the front lawn. My sibilings & I had to rake blossoms, buds, flowers & leaves four times a year betwween them both but Mimosa’s got such a faerie like look and a delicious smell, it’s definitely the favorite tree name for me. And how cute would Mim be as a nickname?

    Verity, Iris Adele is easily his favorite of the entire bunch, wheras I’m split beteween Mimosa Jane, Luna Pearl, Frances Pearl & Oona Cecile. I’ll be polling these few later today (it won’t let me post anything yet) so maybe that’ll help me napprw it down. If I asked him to pick one, he’d probably choose Frances Pearl because it’s a fair split for us. But I like Frances best in Jemima’s combo, where she really shows off (Jemima Frances Ruby).

    Thanks again, hope your Holiday was a great one!


  6. Toria
    Apr 14, 2009 @ 13:44:01

    Not keen on Esmerelda as makes me think of one of Cinderella’s ugly sisters but I do like Harriet Isobel. Such a sensible grounded name, in a forthright, making mud pies sort of a way. I like Hattie as a nickname, cf. ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden’.


  7. Lola
    Apr 14, 2009 @ 18:11:46

    Aww Toria, Esmeralda’s from ‘the Hunchback of Notre Dame”! Now, Drucilla reminds me of Drizella and well, Anastasia’s nice now. (I have an almost 5 year old Cinderella freak in the house) but Esmeralda has a free wheeling gypsy sort of feel to her, not princessy at all!
    Esmeralda Luna Pearl came out on top for us.

    I may have to hang onto Harriet Isobel, though. She *is* quite stunning! 😀

    Thanks for stopping by!


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