Esmeralda, Times 3!

Not being entirely satisfied with the Esmeralda combos yesterday, I went digging again and came up with these few, tell me what you think of these:


Esmeralda Iris Adele
Esmeralda Mina Blythe
Esmeralda Ivy Scarlett (too colorful?)
Esmeralda Frances Pearl
Esmeralda Rowena Blythe
Esmeralda Lily Elanor (too flowery?)
Esmeralda Elvira Scarlet (Colorful again?)
Esmeralda Flora Jane
Esmeralda Mimosa Jane
Esmeralda Lilias Coralie
Esmeralda Harriet Isobel
Esmeralda Harriet Plum (Colorful ?)


I’m particualrly partial to two up there (one fairly normal & one way out there) and a third is appealling a bit less but I still think it’s nice.  So take a gander and tell me what you think, if you please. And have a very Happy Easter!


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