Esmeralda Combos

As promised, I worked on combos half the evening. With some help, of course, here are the results of that brainstorming session. Without further ado, Esmeralda complete!:


Esmeralda Oona Cecile
Esmeralda Sylvie Lenore
Esmeralda Clio Pearl
Esmeralda Lucy Jane
Esmeralda Cerys Valentine
Esmeralda Luna Pearl
Esmeralda Romilly Faye
Esmeralda Romilly June
Esmeralda Clara Adele
 Esmeralda Glory Cecile
Esmeralda Daisy Malu
Esmeralda Maud Valentine
Esmeralda Louisa Glory
Esmeralda Tullia Pearl
Esmeralda Cleo Pearl
Esmeralda Oona Lilias
Esmeralda Daisy Elanor
Esmeralda Beatrix Mary
Esmeralda Lilias Pearl


Some of them are a bit themey (Esmeralda & Pearl together), or just a bit odd (Oona Cecile). Mary shows up here as a nod to a cousin I’ve always admired but she’s a Marie and hates her name. Mary pleases her and me both. Louisa charms him, Oona, me. Tullia we both like but find too frilly up front (it reminds both of us of Tulle) and Elanor is, as most will know, for da Man. If it was good enough for Sam’s girl, it’s good enough for one of mine!  qany other questions, feel free to ask. Off to the Birthday party and then it’s egg dyeing time when we get home. I am psyched!  😀 Have an Awesome Easter weekend, one & all!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. appellationmountain
    Apr 11, 2009 @ 14:19:00

    Hmmm … much as I love Esmerelda, none of these stand out to me as better than the others. I’m leaning towards Esmerelda Lucy Jane … but that’s the least interesting of them all. Then again, Josephine has the relatively tame “Anne” as part of her name, right?

    Esmerelda Beatrix Mary has some appeal, too – I think that’s it, I find myself trying to tone down the flashy Esme … but maybe that’s the wrong impulse?

    I’ll have to sleep on it. Any idea if she’d make your Top Ten, or is Esmerelda firmly an alternate?


  2. Lola
    Apr 11, 2009 @ 19:17:24

    Indeed, she does. It’s her ending. 🙂 Good memory!

    Esmeralda Oona Lilias, Esmeralda Beatrix Mary, Esmeralda Oona Cecile & Esmeralda Daisy Elanor are the favorites with us. The first two are my favorites, the final two, his. We’ve been debating these back & forth all day and this is the shakedown. 🙂

    I have a more than passing fondness for Lucy Jane, in general and her simplicity sets of the flambouyant Esmeralda in general, I think. I’m still thinking about her, but she’s definitely got top 10 potential. She honors directly, sounds awesome with the surname and I like her nickname options, Esme, Emmie and Emerald. I figure, she’s a definite “why not?” and as such has the potential to rise, fast and stay a long while. I think Esmeralda Lilias Pearl shines the most and charms me in particular. But I will keep looking around to see if something else shines more brightly. Remember how many tries before I landed on my Beatrix combo? And Beatrix herself hasn’t left my list entirely in almost two years. So There’s definitely hope for Esmeralda. 😀


  3. Laura
    Apr 12, 2009 @ 04:06:07

    I like Esmerelda its very princessy and classic too! I love Esmeralda Clio Pearl and Esmeralda Lucy Jane. Esmerelda is a long name so these names go well as they are short, sharp and sweet and people wont have a mouthful saying the whole name. As well as short though they go beatifully. The names like Lucy is tradition and everlasting. Its really sweet. Also I even like Clio Pearl just by itself, its got a great ring to it!
    happy easter!


  4. Lola
    Apr 12, 2009 @ 10:17:21

    Aww, thanks Laura! Clio Pearl is a lovely pair and Lucy Jane is so very sweet. If she doesn’t end up here, I will find another place for her. I have more Esmeralda thoughts, new post!


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