Thinking “Normal”

Well, trying to anyway. Anytime I bring up something familiar, Edward, George, Francis are the three I’m playing with at the moment, he has to give me a huge list of odd things to use as middles. My goodness!

I’d solidified Edward a long time ago. Edward was my Uncle. Well, one of them, anyway (Frank, Benjamin, Leo & Stanley were the others on the maternal side). I hated the Uncle but love the cousin who was named for him. So in backwards thinking mode, it’s for him, not the Uncle.  Edward Balthazar George.  Has stood as such for nearly 4 years now. He’s my “Well, he looks too timid for anything else” combo. It sits at the bottom of the Wildcards pile and waits for his chance.

 Francis is one I’ve liked forever, simply for his Frank appeal. I find Frank simply open and friendly. And the Uncle was an absolute doll. I have many fond memories. He’s lovely. And well, Francis polishes up very nicely. I’ve had Francis Henry Porfirio for at least a year. Tried out Francis Arthur Peregrin as well, he’s still stewing on it. Other recent tries were: Francis Dmitri Jude & Francis Milo George. Don’t know which I prefer FHP or FAP (either way, his final initials would be FM!


Now for George!  I’ve tried to put him up front before, with little success. But I tried again and came up with a few that I do find appealing. Here:

George Lucien Sylvester
George Constantin Gavriil
George Malcolm Amadeo
George Arthur Aloysius
George Maximilian Xavier
George Milo Valentin
George  Malachy Wilder
George Laszlo Rafael
George Inigo Maxfield
George Rafferty Graeme


Anything seem appealing up there? Anything you think might be better with a tweak?  Talk to me!  🙂


As always, Thanks for stopping by! 😀

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. JNE
    Apr 09, 2009 @ 11:04:34

    I like your George Malcolm Amadeo combo the most – it flows so nicely. Right now, if we fell pregnant and had a boy, we are thinking George Harvey (I’m a 1 middle gal) and George Malcolm has a similar feel to me. Amadeo adds a bit of flair. George Malachy and Geroge Constantin combos are the other two I like best. George Lucien and George Inigo are my least favorites; something about the flow (although Inigo is appealing). Just my 2 cents.


  2. Lola
    Apr 09, 2009 @ 13:14:13

    Hey, thanks, JNE! I appreciate it. I think it’s funny that Maud came together so effortlessly and yet I struggle with George. Maybe he’s not meant to be but I really want to see if I can make him work.

    Inigo is a form of Ignatius (the family Patriarch), which seems a bit heavy with George, so consider it an attempt to lighten George.
    I wonder what it is about George Lucien that bugs you. I say Lucien in three syllable and that may be where you’re having the probel, George Lou-see-en Sylvester. *shrug* maybe it’s just me, then. 🙂

    Thanks for the props on George Malcolm Amadeo. That last bit is what he wanted up front or first middle. But I think it’s a bit too much at least up front. And I can’t make Amadeo work as a first middle. It just doesn’t belong there.
    George Malachy Wilder just may end up the winner in the end, because I’m a sucker for George Malachy and Wilder for the stepmom… yeah, it works well.

    Your George Harvey is pretty cool too. I like that slightly stuffy feel along with his light sound. Harvey is so light to me, just about floats out of my mouth after the Har- part. Neat! 😀


  3. Mia
    Apr 09, 2009 @ 13:28:53

    I think a George-Up-Front combo would be a perfect place to bring Barnaby back off the shelf.

    And Francis Henry Porfirio would be my pick, of the two. It’s dashing, name-by-name and taken together.

    Francis Arthur Peregrin is nice enough, but Arthur and Peregrin together sound awfully literary. (Also, I tend to hang out on a lot of male-dominated gamer sites where “fap” is a euphemism for “masturbate”.)


  4. Caitlin B
    Apr 09, 2009 @ 15:51:24

    When I read George Malcolm Amadeo, my mouth said “wow” in a rapid whispery voice without me telling it to! It sounds so great. I think Malcolm is perfect with a Mac- last name, and Amadeo gives it all such flair. It really takes George up a notch. I also like Arthur Aloysius and Malachy, but not Wilder too much. Hm. Malachy is one of my favorite names. All-time. I hope I can use it someday!


  5. JNE
    Apr 09, 2009 @ 15:56:12

    Ohhh…. I agree with Mia – George Barnaby sounds fantastic to me! (Probably because Barnaby is very similar in sound to Harvey in my ear.) And thanks for the feedback on George Harvey – yeah, I go for the somewhat stuffy up front, but a little breeze in the middle type names, I guess.

    To answer about Lucien… I have a friend whose mother is Lucienne (said Loo see en) and I’ve known them for so long that Lucien (which I say the same way) just rings specifically feminine (and sounds bizarre to me as a male name because of that). That is probably more me than anything you’d run into generally. I had not even considered the alternative (Loo shen I’m guessing?), but I don’t really love that either (however, it’s not feminine to me, at least).

    But also, it’s the sound… George is round and the “or” sound is deep in the mouth, which sounds good with “ah” or “aaa” vowels to me. They are also “open” sounds and the transition isn’t as dramatic as “ooo” which is all the way up front in the mouth and rather closed, like “eee,” if that makes any sense whatsoever to you?


  6. Lola
    Apr 10, 2009 @ 14:53:34

    It makes sense, Jade. 🙂 I’m just odd, I think. “Ooo’ for me, depending on the context of the sound can be up front, closed or deep throat open. Might be all the Russian & Polish I was surrounded by as a kid, too. *Shrug* beats me. 🙂 I’m not a huge fan of Lou-shen either, as a sound. Too abrupt for me. Lucius & Louis are the only ways I can stand the Lou sound on a boy at all. Now, Lou is one I find feminine all by itself (but that’s a whole ‘nother story). I think George Lucien as a pairing is out anyway. I like Lucius much more up front.

    I’m working on George Barnaby but I have to keep in mind: Alasdair Barnaby George is still on the list like that. If I was prone to one middle, George Barnaby would be a keeper, as is! 😀


  7. appellationmountain
    Apr 10, 2009 @ 23:25:37

    I love Alasdair Barnaby George!

    But I do like George in the first spot. My personal favorite is George Arthur Aloysius, but George Malcolm Amadeo is great, too.

    Edward and Francis are fine, but George – well, I just love George!


  8. Lola
    Apr 11, 2009 @ 19:07:12

    Thanks Verity! I love Alasdair Barnaby George but he sits on the Wildcard list because he just can’t get into Alasdair overmuch.

    I adore George myself. The most normal of my loves, easily. George Arthur Aloysius chames me to my toes, I think George Arthur is a very standard classic and Aloysius makes me smaile (and then some) He feels like Sebastian & Ambrose to me) and if I was going the same route as them I’d think George Aloysius Arthur, but I like it better the other way. It’s coming down to him & George Malcolm Amedeo. Which absolutely makes me swoon. I feel more like Aloysius though. 😀


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