Yes, I know, he’s brash and a bit rough and Ol’ Blue Eyes did Frank no favors. But I recently went digging through the family tree and realised that my Uncle Frank was just Frank. Not Francis/Frank. Now, I’m still inclined to use Francis and nn him Frank but I admit, I like Frank much better than Francis.  And I have another confession: Jason Statham plays an awful lot of Frank (well, 2 really) and I watched “Death Race” again last night.  Yeah, and I’m going to see if I can talk him into “The Transporter” tonight. Yeah, I’ve got a thing going here, it seems. I just like looking at him, don’t care that he’s not a top actor but wow! his action flicks are awesome!  (that’s enough of that, then)

So, Frank. Is he enough to stand on his own or should I go with my gut and go with Francis in full, Frank as a nickname?  I have no Frank alone combos, not yet. I will be working on those shortly. I have Francis though, and I adore his combo: Francis Henry Porfirio, nn Frank. How adorable would a tiny Frankie be? 🙂  I’m melting just thinking about that!

So, which would you choose? Francis or Frank?  Wanna tell me why?  I’d love to know! 


As always, thanks a million. I appreciate it more that you know!