How I “Work”

I’ve been asked how we put together our combos, so I thought since I have two new ones up for that sort of thing, I’d walk you all through it. It’s sort of boring, but at least you’ll see what we do.

The names up for combo-ing today are Rupert & Lilias. Now he says Rupert’s too “posh” but I still like him and think with some grounding middles, he’s doable, so I’ll start with him.

Rupert. Now I take out my huge notebook with all my favorites in it. So I’ll start at the beginning and list all the things I think sound pretty good with Rupert:

Rupert Anselm
Rupert Edward
Rupert Elliot
Rupert Ivo
Rupert Fintan
Rupert Conan
Rupert John
Rupert Graham
Rupert George
Rupert James
Rupert Augustus
Rupert Florian (oh, please? maybe?)
Rupert Arthur
Rupert Morgan
Rupert Sterling (a HUGE gp, maybe?)
Rupert Finbar
Rupert Geoffrey?
Rupert Maxim
Rupert Stephen (My brother, Steven has always wished he were Stephen, maybe?)
Rupert Henry
Rupert Valentin
Rupert Francis
Rupert Xavier
Rupert Porfirio (I know, not grounding, but WOW!)
Rupert Finn
Rupert Bede (again, I know it’s not grounding…)
Rupert William
Rupert Reuel (again, not exactly grounding, but wow!)
Rupert Alaric
Rupert Edgar
Rupert Taliesin
Rupert Wilder
Rupert August
Rupert Willoughby
Rupert Gabriel
Rupert Alastair
Rupert Barnaby
Rupert Oliver (my Brother’s second middle)
Rupert Imre
Rupert Lorcan
 Rupert Alasdair
Rupert Felix
Rupert Maxfield
Rupert Willem
Rupert Tilley
Rupert Milo
Rupert Louis
Rupert Laszlo (It’s a family name and I just adore it but it doesn’t fit with the rest of the family.. so in the middle it goes. But I’d LOVE to out Laszlo up front)


And now I start weeding to see what sticks, here’s where I need your help!  Please?  Once I find a few that stick, I’ll go through the rest of the family names and see what meshes where. But I need help weeding through these. Would you be so kind?  🙂 I’d greatly appreciate it!   I promise I’ll work on Lilias a bit later tonight.


And, as a side note, the reason this is so late in the day is we took Josie to the mall to Build a Bear and she came home with a big pink, glittery unicorn named… wait for it………… Petunia!  Yeah. There was a book by the computers there with all sorts of names, she skimmed though it and landed on Petunia. So there you have it, the newest of the stuffed creatures a big pink unicorn named Petunia! After Bluebell, Dermot & Petunia, it makes me wonder what she’ll name my Grandkids someday!  😀