On the heels of May, is Margery, nn Maisie, May or Daisy. This set of combos is the result of emailing back & forth all day, just so you know. I did stew on them ’til almost suppertime and have found a few in here I really find appealing. What do you think?

Margery Iris Adele– Iris makes me think of Grandma’s old place, this time of year, the irises would be everywhere! Adele I adore but stick here because he often says AY-dell, which drives me bananas. Here, he’s less likely to.

Margery Elinor Blythe – Elinor’s for the cousin, Blythe is one he really seems to like because he’s always putting it at the end like this. But he never seems to want it up front. Weird, yes but I think the combo’s pretty. 

Margery India Blythe – Alright, I’m still on that “India in the middle” kick. I just love it to pieces. And yeah, He put Blythe here too. I kind of like the imagery I get from this one.

Margery Alice Pearl– Alice for Me, Pearl because he came out of nowhere with it. I think wow, SNL babies here (Maya Rudolph has Pearl, Tina Fey, Alice)  But when I pointed that out, he went “huh?” so maybe it’s just me.

Margery Flora Jane – Flora for Florence, who I’m just not comfortable with up front (Josephine & Florence were my Mother’s two oldest half sisters) But Flora’s light and pretty and charms me to pieces. Jane for Mom.

Margery Esme Violet – Esme for G. Auntie Esmeralda, lovely woman, (clunky but gorgeous, not working with my surname name), Violet for Auntie Violet (Mom’s next oldest sister, the sweetest woman, treated me as her own)

Margery Lilias Pearl – Lilias is the Scots form of Lily, which is what Grandma Lilian was known as. Pearl, again, comes out of nowhere from him. I’ve asked his Mom, there’s no Pearl in the family!

Margery Elinor Primrose – Elinor &Primrose are cousins on his side, and I’m cool with that since Margery’s a cousin on mine!

Margery Elvira Lily – El-VEER-ah; was one of Grandma Lily’s sisters in law, And Lily’s for Lilian!

Margery Sibyl Violet – I’m just completely taken by Sibyl at the moment. I figure it can’t hurt much in the middle, right? and Violet’s for the special Aunt.



So there are the possibilities, anything grab you, pop out at you, anything you like?  I’d love to know! 


As always, thanks for stopping by!


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah
    Apr 03, 2009 @ 21:41:39

    Margery India Blythe and Margery Alice Pearl are stunning!

    Although I’m not a fan of Margery – I have to consciously not say Margerine when I say her outloud!

    But I cannot believe you have Blythe in some of your combos! I have loved Blythe ever since I first read the Anne of Green Gables series (which have been some of my favourite books ever since.) I suggested her as a first name in the early stages but was told that she is far too ‘old lady’ to one of *his* offspring!

    India – obviously I am going to love this she is my favourite if we have a little daughter.
    Alice and Pearl have also be reoccuring middle name choices ever since we ditched Annarose (My SIL had a little Emily Annarose last Wednesday).

    It has to be one of these 2! They are simply gorgeous combinations – even if I don’t like Margerine.


  2. Lola
    Apr 03, 2009 @ 22:05:17

    Margerine is funny. I don’t think I’ve ever had the stuff, I’m a real butter gal myself. So of course that never crossed my mind! 🙂 It’s okay though, i still adore Margery and she’s actually got a fairly enthusiastic guy behind her as well (which is always a plus, last name he was this excited about was Araminta, before that? Zuleika).

    If I had to choose this moment from the two you listed, it’d have to be Margery India Blythe, as Alice Pearl together, makes me think of those two former SNL’ers (I don’t know if you even know who they are!) I adore Alice (it should have been my name, or Lucy) but Pearl I’m just lukewarm on. And Margery, as a form of Margaret, means Pearl, so it feels somewhat redundant to me. I know no one else is going to notice but *I* do, so I don’t think that’s going to be *it* for me.

    But Margery India Blythe is not only fun to say and beautiful looking, it feels breezy, warm and fresh to me too. So I like it, very much indeed.

    Thanks for stopping in just before I called it a night, Sarah. I hope you’re feeling fine these days!


  3. Sarah
    Apr 03, 2009 @ 22:58:43

    Any time! Thanks for asking, its just under 2 months to go and I’m getting excited!


  4. Cat
    Apr 04, 2009 @ 11:34:49

    Elinor Blythe is where it’s at. Perfect combination of serious and playful. Seriously, I love it! Alice Pearl is second. I don’t think SNL babies, and I’m sure most wouldn’t.


    • Lola
      Apr 04, 2009 @ 11:51:23

      Aww, thanks Cat! Elinor Blythe is a strong contender right now, Lilias Pearl & Flora Jane are the other two. He’s showing a strong preference for Margery Flora Jane. Not only does Flora honor a Florence, Flora’s his favorite of the “Amber” girls if you’re even remotely familiar with Roger Zelazny’s “Amber” series. She’s the Bleys of the girls list. He’s smitten, I think.
      Elinor Blythe is just about perfection, I’ll agree. Lilias Pearl enchants me, but then I remember that Margery= Margaret = means Pearl, so it gets a bit cheesy when I think for a minute. But I still like the look of them together and I adore Lilias. If I can’t find a spot for her in the middle (where I prefer her) I’m going to have to think about an up front spot, I think.


  5. babynamelover
    Apr 23, 2009 @ 17:47:16

    I like Margery Iris Adele & Margery Flora Jane


  6. Lola
    Apr 23, 2009 @ 18:24:37

    Thanks! Margery Flora Jane is the winner here. Flora thrills him & charms me. If I woukd concede, He’d put Flora up front, I think. And she’s just not substantial enough for me next to Josephine!


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