Yeah, I’m inspired. Aurelia Violet was my first thought and came up with these few:

Aurelia Violet Adele
Aurelia Esme Violet
Aurelia Violet Petronel
Aurelia Violet Isobel
Aurelia Pandora Violet
Aurelia Lilas Violet

And then I started drifting a bit:

Aurelia Iris Pearl
Aurelia Saffron Elinor
Aurelia Ruby Mathilde
Aurelia Ruby Adele
Aurelia Rosalie June
Aurelia Sylvie Elinor


I think I’m liking Aurelia Violet Petronel, She feels like a delicate lady from the 18th century; Aurelia Saffron Elinor, Saffron adds a modern kick to delicate  Aurelia, and with Saffron & Elinor being cousins of his, I feel as though non honoring Aurelia’s balanced.   Aurelia Rosalie June just pleases me with her rhythm and Aurelia  Violet Adele & Aurelia Iris Pearl and pretty tied in my head for most beautiful. 

What do *you* think? Anthing jump out at you? And if not, there are more coming, I’m still rattling her around in my head!

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. youcantcallitit
    Mar 14, 2009 @ 12:59:35

    Too many colors in these combos for me Lola. Aurelia equals “golden”, so with Violet, Ruby, and Saffron, I start getting very vivid paintings in my head. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing, mind you, but for this painter, it’s too much!

    What about Aurelia Esme Mathilde? Love the rhythm of Aurelia Violet Petronel too. Scrumptous.


  2. Cat
    Mar 14, 2009 @ 13:15:05

    Of the Violets, Petronel and Pandora work best for me. Petronel is just so neat, and you know how I am with an a, a rhythm. Aurelia Pandora sounds lovely although it’s probably a bit OTT.

    Of the others, Iris Pearl and Rosalie June are my favs, and both are very usable. I think RJ wins out by a hair, though, considering my intense love of June.


  3. Lola
    Mar 14, 2009 @ 15:12:15

    Aww, Aurelia’s a rich silver to me and tones the whole Saffron Elinor is a lovely warm golden together and they blend like a Xmas tree for me. Oh well. Aurelia Violet Petronel is one that just leaps off the page, color wise for me, silver, deep violet and blue-violet. Gorgeous to look at. I also like the looks of Aurelia Iris Pearl is beautiful to me; pale golden overall & Aurelia Rosalie June is overwhelmingly pinkish.

    Aurelia Esme Mathilde is pretty, but paired with my M surname a bit to MMmmm-y for me. I think it would go beautifully with yours, though! 🙂

    Cat, I think Rosalie June grouds Aurelia just a bit, so they’re absolutely stunning together. Iris Pearl is beautiful as well.

    Thanks for stopping by, both of you! 😀


  4. audeline
    Mar 14, 2009 @ 23:34:19

    Hi Lola, this is Emma. I decided to get a wordpress blog finally. 😛

    Aurelia’s gold for me, too, but I don’t mind the colors. For me, the standout ones are Aurelia Violet Adele and Aurelia Sylvie Eleanor. The first is so elegant and balanced and the second is completely gorgeous and lush. Makes me want to go play with Adele some more.

    I hate how I don’t like Violet said aloud. There are very few places I really enjoy it and I don’t think this is one of them. I’m trying to and it’s not working. Aurelia’s just so elegant and Violet’s so abrupt and flat. I know it’s very important to you though.

    I do love Aurelia though. Beautiful, ancient, golden. Great with Josephine too. There was a time I was kind of serious about it. I love the Americanized long E in the middle and the latinate ow-REL-ya. Someone on BTN once said “oh I only like this name pronounced aura-leah do you think I could pull that off” and I wanted to cry.


    • Lola
      Mar 15, 2009 @ 10:13:22

      Does it help you at all if I tell you Violet to me is VI-oh-let? Aw-REL-ee-ah VI-oh-let. I think Aurelia Violet Petronel is staying, she honors the most. aura-leah would make me cry too! That’s hideous! I know what you mean about Adele, isn’t it the sweetest sound? The reason I don’t have Adele up front s his propensity for AY-del instead of ah-del.

      I think I agree with you, I think Aurelia’s just perfect with Josephine. Princessy, strong and beautiful they’ve got that in common. I have more combos coming, keep an eye out. 😀


  5. Kayt
    Mar 15, 2009 @ 11:14:20

    I really like Aurelia. She was on my list, but ultimately didn’t make the cut because of her similarity to my sister’s name, Amelia, and because she’s primarily used in the Spanish speaking community here. We also have Aurora, the city, near us, and Auraria is a section of Denver, so it’s too close to both for comfort. Plus, my husband is half Filipino, and gets mistaken for being Hispanic all the time. He wholly objects to any name that could help that mistake along.

    However, I’m going to agree with Elisabeth. There are a lot of colors going on for me in a lot of those combos. I think Aurelia Esme Violet is my favorite. I like the flow and the sound and the rich simplicity of it.


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