Some of the Newer Infatuations

I have a few names floating around the edges of my lists, don’t know if they’ll make it on the lists or not so I thought I’d toss them out here for you all to dissect. Tell me what you think of these:


Zoltan – is one of those names that hang about the family tree that intrigue me. But it’s so far back there that I wonder if it’s really usable anymore.  I think he’s cool, has power and verve, what’s not to love about Zoltan?

Eugenie – for Eugenia, which is too rich for me. Eugenie, with just the simple  English pronunciation is fine with me. Don’t know about using it, was Napoleon’s first wife, and I’ve already used the name of his second wife. How weird would that be?

Graham – Yeah, he’s showing up on my lists again. It was his Granddad Henry’s middle and after all the Monty Python, I’m loving Graham Chapman again (yes, I know he’s dead…) 😦  Graham Arthur?

Tullia/Tula– Something about that Tu- sound is really appealing to me right now. The oo sound is really pretty!  Related to all the Lu- names floating around my lists, in my head. And Ruby.

Zoya– One of the few simple Russian, names on  the family tree. Zoy-ah. the Russian equivalent of trendy and frequently misspelled Zoe.  I think she’s pretty cool and beautiful too. But it Zoya too odd next to Josephine/Josie?

Belinda– Yeah, really. I’ve always liked Belinda’s happy sound and open feel. And I think it’s one that will age pretty well. But I’m not sure about sistering with Josephine.  *shrug* I think she’s lovely.

Alaric – One of those medieval names that appeals. I could happily name a boy Alaric Morgan ___ .  But then, would anyone get where that came from? He is one of my favorite literary characters, so noble and strong. handsome as he** didn’t hurt either!

Caspar – I like Jasper, really I do, but Caspar’s the related family name. I would love to use this but wonder how usable he really is.  I think he is, but want to hear from others on this! Caspar Felix? Caspar Edward? Caspar John?

Perry– I’ve loved the light & airy Perry for years. Mom used to listen to Perry Como, the cousins watched Perry White take chunks out of Clark Kent and in my own Generation, Perry Farrell doesn’t hurt Perry at all.  He feels jazzy and debonair to me. I’ve thought about Peregrin, nn Perry but would happily just use Perry. Usable, or no? Perry Willem & Perry Felix are floating around my head right now.

Aurelia -This has been floating around my thoughts for a long while. I think Aurelia’s absolutely beautiful and perfectly wonderful. I think she stands up well next to Josephine and already have Aurelia Violet kicking around in my head as a starter combo, which is a good sign for usability, to me. What do you all think of her?


17 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. melian78
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 11:06:33

    Hi, Lola! I like your “newer infatuations.” For Zoltan, I think of that line from My Fair Lady: “Zoltan Carpathy, that marvelous boy!”

    I think my very favorites from your list are Belinda, Aurelia, Alaric, and Caspar.


  2. Lola
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 11:48:12

    😀 Thanks! Too funny, when I mentioned Zoltan to the other half, that was exactly what *he* said, too! (actually sort of sang it, ala Rex Harrison).

    Thanks for the votes, Now I just have to get him to check out this post! You’re a doll!


  3. chaneltara
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 12:15:28

    Interesting choices!
    Zoltan-isn’t this what Penn Gillete named his second child, brother to Moxie Crimefighter? Also wasn’t it Dracula’s dog? Hmm…right now it would be a cool middle, don’t know how well it would work in the front though..

    Eugenie-I too like this better than Eugenia, and I don’t think it’s a problem about Napoleon. I knew a little Eugenie who went by Genie.

    I really like Graham, though I slightly prefer Graeme. Graham Arthur is delightful.

    Tullia-gorgeous, this always flits around my top 10. It reminds me of Tulle and Vintage lace!

    Zoya-I like this, but on a boy. I used to know a brother sibset names Zoya and Zimra. Funny enough they are both considered female names!

    Belinda-love, and tried to convince my pregnant cousin to use it…she wasn’t a fan. But it suited all her criteria (start with a B, give Bella as a nickname, uncommon) To me it sounds like a little fairy of a girl.

    Alaric-love, and actually considered using it, as it kind of has Erik’s name in it, and sounds so dashing and cool.

    Caspar-love this one, and quite usuable in my opinion. I prefer Kaspar as it’s spelling, it seems to take away a little bit more of the ghost association. Erik and I have tossed this around, and it sometimes makes an appearance in our top names.

    Perry-You know how I feel about this! Right now it’s almost to the point where it could sneak up on my top names and become number one! I love it, but not quite there to use it by itself. It reminds me of the surfer boys of the 60’s (Randy, Danny, Terry), just a bit not enough. I adore Percival (Erik’s fav), Peregrine, Peredur, and Perrin though.

    Aurelia-very pretty, not one that graces my top names, but always one I think about!


  4. JNE
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 12:38:01

    Love Eugenie! Zoya is cool, too. Not too sure about Zoltan, it would have to steep for a while with me… and if I encountered one out of the blue I think I’d smile politely and remain mum, because I don’t really know how it makes me feel (is it too out there? or just out there enough?) Graham and Alaric are also nice names… not sure either is a Rufus or a Cosmo, though.


  5. Cat
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 12:48:29

    Ooh, some interesting ones here!

    Zoltan scares me in the front, but I think it’d do a bag-up job in the middle. Unusual and very energetic.

    Eugenie is lovely and goes very well with Josephine. I’m never sure of the pronunciation though: I waver between you-jenny and You-jay-nee. You-jay-nee seems more right, though. What nickname would you use, if any?

    Graham is a great name. Apparently dated in England, but fresh here. My first association is Graham Parker, a singer from the late 70s who’s still active now.

    Tullia is lovely, but I prefer it in the middle. Too gauzy for me.

    Zoya is another middle one for me. Rhymes with Goya. I think it could be interesting and energizing in the middle, like Zoltan.

    Belinda is nice, but I prefer Melinda. I’ve been liking Mel lately. Belinda’s sweet, though. I associate it with my 6th grade teacher, although she was a Melinda, I think. It’s a good association for me: she’s the one who made me want to teach!

    Alaric is handsome. I didn’t get the reference (had to google), but Alaric Morgan is incredibly handsome. I would support it wholeheartedly!

    Caspar is better in the middle, I think. It’s nice but too friendly ghost for me.

    Perry -Really nice and handsome. I prefer it as a nickname but I think it’s workable as a stand-alone.

    Aurelia is beautiful, and I’d love to see you work with it!


  6. youcantcallitit
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 13:20:43

    I’ve loved Belinda, Aurelia, Graham, and Perry since practically childhood. We came very close to having an Eugenie ourselves, but I can’t bring myself to embrace the English pronunciation. Sadly, I think it’s completely unusable both with Beatrix and Josephine. With B, they become “wannabe princesses”, and with J, I’m afraid it creates an awkward tension for anyone who is familiar with that history, and sets the girls up in direct competition.

    Alaric is one I’ve come to appreciate, but again in English, I fear Al is almost inevitable. Not wild about those Zs.

    Interestingly, I met a Kasper and a Tula this week!


  7. Lola
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 15:27:25

    Wow, run out for a few groceries and am I surprised!
    Let me try to answer:
    Chanel, Zolten is what the lunkhead named his son, it’s his wife’s maiden name, first & foremost and I actually like it on a kid! I’ve never heard the “Dracula’s dog’ thing before him (and am with the world’s biggest Dracula fan…) Zoltan has the same roots as the word sultan, and I think that’s kind of neat too. Maybe, if he goes on a classic first name kick again: George Zoltan? Edward Zoltan? Maybe.
    Same reason I like Tullia! So light and pretty but definitely a solid name. She just may go on the wildcard list.
    Caspar is far enough away from the ghost, since he’s Casper. I think he’s pretty cool and hey, I’m a sucker for any boys name that will yield a girly nickname.

    You and a handful of people can appreciate Perry and I love you all for it! 😀 And I think I’m gong to start trying to pair put Aurelia. I think she’s so dignified and gorgeous without being fluffy or lightweight.

    Jade, would it ease your mind to know that Zoltan would most probably go in the middle?
    No, Alaric & Graham are not up to Rufus/Cosmo status but they are very appealling. 🙂

    Cat, Eugenie is simply u-geen-ie to me & mine. u-jenny if we’re feeling rather ‘posh’ ;P She’d probably get Genie (geen-ee) fairly often.

    I may toy with Graham up front, he sounds pretty awesome with the surname! And *maybe* on Caspar in the middle, I’m really liking him right now. I was thinking Peregrin/Perry or just Perry, alone. What would you use as a full name for Perry? Keep your eyes out, Aurelia’s up next! (and don’t worry, Tullia & Zoya strike me as better middles too, they’ve shown up in my middle spots more frequently, recently.

    Elisabeth, Thanks! I keep thinking about that link they share, *hmmm* I’m fairly certain I come down on your side, myself but I wonder about Joe Ordinary getting it. Then again, we don’t hang with Joe Ordinary ourseves. *sigh* I just may have to relegate her to middle status. I worry about sibling competition, Had to deal with it because of the boys, but girl/girl I’m completely unfamiliar with that sort. Worries me. Alaric, an Al? Never. but Ric/k is acceptable once in awhile.

    just a note on the boys. Going through school, my boys were Mac, to all their friends. I had trouble remebering which Mac was which nut we ended up with “Big” Mac & “Macdog” They decided how to differentiate themselves at school. 😀

    Thanks gang, I really appreciate the reviews, off to “play” wth Aurelia!


  8. Davena
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 19:45:35

    I work with a Zoltan. Everyone calls him Zollie. I dunno if that’s just and Australian thing though.

    Eugenie reminds me of the Duchess of York’s buck tooth daughter. Weird huh? LOL

    Zoya I love, love love.


  9. Lola
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 20:05:41

    Aww, I think she’s beautiful! Not the stunner her sister is, no but beautiful in her own way. it’s why I like the name, actually. I just wish I could get people to say it right!

    Really? A Zoltan, reduced to Zollie? That’s pretty cool, actually and I think you’re right, that sort of thing would probably happen here in the States, too.

    Zoya’s probably the only Russian name that wouldn’t get mangled in the States and still would get pronounced properly by my wide spread family and the native Russians too! I think that’s why I really love Zoya. Too bad she rhymes with Goya (a product line here). I think I’d use her anyway, if she went better with my surname. Zoya MacK–ie sounds pretty incongrous to me, which is why I’m looking for a home for her in the middle.


  10. Caitlin B
    Mar 14, 2009 @ 00:01:34

    Eugenie is wonderful. I really like her. Graham and Caspar are interesting too. I think the K does help distance the friendly ghost, but it’d still be the sound of it that causes any trouble. Graham is sort of sweet. I associate it first with s’mores and second with telephones. He’s certainly masculine but not aggressive in the least! I like him best.

    Isn’t Zoltan the name of the machine in Big? Or am I way off-base?


  11. Lola
    Mar 14, 2009 @ 09:32:08

    Great memory Caitlin! Zoltan is indeed the name of the machine in “Big” (the one that he makes the wish on” Gives the name a tiny bit of a creepy vibe, hmm? 🙂
    You’ve nailed exactly why Graham appeals to me, masculine but not aggressive, rather like Simon, to me. I tend to gravitate towards names like Leo, more agressively male and I’m consiously trying to steer more towards Simon like boys names. I think I’ve found my first match!

    Thanks for stopping by, Caitlin! 😀


  12. Esme
    Mar 14, 2009 @ 15:52:30

    Belinda is my mum’s name! It’s crazy that I’m seeing it pop up more on boards and such, I just can’t imagine it on anyone but her. Her two brothers are Colin and Simon, and I know you have one of the latter, so Belinda could well work for you in my mind.
    Oh, and she says she’s never met anyone else with her name. Which is a big, big plus in any name for me!


  13. Lola
    Mar 14, 2009 @ 19:57:52

    Really? How cool! I’m still thinking of how to toss new names around without overloading but yeah, I think her uncomoness is a huge plus. Familiar but not common is what I always go for. Tell your Mom there’s someone out here on the web who likes her name!


  14. audeline
    Mar 14, 2009 @ 23:47:54

    Zoltan’s just awesome. Um. There is a neopets villain named Zoltan so that’s the image I get, a kind of stylized, modernized supervillain in a technicolor cape.

    Eugenie’s fun and sweet. I love Gigi. The Napoleon wives would be subtle and hilarious 😀

    I love Graham Chapman so much. Oh my heart. But I can’t warm up to his name. I liked it in your Felix combo pretty well, actually.

    Oh I always thought Tullia was Tull-ee-a. I prefer it that way, I must say 😀 If I were saying it Toolya I would go ahead and spell it Tulia. It’d get confused a lot with Julia probably. It’s cute.

    Zoya’s so nice. On BTN sabrina fair was posting about it on a boy, and since I’ve never met one and always have to check the meaning of it, it is appealing to me weirdly on a boy. D: but Zoya’s really neat. Josephine and Zoya … hm. I think it’s interesting.

    I love Belinda, aww. Or I used to. It’s so funny and medieval and funny. Lately though I have been associating it with this man’s flickr. Um. So. I dunno.

    Alaric I can’t really get into. I used to like it a lot, but it felt like too much of a gimmick. Of course, the same thing happened with Felix and now I adore Felix, so we’ll see.

    I don’t like Jasper or Caspar much myself. But la la la I think it’s usable and makes the sibset really really neat. I made my first Caspar combo the other day, actually: Dorian Caspar.

    I love Perry, esp as nickname for Peregrine, but it’s fine on its own. Sounds like a punk rocker to me for some reason. Can’t identify why. Perry Felix is a super happy combo.


    • Lola
      Mar 15, 2009 @ 09:49:21

      I know nothing of neopets, the boys are too big for ’em and Josie’s too little. So thanks for the heads up, but as with Cosmo, not an issue. 🙂
      I’m still not sure on Eugenie, I think I’ll toy with combos today and see if anything pops out at me. If so, I’ll post. It’s te best I can do right now with her. I admit, I was very pleased when Fergie announced the names of the girls. Beatrice & Eugenie are gorgous together and seperately. I think I’m the only Yank that cheered. Of course, Beatrix Violet Jane would be lost entirely if I use Eugenie. The Princess thing would be far too much for me then!
      I had huge crushes on Graham Chapman & John Cleese when I ws little, Watching the episodes again is not helping and it’s a bit sad thinking of the old men (or dead men) they are now. Makes me feel old too. But I still love Graham.

      Tullia is TOOL-ee-ya to me, but it’s a slurred three syllables so it’s not so TOOL-y exactly! I think she’ll end up in the middle somewhere. But if I ever met one, she (or her Mom) would be a best friend forever.

      Yeah, Zoya’s neat. Missed that about Sabrina Fair posting about it on a boy. I tend to gloss over her posts. I don’t like her style, overmuch and Mama taught me “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” Sometimes I speak up, when I can be polite but if I can’t, I don’t. I think Josephine & Zoya would be interesting, as well.

      I could have lived wthout that flicker account but thanks for the head up, again. I still like Belinda, despite that chick. I’ll mention it to him though.

      I’ve been enamored with Alariv for a good number of years, he’s staying (I have him in Ronan Alaric Bede as a wildcard).

      Caspar’s floating around somewhere, I may try to update his combo and put him on the wildcard list too.

      Thanks for the props on Peregrin/Perry. He’s a serious contender in my head. I so like his swishy style. Rather like Aloysius without the major whomp factor. Perry takes quite a load off of Peregrin, in full but Wow, what presence Peregrin has! Peregrin Felix is an awesome starting point. I had Peregrin Edward George, James Peregrin Finn & Peregrin James Reuel/James Peregrin Reuel. Still thinking though.

      Thanks Emma! Give me your blog address and I’ll blogroll you!


      • audeline
        Mar 15, 2009 @ 12:19:23

        LOL, sorry about the Belinda thing. My mother is kind of obsessed with the pair of them. And yeah, most people would never go as far as the neopets association; it doesn’t even bother me.

        James and Reuel go really well with Peregrin, though perhaps not in the same combo? My winning combos tend to be George Peregrine and Peregrine Mount / Peregrine Mount Alexander (Mount being a family surname.)

        My address here is the same as my LJ and blogspot ones, You’re already blogrolled. 😛 Thanks!

      • Lola
        Mar 15, 2009 @ 14:00:21

        Thanks. 😀 My Mother has been dead for 23 years and I think she’d be absolutely horrified by some of the stuff online! My Pop would be laughing his tush off, he always said humanity settles to the lowest common denominator, seems he was right. It’s a fight to stay above the chum. 😉

        Yeah, I know, James, Peregrin & Reuel are a bit much all together like that. I think I phrased i as” If I want him to get beat up in a daily basis” kind of combo. James Tiberius is geekdom easier to hide, especailly if I call James, Jamie.

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