Lettie and her Full Forms

I have been enchanted with Lettie for a loooooong time. At least five years now, maybe longer, even. As a late teen/early 20 something I read a romance novel (I told you I was a voracious reader? Well, when I run out of new stuff to read, I borrow old romance novels from my MIL) that  took place in Elizabethan England, had a scheming Lettice as a secondary character and a girl, Douglass as a main character. If I remember correctly, the Lettice in question was a fictional form of Lettice Knollys and is what set me on the path of Medieval names.  The one thing I remember, overall, from those novels? It’s so much easier to travel through time if you have an older name!  😀 It’s also why Douglas is in my head as a girls name. Not that I’d use it, it just intrigues me.


Anyway, back to Lettie. Light, lilting, pretty Lettie.  I really dig Lettice, and Mildred’s post on BtN is what brought it up front in my mind again.  If she were to go by Lettie all the time, How awful would Lettice be on the birth certificate?  Gods, if I was Hollywood, I’d have a Lettice, no problem.  I’ve tried it out up here, too. Gone  into Starbuck’s  and said “Lettice” when they’ve asked for a name. Didn’t even get a blink. I’m used to doing this though, I’ve been insisting on something, anything! other than Laura since I was 2. So even friends & family don’t blink when I say a different name.


I have a few Lettice Combos:

Lettice Aurelia Grey
Lettice Romilly Pearl
Lettice Amabel Primrose
Lettice Penelope Frances/Lettice Penelope Jane
Lettice Romilly Katharine
Lettice Agatha Valentine
Lettice Coralie Jane
Lettice Miriam Apolline
Lettice Camilla Isabeau/Lettice Isabeau Camilla/Lettice Katharine Isabeau


And that’s where I stand, for now. The brain’s still going, so there may be more later. (ETA: I’ve bolded my favorites, pinked the one I love most, lit the one I like secondmost).


Also, Found out that Grandpop’s sisters  (he had more than 1) were Elisabeth/Elsie, Laetitia/Lettie & Elvira/Vera.   It’s amazing the stuff my Uncles are full of that I’ve never thought to ask about before. Who knew the guys paid attention!?  😀


 So Laetitia is back on my radar. (I like Elvira but dislike her el-vy-rah pronunciation possibility. It’s el-veer-ah! )

I’ll be working on Laetitia combos later today but wonder about Lettice’s usability. How bad is it really? Especially if she’s only Lettice on the official documents?    What do you think? What other ways are there to get to Lettie? I know the colors: Violet & Scarlett, not that I really want either of those up front.  Is there anything else?



Editing to add Laetitia combos!

In here is the original Laetitia’s original combo, see of you can pick out which one it is. It is emminently one I’d use, despite the exact repeat.  🙂

Without further ado, Laetitia in combo form:

Laetitia Elinor Rosamund
Laetitia Iris Eglantine 
Laetitia Iris Gwendolen 
Laetitia Ivy Miriam 
Laetitia Ivy Caroline
Laetitia Daisy Ophelia 
Laetitia Carys Valentina
Laetitia Poppy Kathleen
Laetitia Sylvie Plum 
Laetitia Lucy Genevra
Laetitia Amabel Violet
Laetitia Sibyl Primrose 
Laetitia Elanor Primrose
Laetitia Helen Ophelia
Laetitia Xanthe Margaret
Laetitia Esme Viola
Laetitia Flora Rosamund 
Laetitia India Rosamund 
Laetitia Edith Petronel
Laetitia Ruby Isobel 


I know this a bit overwhelming a list, but see if anything pops out at you. I have a few favorites here, I want to see if any of them are yours!  As always, thanks a million! (ETA: The pinked one is the great Aunt and lit the three I like best).

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cat
    Mar 09, 2009 @ 12:04:06

    Lettice is just a little too veggie for me, sorry to say. I agree that it’s light and lovely, but it’s lettuce, and then lattice. Laetitia is a better bet, I think.

    Lettie as a nickname is adorable and very underused these days. It wouldn’t be my first choice, personally, but I’d love to see a little one!

    Of the combos, Penelope Jane is my favorite, closely followed by Aurelia Grey, against my better judgment. Lettice needs two unmistakeably namey names to follow it, and Grey doesn’t really fit the bill. The name itself is lovely in a vacuum, though. It has a familiar sound to me because of the novel Agnes Grey, by Anne Bronte.

    Other ways to get Lettie, hmm. Paulette, which I find charming but probably wouldn’t use. Violetta would work but I don’t know if it’s still too colorful for you. I think Juliet would work as well; a tad unintuitive but definitely doable. Charlotte would be Lottie before Lettie, but also doable, I think. Probably too common for you, though. Actually, any ette or etta name could probably be slurred into Lettie, if you wanted a bit of a stretch.


  2. Lola
    Mar 09, 2009 @ 12:43:26

    Thanks, Cat! I know what you mean, the veggie thing is what keeps her on my backburner. *sigh* If anyone ever asks about GP’s, Lettice is always my top one.

    I think Laetitia is staying around for awhile. I’ll toy with combos during naptime (which is now). I did have a combo floating around with Laetitia up front, but it was a bit too florally overally for use: Laetitia Eglantine Maud/Laetitia Maud Eglantine. Eglantine’s one of those fusty Edwardian flower names that just seem so incongruous today as to charm me completely. The fact that it’s hanging in my family tree (on Pop’s side, no less!) back about 5 generations makes it even more appealing.

    Well, I’ll be hunting around for -etta & -ette names for possible use. Charlotte’s one that’s not too common for me, it’s just unappealing. (look at the middle and you’ll see what I see). Apparently that bizarre looking is what’s ruined Charlotte for a fair amount of folks I’ve mentioned this oddness to. 😦 Not my intention, though.

    Thanks for stopping by Cat, I appreciate it! 😀


  3. Davena
    Mar 10, 2009 @ 01:36:24

    I prefer Laetitia to Lettice, and Laetitia is a family name, so you can’t really go wrong. The other thing I like about Laetitia is that if Lettie (which is very cute BTW) doesn’t suit as a n/n when she’s older she could fall back on Tia.

    I personally love Laetitia Esme Viola.

    For flower names I love Iris and Violet… also Poppy and Daisy, but they don’t seem ‘right’ with the other names IMHO.

    Remember, you may only plan on using your little one’s full name on official papers but names have a way of springing up all over the place.

    My (now ex) and I planned on only ever calling our son TK, even though he was given a much longer name, very ethnic name. But his full name pops up all over the place, in the doctor’s surgery, on the school roll, (and on his school photos with the name ‘TK’ in brackets after it), on the after-school care roll… and in the future it’ll be there on his wedding day, on his university certificate…

    What makes it even worse is that his first initial is ‘A’ and so everyone gets confused when we call him TK.


  4. Lola
    Mar 10, 2009 @ 09:30:45

    Thanks for the vote on LEV. 🙂 I don’t think she’s going to be a finalist, I’m having a hard time getting Viola past him anywhere in the combo.

    Yeah, Davena. I know all about that too. We all have three names plus surname. It’s sort of amazing how many places the whole thing shows up. But I rather knew that going into it all becuase I have three names plus surname and Ken (the other half) does too. In my case, they were honoring & family tradtion, in his, he was the last child and only boy. I tried to stick with family names for the boys, Leo’s from my side of the family, Simon from his, the first middles are from his, the second middle we split again, Leo’s from mine, Simon’s from his. Josephine is all my side, which is why we’re leaning more his side this time. They all have my surname, not his (even HE has mine now). Of course, the kid’s still hypothetical for now, thought we had it in January but no luck. We’re still trying.

    You should really update your site’s homepage with a link to your Etsy store (even though it’s probably easy to search for Deevaa’s Designs easily enough). I LOVE your work! That baby girl pink bracelet? To die for! 😀


  5. Davena
    Mar 12, 2009 @ 05:50:14

    … and here I was thinking I’m the only one obsessed with names for a hypothetical baby. 🙂 We aren’t actively trying at the moment, hopefully in the next 2-3 mths.


    (and thanks, I’ve got a kiln full of glass at the moment, I’m guessing both pages will be updated soonish. I’ve got some great new pink glass — keep an eye out — you don’t need to die for glass. 🙂 )


  6. Lola
    Mar 12, 2009 @ 08:01:35

    I’ve always been obessed with names for a hypothetical baby, even when I was 8! I’ll be a bit sad when there’s no more babies to name.

    I’ve got you bookmarked under “Delicious Stuff” so I’ll keep tabs, My birthday is in the summertime so I’m already looking for ideas for him “Hey, I’d really like this bracelet…” ya know? Makes his life easier. (and mine a little happier!)


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