Have to Narrow it down a bit!

What to do? I now have a top 11 (12 if you count Cleo instead of considering her as alternate for Clementine) and this is insane. My boys are down to 9, and I could easily cut that to four without crying much, but the girls? My goodness, they grow & grow. I sat & looked at this list for about an hour last night and still can’t decide which to cut, or at least put in the wildcards list. I’ve already put Ottilie there, much to my chagrin, I’ve loved her for so long it hurts to see her way down there but I digress, because adding her would make it a top 12 (13 if you count Cleo)!

Here’s my most recent top 11, what would you cut out to make it 10 (or better yet, 8) and would you tell me why
you cut what you cut? I can’t make myself cut anything, I love them all!

Here (with possible nicknames):
Maud India Scarlett – Maudie, Mattie, Mims, Mimi
Beatrix Ivy Frances – Bea, Trixie, Bebe
Clementine India Maud – Cleo, Clio/Cleo Portia Rupinder
Winifred Elinor Plum – Winnie, Winne, Freda
Imogen Violet Jane – Immy, Mimi, Io
Tallulah Poppy Frances – Lulu, Lucy, Tula
Zelda Lucy Violet – Zella, Zellie, Zel
Edith Zenobia Violet – Edie, Dita
Penelope Saskia Violet – Nell, Poppy, Polly, Penny
Cecily Pandora Jane – Celie, Cece, Celia
Eulalie Frances Pearl – Lula, Lula, Lolly

Every time I try to cut one, I think Oh, not that one, it’s too pretty, too lovely, too sweet and try another and waaah! I just can’t do it! Help, please?

Thanks very much. I’d make a lousy surgeon, methinks!

16 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. wolfshowl
    Mar 05, 2009 @ 11:18:30

    My humble honest opinion:

    Maud–far too old-fashioned. She’ll get picked on.
    Beatrix–As in Beatrix Potter? Ew, again with the get picked on.
    Clementine–well, if you want the kids at school to think she’s a redneck…….
    Winifred–Winnie? As in Winnie the Pooh? Ugh
    Imogen–This one confuses me, but at least it doesn’t lend itself to teasing.
    Tallulah–Screams bitch.
    Zelda–You’re aware of the videogame “Zelda” right? In which the main character named Zelda is a boy……
    Edith–As in Edith Bunker? Again with the old-fashioned name for which she will get picked on.
    Penelope–Ahh, now this is beautiful. Plus Penelope in the Odyssey is such an amazing woman.
    Cecily–I like this one.
    Eulalie–This one sounds pretty, but I’d want to hear the meaning before fully passing judgment.


  2. Lola
    Mar 05, 2009 @ 14:36:43

    I am aware of the pop culture refrences for each, thank you, dear. You sound just like all those people who hated on my Josephine’s name before she was born.. eww old lady, ugly, she’ll be teased. Know what? Teasing is nothing. I was teased, for being too tall, too skinny and friendly with the boys in grammar school. I lived through it with no major scarring and I think that actually made me a more tolerant adult. I’m not chuffed at all. 🙂

    Eulalie means “to talk well” from Greek and Tallulah was my great Grandmother, so screams bitch has absolutely no meaning for me or my family, but thanks for the heads up.

    Never played Zelda, hmm? Zelda’s the Princess, Link is the main character, a boy. But I’ve seen Link/Linc/Lincoln being used, so why not Zelda? Go to IMDb.com and dig up Zelda Williams… and then tell me Zelda’s a boy in a video game. 😛

    I’m really really not worried about teasing from names. My kids are skinny little monkeys, or were (the boys are full adults now, only the girl is still small) but having old men names never hurt the boys, Leo & Simon they are. They’re far more likely to be teased for the same reason I was: tall, skinny, gawky and shy. Outgrew it all to be a 6′ tall blonde bombshell. Have darkened to a reddish chestnut with age but am really not worried about name teasing. I have far bigger problems to worry about!

    But thank you for your thoughts, that was a lovely effort on your part!


    • Davena
      Mar 10, 2009 @ 01:55:58

      I really just wanted to back you up here Lola, kids will tease other kids no matter what!

      In my son’s case it’s because “he’s adopted” (he’s not adopted!), “his Mum’s fat” (I can’t argue with that one) or they reverse his n/n ‘TK’ to ‘KT’ because the girls talk to him (jealous much?)… if his name was Brayden or Jaedyn (apparently ‘normal names’) they’d just find something else.


      • Lola
        Mar 10, 2009 @ 09:07:01

        Thanks Davena, I’ve already been the playground teasing route and am getting prepared to do it all over again. I’ve found the best you can do is give the child a name you absolutely love and then fill them with such quantities of love and self assurance that nothing much bothers them. 🙂 That’s how to survive childhood teasing!

  3. rockingfetal
    Mar 05, 2009 @ 15:05:53

    Hey, Lola! *waves*

    The decision is quite easy for me – Cecily. It sounds so ssssy to me (even more so when said with Josie). Too fragile. The rest of your list has a definite strength to them, in my eyes.

    I absolutely love Beatrix, Winifred, and Penelope.

    I really like Clementine, Zelda, and Edith.

    I can respect Imogen, Tallulah, and Eulalie.

    I would adjust Maud to Maude, just because it looks more complete to me using it as a full name. I can’t believe how much this name has grown on me. My friends think I’m nuts.


  4. Lola
    Mar 05, 2009 @ 16:08:28

    Hi! *waves back* Tricia (did I get that right? it’s been awhile)!

    Well, that’s one vote for Cecily off the island. Thanks! I could argue that choice, but won’t, that’s why I made this post.
    Can’t adjust Maud, that’s the family spelling. Has to stay. I hear ya about the growing, A year ago, I was “well, maybe as a nickname” but the last 6 months or so, she’s really come into her own and climbed my list! And for what it’s worth, i don’t think you’re nuts at all! 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by, it was lovely to see you again! How’re the boys doing? Well, I hope!


    • rockingfetal
      Mar 05, 2009 @ 22:17:16

      Close enough. Trisha. And the boys are very well; thank you. Ezra is getting entirely too big. I’m going to make an effort to stop by your joint more often. I miss you around BBC. The new board is a sink hole!

      I completely understand about Maud(e). I don’t feel strongly about the spelling.

      The rise of Penelope makes me nervous, much more so than Clementine. Penelope is my #4. I love it, though Nell has a large part to do with it.

      I have such a difficult time picking a favorite for you. Maybe Edith? Josie and Edie would be so sweet. Winifred is maybe second. Love Josie and Winnie as well.


      • Lola
        Mar 10, 2009 @ 09:10:33

        I know, I get the daily update but I hate trying to figure out if I’ve seen that thread or not and I’ve gotten quite comfortable at nameberry & BtN, so BBC sort of slides by the wayside.

        They do get big quickly! Just blink a few times and Ezra’ll be bigger than you. (That’s what happened to me, I blinked and suddenly they were towering over me!) Poor Papa, shorter than even me.

  5. Jane
    Mar 05, 2009 @ 20:22:58

    Hello! I have been reading your blog for some time, but have never gotten around to posting before.

    Edith Zenobia Violet is quite easily my favorite from your list. I love Edith by itself and this combination is simply stunning. I think Edith and Josephine are lovely sisters and it goes well with your son’s names.

    Maud would be my personal vote off even though your middles are excellent. I know this is very unlikely though, because it is your first choice, but to me it just pales in comparison to your other choices.

    Clementine is the other one I would eliminate. Its relatively pretty, but I truly think that it would be difficult to live day to day with this name. The nickname Cleo is a fantastic idea, but I just can’t get over the fact that its nearly the same name as your older son. The same applies to Zelda. I’m holding my judgement on Eulalie until i figure out how to pronounce it.

    Not to say that I don’t love some names on your list. I truly do, but I think our tastes are more aligned with your boys. I love nearly every one of your combos. I hope you settle on a name you truly love.


  6. Lola
    Mar 05, 2009 @ 20:52:41

    Thank you, Jane and hello! to you too. 🙂
    Eulalie has got a waffly pronunciation, but I figure since I like both and don’t mind either. u-LAY-lee or u-LAL- ee, I say the latter but some say the former. Neither bothers me and I think it’s just so elegant and wordly. My other half is completely charmed by Eulalie and if I let him have his way, she’d be his alternate behind Zuleika Esme Violet, which is a wildcard. I think she’s a bit much next to Josephine but not too too much to kick her off completely. he just loves Zuleika so and I want to please him.. he just makes it difficult. 😛

    Clementine might very well be the one I can let go of most easily, if I’m objective. Every other name on the list honors someone lost in the family, Except Clementine. I just love it to pieces. She goes on & off the list frequently and has been on for about 2 months at this point. Was off for half a year. Was on for a year & a half before that. Yeah, her potential popularity bothers me. But I love writing Clementine out, typing it, the way she looks, the way she sounds. Yes, Cleo is far too close to Leo in sound & looks but Leo is almost 23 and halfway around the world at any given moment. We see Simon far more frequently, especially now that he’s thinking about settling down himself. So unless something bizarre happens, I am not one whit worried about the similarity. I haven’t even signed Leo or Simon’s name to a family Xmas card in nearly 4 years now. And really, Josephine & Clementine are absolutely stunning next to each other and sound wonderful together.

    So, I’d have to say, nope, Clementine’s staying unless I tire of her.

    The only other non – family name on the list is Penelope. I just really dig her. She’s the newest addition to the list but I’ve toyed with Penelope on & off for nearly 7 years now.

    Alright, before this turns into yet another mini-novel, I’m calling it quits for tonight. Thanks for the votes, I’m showing this to him after we tuck Josie in and will be having a discussion after. Hopefully we’ll come to some sort of concensus. if not, well, I’ll be posting that tomorrow!

    Thanks for listening to me!


  7. JNE
    Mar 05, 2009 @ 21:28:23

    Lola – I really appreciate what a major undertaking it is to “give up” names and choose just one… (or 10 *tee hee*) – in any case, my thoughts:

    Zelda is one of my least favorite (my reason is because of a strange movie I saw once – cannot remember about it other than the scary sister Zelda who was up in the attic – and I just can’t get that picture out of my head)… BUT that is entirely personal, I doubt anyone else has that association, so it’s probably not a good reason to remove it, but I also am least charmed by Zelda of all your names. I dig the zippy ‘z’ but am not excited about the -elda part.

    Eulalie is the other one I’d probably part with ahead of others. I usually say u-LAY-lee and that makes me think ukulele. Saying it u-LAL-ee is not as pleasing to my ears… LAL is not my most favorite sound, I guess.

    Cecily and Tallulah are the two others that would end up near the bottom for me. I kind of have a thing for Cecilia (I’m a Paul Simon/ Simon & Garfunkle fan) and somehow Cecily kind of sounds like a lesser version of the name for me. With Tallulah it’s just a feeling that the name gives me… it isn’t working for me…. it sounds kind of back-woods to me. I hate saying that knowing it’s your great-grandmother’s name and I am sure it’s no reflection of her… it’s just what it says to me.

    Just my opinions, of course… can’t offer you anyone else’s! Good luck!


  8. vagueperson
    Mar 05, 2009 @ 21:48:02

    As my wife and I go about naming our in-utero son, I have found myself much more concerned about the life of the saint than the sound of the name. That is not to say that the sound of the name is unimportant or that a fabulous life will immediately validate a horrible sounding name.

    I don’t really like Cecily as a first name, but I wrote elsewhere that the full name from whence it comes is great, and the person behind it might make it a winner.

    I can only make opinions based on the sounds of names and their popular significance, but I think I would make my decision more based on the person behind it than anything else.

    That said, my strongest dislikes are for
    Imogen, Tallulah, and Eulalie

    For Tallulah, I know you like the nick “Lucy,” but you found a way to make that a middle elsewhere. I don’t know much about Imogen, but it doesn’t appeal to me much. With Eulalie, I think the pronunciation is important, like an earlier commenter. I think I would like it better if the emphasis was on the first syllable and not the middle.


  9. Emma
    Mar 06, 2009 @ 12:06:20

    I can’t really pick between any of these. Except for how I dislike Imogen and Tallulah a little bit, and adore adore adore Zelda, I really don’t have much of value to say here. 😛 I would just like to comment that this is a really awesome, colorful, bright, interesting, fun group of names. You know this already though.

    I guess I could say that one thing I like to remember when I’m trimming a shortlist or whatever is that the first name is really the most important one, the practical one, the one that her real “name” in everyday life is. So you should pick them by the first name, not the combo. I don’t know if you have any combos where you love the combo more than the first name, but if you do that’s my advice. *shrug*

    And if I go with the “gutsy” thing, I think that Maud, Winifred, Zelda, Edith, Cleo/Clementine “Cleo,” and Eulalie win out. The others are fab but more mainstream.

    Good luck. 😛


  10. Lola
    Mar 06, 2009 @ 15:55:43

    Vague, you and every other English speaker I’ve ever known prefers the accent on the first syllable. 🙂 So don’t worry, I put her on the list knowing how she would be percieved until she’s someone real. Not worried, just yet. 😀

    Jade, do you recall the name of this movie? I would love to see it, look it up/know about it. It might be where I heard Zelda first. I’ve said before, Zelda’s the name on every list I’ve ever made, she’s probably the one that will outlast all the others. That’s not more than a definite possibility. 🙂

    Aww, Emma, Imogen’s a Shakesperean name, have you ever read her story? (Cymbeline) A very appealing heroine she is. Tallulah’s the one I waffle over more than any other. Because I like her, without a doubt and love her honoree but wonder about her actual reception once she’s here, if that makes any sense.

    All this waffling around is made tougher when I think about whichever next to Josephine. She’s not exactly mainstream herself but far more common than almost every name on the list now. It’s going to be a delicate balancing act, deciding; I think.

    Thank you all!

    It’s time to show him this and then have a huge discussion. That is, if it’s Monty Python again tonight. We seem to talk a bit more when that’s on (and it’s making me warm up to Graham all over again ). Maybe suppertime conversation!


  11. JNE
    Mar 06, 2009 @ 21:58:54

    OK, so I’m a total ditz. I had this picture in my head and was convinced I had no idea what movie went around it… so I spent a little time with imdb and found out that, in fact, it was Pet Cemetary that I’m thinking of (sick sister Zelda was up in the attic). I still have no recollection of that movie other than a zombie cat and the image of Zelda. If you’d have told me “Pet Cemetary” I’d have insisted it was not the movie I was thinking of. In any case, that was it (and I wasn’t as little as I thought… hmmm) My mind is a seive, holding on to only the most useless crapola.


  12. Lola
    Mar 07, 2009 @ 09:16:10

    It’s okay, Jade. My mind’s full of other useless crap!
    Funny, “Pet Semetary” is one I recall little, zombie Gage but that’s about it. Probably because I read the story first and thought the movie was rather missing something.

    Mention something comic book related and He’ll tell you who drew it, when & what superpowers they had, good or bad guy and anything else you didn’t want to know! So you’re not alone, there! 😀


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