Imogen again and a few Genevieve combos

I started thinking about how perfect Imogen is. Sound-wise, she’s crisp, clean looking and simply elegant. Sound wise, she’s sharp and pretty. Her color is simply golden and she looks fabulous with the forest green surname, like an Xmas decoration! And on top of that,  she’s Shakespearean, what’s not to love?

I have a few combos for her that really appeal:

Imogen Violet Jane
Imogen Sylvie Jane
Imogen Clio Violet
Imogen Lily Elinor
Imogen Ruby Valentine
and the real oddball: Imogen Ruby Malu

Now, for Genevieve combos. This is how I spent my time last night. Watching Monty Python;  have the whole series (all 46 episodes) and last night was the “Spam” , the Royal Episode #13. “Whicker’s World” (Njorl’s Saga), and “Mr. & Mrs. Brian Norris’ Ford Popular”. So my brain was free to wander while I laughed my fool head off. Yeah, we average about 4 episodes a night  (And I found my head at to foot of the big screen).  😛

Anyway, Genevieve combos:

Genevieve Iris Elinor
Genevieve India Pearl
Genevieve Viola Frances
Genevieve Lucy Elinor
Genevieve Ottilie Jane
Genevieve Sylvie Plum
Genevieve Esme Lily
Genevieve Lily Katharine
Genevieve Mina Violet
Genevieve Carys Primrose


 Anyone wanna help me narrow it down?  We each have a favorite or two among these, but I’m staying mum on that for now!  Any thoughts welcome and as always, thanks for stopping by!  😀

11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Esme
    Mar 03, 2009 @ 14:12:00

    I love the story behind Imogen, as well- I don’t suppose you’ve heard it, have you? I would definately consider her more if she weren’t so blooming popular here. My pick would be Ruby Valentine, she’s so ‘red’!
    Love Monty Python and love Genevieve, though she’s a devil to write out. I would go for Iris Elinor.


  2. Lola
    Mar 03, 2009 @ 15:42:37

    Is there another story besides the Shakesperean one? And the carryover of the translation error? If there is, I’ve got no clue and would love to hear it. Thanks for the votes. I agree, Ruby Valentine is really red, good thing it’s one of my favorite colors, then. (I’m odd, I don’t have just one favorite color, I have 5: Purple, Red, Green, Orange & Yellow)

    I have polls going at BtN (just look for Allegra’s polls) for both of these and so far, it seems that Imogen Violet Jane is winning there and Genevieve’s got a three way tie: Genevieve Lucy Elinor, Genevieve Ottilie Jane & Genevieve Mina Violet.

    Thanks for stopping by, Esme!


  3. Caitlin
    Mar 04, 2009 @ 00:43:26

    I think Imogen is fabulous. I don’t feel like I could pull her off, but I love her just the same.

    I am also loving Imogen Ruby Valentine as well as Imogen Lily Elinor.

    And, although Genevieve is not quite my taste, I really do like Genevieve Ottilie Jane. Ottilie lightens it up, but Jane keeps it grounded. It’s nicely balanced.


  4. Cat
    Mar 04, 2009 @ 16:43:30

    Imogen is ok. I had an overload of it when BtN was in raptures over it a while ago. Funnily enough, I know an Imogen: she’s my friend’s cousin’s girlfriend. It works on her. Violet Jane is my favorite here, but Lily Elinor is more my style.

    Of the Genevieves: Iris Elinor and Viola Frances. Jst gorgeous!

    Also, I keep forgetting to tell you that there’s going to be a Maxfield Parrish exhibit at the Delaware Art Museum, starting in October of this year. I know he’s your favorite! Here’s a link: Sorry if you already knew, but I needed to bring it to your attention!


  5. Lola
    Mar 04, 2009 @ 17:21:19

    Actually, I must have missed that overload, JNE’s Imogen is what won me over and that’s the truth. I suppose I’ll search Imogen over there and see what comes up. Thanks, Imogen Violet Jane is our winner. Lily Elinor is awesome, but Jade’s Imogen is Imogen Lily, so it feels a bit weird to me, using that one.
    Viola Frances is my other choice for Genevieve, as well as Mina Violet. Still waffling there.

    Thanks for that heads upo on the Parrish exibit, looks awesome and it’s train-able distance! Ooh! 😀


  6. JNE
    Mar 04, 2009 @ 20:22:00

    Hi Lola – Just saw this posting – I’m partial to Lily Elinor (obviously?!) But I also really adore Violet Jane. And for the record – I would not have a problem or feel at all strange about another Imogen Lily out there. By the way, my little one is learning to talk now and refers to herself as Mimi currently – it’s her interpretation, not ours, but we think it’s adorable (because who doesn’t think their own kid isn’t stinking cute, right?).

    Genevieve is a lovely name, I think I like the Lucy Elinor combo best.


  7. Lola
    Mar 04, 2009 @ 20:44:01

    It’s funny how it seems everyone likes Imogen Lily Elinor & Imogen Violet Jane. Thanks for the notice on Imogen Lily, I think it’s just about perfection, the pairing. 😀 But I definitely lean towards Imogen Violet Jane, she’s more “me”, if that makes any sense.

    I really do think she’s going to replace something in the top 11, just… what?


  8. Bizzy
    Mar 11, 2009 @ 21:45:53

    Hi, Lola! Clara’s mommy, popping in. Imogen is one of my top names at the moment, it is so cool to see you considering it! Our top combo at the moment is Imogen Violet, although we’ve considered Imogen Lily, and Imogen Patience, as well. I soooo love it. Another top name for us is Elinor, but that’s a different story! Genevieve is not one of my favorites, but lovely.


  9. Bizzy
    Mar 11, 2009 @ 22:03:53

    Also Genevieve India Pearl is the standout Genevieve for me! Make Genevieve spicier and a bit more bold or exotic, while staying sweet with Pearl. Love it, the flow is wonderful.


  10. Lola
    Mar 12, 2009 @ 07:56:58

    Hi There! I remember you, How’s the lovely Miss Clara? 🙂

    Oh No! our combo is Imogen Violet Jane! Oh well, I don’t know if she’ll ever rise to the top of the list anyway. She’s a bit too sleek for me, comfort wise. I seem to like stuffy and clunky better.

    You nailed my favorite of the Genevieve pairings, I seem to be on a “India as a middle name” kick right now. Still trying to decide of that’s good or bad! But yeah, she trades places with Genevieve Mina Violet.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, it was lovely to “see” you! 😀


  11. Gen
    Jun 25, 2010 @ 14:37:49

    My full name is Genevieve and I hate it. I hate it that my parents did that to me. I went through years and years of social trauma for having a “unique” name, and if you like the names so much then change your own, don’t burden your children.


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