Can I get some thoughts on Genevieve? I find Genevieve incredibly annoying to type out and almost as annoying to write out but despite all that, I find Genevieve growing on me.

It’s a family name for me. I talk about my Babci, Cecilia and her 12 brothers a fair bit, but what I usually leave out is her little sister, Genevieve, who died at 2 from whooping cough. Genevieve and Cecilia are the only two family members who are buried, too. Everyone else has been cremated. So I do visit their graves fairly recently. Babci’s is prominent and up front in the graveyard but Genevieve is tucked away in back with a a tiny headstone, suitable for the toddler she was. Babci never spoke of Genevieve but apparently she had before I was born, my Mom knew the story and passed it along to me. She was apparently a social little thing, visiting all the families around them but contracted whooping cough late one winter and that was that. Took her five days to die. I can only imagine the horror of watching that. So for a long time Genevieve has been off my lists.

But I started thinking the other day, what better way to remember her than to use it again? Maybe I should. No combos yet, still testing just Genevieve. I don’t know what sort of nickname I’d use. Gen/Genna doesn’t appeal, Neve/Eve maybe. But Evie is already so ubiquitous! Can anyone else think of a nickname from Genevieve that might appeal to me?

So, what do you all think of Genevieve? Should I consider her or was I thinking right at first? C’mon, let me have it!


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  1. appellationmountain
    Mar 02, 2009 @ 17:02:14

    I really like Genevieve, and I think she pairs well with Josephine. (Maybe even too well!) But I love her nicknames – how ’bout Vivi or Genie? (Jeanie, not Jennie.) Or hey, Gigi and Fifi!

    I knew sibs (Irish twins, really) called Genevieve and Giovanna – Genna and Gia.


  2. Lola
    Mar 02, 2009 @ 17:17:29

    Well, thanks, Verity! 🙂 Gigi was his chilhood poodle’s name, I doubt I could use that, but Vivi works, as does Genie. The original Genevieve went by Genny, and I have a cousin Jennifer, in honor of that. I’ll work on the Gigi angle and combos, check back! 😀


  3. Cat
    Mar 02, 2009 @ 17:57:17

    I like Genevieve. A little too pretty for me, but I can definitely see the appeal and agree that it’s fabulous with Josephine. I also understand about the whole dead sibling angle. My grandmother had a stillborn son that she named Gary Joseph. My mother sort of wanted to use Gary or Joseph as a little honoring thing, but in the end felt too weird about it. I don’t know how Grandmom felt about that, though.

    Vivi is precious, but I dislike Gigi. My ex’s grandmother was called that. She was a little crazy.


  4. Lola
    Mar 02, 2009 @ 19:05:43

    Thanks, Cat! 🙂 I think Genevieve’s sticking, and am working on combos now, I’ll probably have a dozen or so by tomorrow, check back, if you’re so inclined!


  5. Emmy Jo
    Mar 02, 2009 @ 23:15:04

    Hi, Lola. I feel like it’s been too long since I’ve commented.

    Genevieve is lovely. I sort of lump Guinevere, Gwendolen, and Genevieve into the same category — and since Gwendolen is on my list, Genevieve isn’t, but I do find it beautiful. (In fact, just last night I suggested Vivienne and Genevieve to someone for their twin daughters.)

    Which brings me to the nickname question — I immediately thought of Vivi as well. I *do* love Eve, and it’s so much more elegant than Evie. Genevieve is one of those names (like Josephine) long enough to give you multiple nickname options.


  6. Lola
    Mar 03, 2009 @ 09:35:02

    Aww, it hasn’t been that long, Emmy Jo! And you’re always sending me trafic, how can I complain?!? 😀

    As far as nicknames go, Vivi definitely works for me and Eve/Neve doesn’t bother me as a possibility. And if he doen’t lik Gigi, well, He doesn’t have to use it! (but I might, when she’s really little, anyway).

    I’m still a tiny bit squicked to have to write it down but even that’s changing!

    Thanks again, Emmy Jo!


  7. chaneltara
    Mar 04, 2009 @ 00:29:27

    I like Genevieve, or at least the thought of it, but something about it has never settled well with me…I want to say it sounds too prissy for me, but I sometimes like very prissy names. Maybe it sounds a bit too stuck up…where as some of my other prissy names seem sweet and old-fashioned.

    I would use ViVi , GiGi, or Genny as nicknames.


  8. Lola
    Mar 04, 2009 @ 11:20:48

    That’s my problem with Genevieve as well, Chanel! Well, that & I picture a tiny girl gasping for air when I write it out. But I’m working on getting over that. Mina Violet is my favorite pairing, I just adore Mina and think she’s simple enough to fit with Genevieve. Violet’s as always, for my Auntie. Vivi’s tops as a nickname, as long as Josie doesn’t go back to Fifi! Genny would get confused with all the cousin Jenny’s I think, but I’m working on Gigi, his childhood poddle’s a tough hurdle, but what’s another dog name to me?! 😀


  9. chaneltara
    Mar 05, 2009 @ 13:49:16

    Forgot to say Mina Violet was my favorite as well, I love Mina with longer G names!


  10. Lola
    Mar 05, 2009 @ 14:25:48

    Thanks! I think that’s the one that’s sticking, at least for now. Genevieve Mina Violet!


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