Raphael & Beatrix again

I’ve been thinking of Raphael up front after trying him out in the middle for a while. Still haven’t decided if I should use the standard Raphael spelling or go with the familial Rafael. I like both, it’s a tough choice. Standard spelling, less likely to be misspelled or family spelling, correct them occasionally and link the family. *shrug* Will have to think some more on that.

I’ve got a few I’m rather fond of at the moment:
Raphael August Anselm – August for Mom, Anselm’s the family Patron Saint.
Raphael August Grey  – Grey just because I like him.
Raphael August Hugh – I prefer Hugo but he doesn’t flow here, so zippy Hugh replaces.
Raphael August Albion – Albion because I like his meaning and his sound.

Anyone think I’m on the right track with Raphael? Have a preference between Raphael &  Rafael?

Moving on to Beatrix. I’m still  completely smitten by Trixie (yeah, watched Speed Racer, again the other day), also because of Trixie Belden. Beatrix just makes me swoon! But still can’t find the “perfect” combo for her, for me. I’ve had Beatrix Poppy Elinor for several months as the standard bearer, but I’ve not been super pleased with her, she’s lovely but a bit too sprightly for my liking. And Beatrix Jemima Alice is on the list now, but I’ve decided I much prefer Jemima up front.  So I went digging again and have come up with these few that make me smile:

Beatrix Ottilie Pearl – Ottilie because I love it, Pearl feels perfect here!
Beatrix Lucy Violet – Lucy, you all know, Violet too, I think. Very family, this pair.
Beatrix Saffron Adele – Saffron for another cousin, Adele because she’s just beautiful here. (Only drawback? he sometimes says AY-dell, like in “Natural Born Killers”, great movie, horrible pronunciation!)

 I waffle hourly as to which one of these I like best! Anyone have any thoughts? Is there anything there that leaps out at you as “that’s pretty great!” ? Let me know, I’d absolutely love you for it!  😀  As always, Thanks for stopping by!

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. esmesqualor
    Feb 25, 2009 @ 17:05:32

    You have a family patron Saint? Wow. Well, I adore Beatrix- she’s number two on my list. You pretty much can’t go wrong with her. Out of your combinations, Ottilie Pearl sounds perfect to me. And in terms of Raphael, I would personally go with August Hugh, but that’s only because I have such a fondness for Hugh!


  2. Lola
    Feb 25, 2009 @ 17:39:08

    🙂 Well As far as the patron saint thing goes, that’s something odd. My Mom always declared St. Michael as our family saint, He of the warriors. To give our family strength. (My brother ended up choosing Michael as his confirmation name, to link him to Mom) When the guy & I got together, he thought that was sort of a neat idea (we’re both very lapsed Roman Catholics) Anselm is regarded as the receiver of prayers from all Peoples (And Anselm was a pretty neat guy in & of himself, if you look up Anselm of Canterbury). Which suits us well. I think the idea is to remind him of my Mom, who was the only parental figure of mine that liked him, at all. He spent his 20th birthday sitting by her hospital bed, telling her stories of his travels and that memory alone makes me want to humor him whenever I think about it.

    Thanks for the votes, Esme, dear. Raphael is slowly climbing our respective list, it honors a great Uncle of mine (one of the 12) andhe likes that he’s respectable and familr but uncommon, mostly. August is for my Mom, he’s sort of leaning heavily towards using it for my Mom, he knows that means a lot to me. Hugh is actually me trying to humor him who generally prefers Hugo. But Raphael August Hugo sounds funny and Raphael Hugo August thrills me but not him, for some reason I can’t quite get out of him yet (is there some comic book bad guy I’m unaware of?) . Raphael August Anselm is my nod to Mom doubled which doesn’t bother him at all and makes me really, really happy.

    As for Beatrix, she’d replace everything but Maud if I could find the perfect combo for her. Beatrix Ottilie Pearl is nearly perfect. Beatrix Lucy Violet is me trying to give Beatrix a bit more mainstream middles in case she ever thinks Beatrix is too odd. I do agree with you though, Ottilie Pearl is just about perfect!

    Thanks for stopping by! (sorry for the mini novel!)


  3. Cat
    Feb 26, 2009 @ 16:50:55

    I’d go with Raphael to avoid spelling annoyance. I also prefer the ph here, but that’s a personal thing.
    August Grey is my favorite here, although I wouldn’t use Grey myself. I think it’s got the best flow. Anselm reminds me of anchovies and other types of fish for some reason, which is not pleasant, considering I hate seafood.

    Beatrix is awesome, and I love all the combos! Lucy Violet is my favorite here just because I think it’s sprightly and girlish, but Saffron Adele has its charm, too. Ottilie Pearl comes in third just because I think the names are a tad geriatric together.


  4. Lola
    Feb 26, 2009 @ 19:33:51

    Yeaah Cat, I know Raphael August Grey’s got great flow, but I think Raphael August Anselm is standing, because it means far more than Raphael August Grey. Sorry it makes you think of seafood, I’m partial to the stuff myself. On the bright side, it is in third, so how many folks are actually going to see it regularly?

    Too funny, your vote for BLV, if you peeked at my girls list, she’s already there. We had a huge discussion last night while watching yet another scary movie (“Midnight Meat Train” this one) and she ended up the winner.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  5. chaneltara
    Feb 27, 2009 @ 11:01:43

    Raphael/Rafael has always been one of my very favorites, I have an Italian background, and for awhile was really into using very Italian names, Rafael being my top boy.

    I much prefer Rafael over Raphael, I have a great uncle with this spelling. (Actually some records seem to show it was Raffael, with two fs, which could make sense, his mother was Raffaela. The f spelling to me looks much better and more handsome as well as just cleaner, more streamlined. Like bringing the archaic name into the modern ages. I’m so used to the f spelling, the ph spelling almost looks wrong to me, kind of cheesy. I also really love Rafe as a nickname, which is what my uncle went by, so it brings such good feelings with it. Rafael nn Rafe makes more sense to me than Raphael nn Rafe.
    Raphael August Hugh is my favorite by far, I’ve actually thought of a similar Rafael Augustin Hugh, so obviously I love it. Hugh is one of my major loves, I adore it. I like Hugo, but not nearly to the same extent as Hugh. Unfortunately, Erik has an uncle Hugh that he doesn’t want to honor. 😦 I also really like Raphael August Grey/Anselm, heck all are good!

    Beatrix is of course one of my most favorite girl names. The only thing that has me a teeny bit worried, is that it’s turning into a board favorite on many boards. But I know it will never get too popular, so alls good! I adore Trixie. Right now I’m thinking Beatrix Annora Maud, Trixie-Ann as a nickname. I love your Beatrix Lucy Violet and your Beatrix Ottilie Pearl, myself more drawn to BLV, but both are so gorgeous!


    • Lola
      Feb 27, 2009 @ 14:47:22

      Rafael was my Great Uncle’s spelling as well! The predominant English spelling is the ‘ph’ though, so I’m really thinking of going with that just to make it easier on him. Rafael is the dominant spelling in the Brasilian community here. I don’t want people thinking I’m overreaching. I’m rethinking Beatrix Lucy Violet solely because she sems so normal as to be bland, Beatrix Lucy is still in play but I’m also thinking Beatrix Ivy Katharine & Beatrix Ivy Frances And have added Beatrix Lucy Winifred & Beatrix Lucy Mathilde as well as the wildcard: Beatrix India Pearl.


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