The Newest Appealers

Okay, so that was rather odd for a title but it’s about as dead on as I can think right now.  I have a small set of names that have been appealing to me and they’re not quite my usual fare.  I don’t want to make combos with them, I don’t want to use them, I just want to admire them. Is that weird?  🙂  I suppose in a way, yeah.

But I was thinking, if I have these that appeal, but have no inclination to use, what does that make them?  Not GP’s, because they’re perfectly ordinary names (for the most part). Here they are:

Sylvie – it’s so crystal clear & crisp. Sharp, even. But so sweet too.  Too simple for me to actually use, Sylvie’s so pretty!

Clotilde – Before you shriek; clo-TEELD, there’s no clot- sound. I think she’s so light & delicate. Absolutely sky blue too.  Just beautiful.

Claud – Yeah, really. I love him in French and think the pronunciation in English can be dealt with.  I love the way he looks. What is it with me and losing that final ‘e’?  Claude feels a bit brutish to me, not so Claud. Weird, no?

George – Maybe it’s me, I think Washington, Monkey (and man with Yellow hat), and Carlin before Bush. And those three save George for me. I like him because in a roundabout way, he honors my Pop, who would have made a fabulous George but settled for being his Patron Saint.  I did spend time trying to be happy with George up front, but none of my other favorites sound right with George up front.

And the wild one: Vashti. I did make a combo I was happy with a long time ago (at leat a year ago) Vashti Amandine Faye. But the combo no longer appeals yet Vashti still does; what sort of freakish nonsense is this? Vashti? So lush, rich and beautiful. Doesn’t fit wth Josephine but Vashti still appeals. Definitely wild.  ;D


 So there’s my  “I don’t want to do anything but admire” appealing bunch.  Do you have any names like this? What are they? and what do you think of mine?

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  1. Emma
    Jan 30, 2009 @ 11:38:30

    In my names excel file, there are 372 combos on my “combo list.” And I don’t plan on having more than, say, three kids or so. So I can safely say that about 99% of my names are on my “wouldn’t use just admire” list. 😛 Recently I had a phase of loving very pretty, spring-colored names, like light rose pink Marian, smooth white Lily, bright gold Chrysanthemum. After that I favored a lot of dry and fluty names like Alice and Ophelie, and then smooth, sublime names like Athena and Fantine. Most recently I am amusing the dickens out of myself making combos with such silly configurations as Edwardine, Gilbertine, and Ferdinandine.

    Actually yesterday I went through a brief “smushy” phase when I got really upset over the lack of smushy Ish- and Ill- girls’ names to pair with Hazel.

    Still, my realistic shortlist is only about three names long per gender, and then about twenty ones realistically tied for fourth.

    I think your girl picks are heavenly, just completely, completely gorgeous, in exactly the way you are talking about. Vashti is so, so rich and alluring, Sylvie is so prim and beautiful, and Clotilde is so funny and dainty. I can see it sky blue, like the color of your links but lighter, but for me it is kind of gilded. George is so fabulous that he often makes my 1% of “real” names. And Claud is so fun and stompy and ancient. (I totally agree on Maud by the way, I don’t understand why it’s so superior to me without the e but it totally is, so much more slim and regal or something.) There was a poster on BTN once who favored Claude for a girl; apparently Claude is French feminine of Claud/Claudius.

    Anyway, yeah, the most fun part of naming IMO is playing with names you wouldn’t actually use. I mean, there is no realistic way that I’d name a kid Foxglove Mozart or Alma Windsbraut, but I am still delighted by them.

    Also btw, my personal term for “newest appealers” is “name crushes.”


  2. Cat
    Jan 30, 2009 @ 13:10:39

    Pretty names, all of them. Lately I’ve been on the same “just looking” bandwagon, although I feel it’s because I’m not too into making combos at the moment.

    Vashti here is my favorite, after you filled me in on the Biblical connotation. That makes it appropriately bad-ass, I think. I would have guessed Indian, honestly, but hey! Not a bad thing. Indian names are v. pretty. I would love to see a little Vashti. Seriously, I would be grinning all day.


  3. Lola
    Jan 30, 2009 @ 13:16:31

    Aren’t they pretty? I’m surrounded by Indians anytime I go into town and I must say, I’m loving it! The names, the culture, the religion, it’s all appealing. Maybe next lifetime?

    Emma, If I added up all the combos (both the two & three name varieties), I’d have close to a thousand! Funny Marian’s pale pink to you, she’s pale celadon green for me. I’m not exactly crushing on these exactly, I’m more intrigued than in love with them. But I suppose that’s as good a term as any. 🙂


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