Clementine Redux

Working on the thought I barely recalled: Clementine, nn Cleo. Since I adore Cleo and thoroughly like Clementine I figured I should try out some different combos for her, see if anything really jumps out out me. Wanna see? 😀


Here goes:

Clementine Portia Clotilde – love the lush feel of this one
Clementine Lucy Isobel – feels a bit expected.
Clementine India Maud – ooh, interesting, I love India and well, Maud’s in contention for first place…
Clementine Alice Elinor – very pretty.
Clementine Eos Faye – No one’s going to ‘get” Eos, but she’s so pretty!
Clementine Mina Alice – love Mina and Alice together.
Clementine India Jane – a bit crisper than India Maud.
Clementine Ottilie Echo – Alright, so Echo’s whimsy. It gets two of my favorite names in there with the whimsy.
Clementine Ivy Agatha – Or maybe Agatha Ivy, either way, Agatha grounds both very nicely.
Clementine Sylvie Violet – Loving Sylvie recently and Violet’s gorgeous and honors.
Clementine Jemima Adele – Love, love, love Jemima andAdele feels light & sweet here.
Clementine Esme Viola -terminally elegant!
Clementine Violet Rosalind – maybe too nature-y all around?
Clementine Agatha Violet – utterly charming, Agatha Violet.
Clementine Edwina Violet – I love Edwina, she’s charmingly quaint. Violet honor, again.
Clementine Lily Adele – Lily honors Grandma, Adele is just sweet. (now if I could just get him to stop saying Adele like they do in “Natural Born Killers…)
Clementine Lilias Pearl – Lilias honors Grandma a bit more circularly, Pearl just charms me.
Clementine Viola Odette – still hooked on those Opera names!
Clementine Maud Elinor – My beloved Maud with Honoring Elinor.
Clementine Alice Grey – Still feeling a bit Steampunkish, this suits the mood. And feels sort of buttoned up and respectable at the same time.  


So there you go, along with all my thoughts at the moment. What do you think?  Let me know!


As always, Thanks!

12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. appellationmountain
    Jan 28, 2009 @ 16:20:31

    These are gorgeous!

    My favorite three would be:

    Clementine Ivy Agatha
    Clementine Alice Gray
    Clementine Portia Clotilde

    But I do think Clementine India Maud/Clementine India Jane be the best fit with your other three names … not that middles are a deal breaker, but still, it just seems like the logical option.


  2. Lola
    Jan 28, 2009 @ 16:40:10

    Clementine Portia Clotilde is easily my favorite here too but I think you’re right about Clementine India Maud/Jane fitting best. If I had to pick one today, Clementine India Maud. I like Maud waaay better than Jane!
    Thanks for stopping by Verity!


  3. Cat
    Jan 28, 2009 @ 19:11:38

    I’m loving Agatha Violet. Just so awesome. Then again, I’ve been really digging Agatha lately anyway. Other than that, Alice Grey and India Maud charm me thoroughly. C. India Maud seems to fit best with Josie’s name, I’ll agree.

    Great combos!


  4. Lola
    Jan 28, 2009 @ 20:04:45

    Me too, Cat. Agatha Violet’s so sweet! But yeah, I think Clementine India Maud’s my keeper. She’s pretty stunning herslef. I’m going to go play with Agatha Violet ___ now! 🙂 And ___Portia Clotilde!


  5. Lydia
    Jan 28, 2009 @ 20:41:16

    I too like Clementine India Maud, though I much prefer Maud up front. It does go well with Josephine Rosamel Anne (I don’t know your sons’ full names–I know they’re Leo and Simon, though). If matching isn’t a priority, Clementine Sylvie Violet and Clementine Agatha Violet are my favorites. I like Clementine with Violet; it may be a bit of overkill on the nature name thing but I still find it charming.

    By the why, how do you pronounce Clementine? I’m assuming it’s the “oh my darlin'” pronounciation, but I realize the -tine ending could also be pronounced like “teen”. I like both, but I’m still curious.


  6. Lola
    Jan 28, 2009 @ 21:05:51

    Lydia, yes, like “Oh My Darlin’.. the -teen ending erhymes with Josephine and isn’t as likely to be used around New England. So I’m out of luck there. Not that that bothers me any!
    I’m not relly looking to match but it is easier to “go with the flow” I’ve already got with the other three. Here’s Leo & Simon’s full names, just because I don’t think I’ve posted them here before: Leo Sebastian Coe & Simon Ambrose Nash. I don’t talk about them much online because they’ve asked me not to. So I abide. 🙂 I like Clementine with Violet too. I love the Orange/purple vibe very much (he says I should be a Joker fan) But that’s why I’ve stuck something between them, so it’s not as vibrant, I hope! Off to Update the Girls list!


  7. chaneltara
    Jan 30, 2009 @ 01:16:41

    I love Clementine, though I usually use Clementina. My top three are:
    Clementine Jemima Adele-my fav I think, it’s just so extremely sweet and innocent!
    Clementine Esme Viola-just gorgeous and refined
    Clementine Portia Clotilde-stunning


  8. Lola
    Jan 30, 2009 @ 08:39:48

    Oh I love Clementine Portia Clotilde! She’s easily my favorite of the bunch, but she feels a bit OTT next to Josephine’s full name, which is a bit simpler.


  9. Emma
    Jan 30, 2009 @ 11:49:10

    Clementine Lily Adele = Clam, hee.

    I love Clementine nn Cleo! I think that is genius. I never thought about initials before your previous Clem post (I still think my personal favorite might be Clementine Lily Elinor, it’s so beautiful) – would it be kind of cool to make initials that kind of refer to Cleo? COL, maybe? Colm? (I really like Colm.)

    Orange/Purple is definitely a way cool vibe, I can see why you favor it.

    Have you thought about Cleo / Leo? or is it realistically far enough down the shortlist for that not to be a concern?


  10. Lola
    Jan 30, 2009 @ 12:25:33

    Actually, Emma, I did think quite a bit about the Leo/Cleo thing and after all that, I still don’t think it’s that big a thing. He’s only home at the holidays (if nothing more exciting rolls nto his plate) and Honestly, I don’t mix them up in my head at all.
    I didn’t even notice CLAM to be honest, until you pointed it out, I guess that’s out! Actually, Cleo form Clementine’s not that big of a stretch, look at the capitals: CLEmentine. Add an O for the nickname sound and Viola! But I’m really not happy with Clementine’s potential popularity and really just want simple Cleo to use. A Clementine of mine is less likely to be Clementine in full than simply Cleo. Clementine Lily Elinor is sweet and definitely a fallback should I not find anything else that appeals.


  11. Emma
    Jan 30, 2009 @ 15:23:55

    Oh yeah, I really like Cleo from Clementine, initials or no. It’s really interesting and spunky, and I don’t think it’s contrived at all. Great balance of modern and old. Cleo and Clementine is a great pair of names to have.


  12. Lola
    Jan 30, 2009 @ 19:13:40

    Thanks, Emma! Now I just have to decide: Clementine India Maud or Clementine Alice Grey. Depending on the hour, I flip flop.


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