I am a reader of massive proportions. there is always a book near me, and my nose is frequently buried inside an open one. I’m used to reading while I eat, even. So if I’m not online, I’m reading. Even through movies, sometimes. Which drives him bananas. 😛

Which brings me back to Willoughby. I first stumbled upon Willoughby in Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” series. Mr. Willoughby was a Chinaman who was an unwilling compatriot of Jamie’s when Claire goes back to find him after Bree is grown. Yeah, told you I was a voracious reader! And I recall more than 90% of what I read. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve picked up an interesting looking book, turned to the first page, read it and said” Oh, I remember how this one ends”! It stinks but means my library is huge. Between us we probably have close to 10,000 books. Everything from children’s stories to the most recent stuff.

Back to Willoughby, again. I just can’t keep focussed today easily. Sorry. I think Willoughby’s pretty snazzy. three syllable, bouncy and happy, like Barnaby and shortens to Will so very nicely. I like saying Willoughby in full too. I dig that happy feel. I like that you can only get Will out of Willoughby too, unless you go the Bee route (which feels rather feminine to me). I don’t like Liam much. I mean, not for my kid, it’s okay on other kids. Only Will. I like Will best and with little to no other option, Willoughby’s perfect!

I have no combos yet, still a  bit down to be making things right now. But I will soon. What does everyone else think of Willoughby? Like him, Hate him, indifferent? Anything?