Something that just slipped past my radar the other day. Actually, the whole medieval name thing started again (although I’m still working on Opera names). Thanks Emmy Jo! 😀

Off her Medieval list my brain stuck Ronan Alaric Bede together. What do you think?  Haven’t mentioned anything to him, having a bad day here, am losing the baby. Only 9 weeks so it’s not seriously debilitating but it is sad. I’ve spent most of today in bed, just laying around watching movies. 

And thinking about Ronan. I think he’s pretty sharp and it makes me think of Ronan Hardiman & Ronan Keating. So it strikes me as creative but far from made up and still unusual.  Can I get any thoughts on Ronan? I really need to distract myself and since I love names, pregnant or not, I’m sticking with them. 

So, Ronan?  Anyone?