Margery Elspeth-Elspeth Margery

I mentioned this combo a few days ago on Cat’s blog. And of course, that made me start thinking again. As if I’m not already up to my ears with girls names I like and can’t choose between!   😀  So anyway,  I’m trying a few combos out with this pair. Margery Elspeth or Elspeth Margery. I can’t decide which way I prefer it. Margery would be Daisy as it’s the one Marg- nickname that hasn’t been used yet in the family or maybe Pearl once in a  great while. Elspeth is for my Elisabeth, which was for Grandma. Elspeth would likely get Lily (again, for Grandma) or Elsa/Elsie or maybe even Bess. I like them both together, either way I turn them. I added a second middle but still can’t decide which way I like them. See, here:

Margery Elspeth Jemima
Margery Elspeth Lenore
Margery Elspeth Primrose
Margery Elspeth Louisa
Margery Elspeth Violet

Elspeth Margery Jemima
Elspeth Margery Lenore
Elspeth Margery Primrose
Elspeth Margery Louisa
Elspeth Margery Violet


And now you see my dilemma, I like them both ways! Margery Elspeth Violet in particular and Elspeth Margery Primrose.  The Jemima ones I almost want to flip again and make them Jemima Elspeth Margery or Jemima Margery Elspeth, but that’s a whole different post, apparently. 

I think Elspeth fits with Josephine the tiniest bit better, but That doesn’t make me like Margery any less. Margery’s been my favorite form of Margaret for years. I have a cousin named Margery that I haven’t seen in at least 20 years  (one of the many hazards of a great big family).  And the possibility of the lovely medieval Margery, nn Daisy is almost too pleasurable to bear.  So sweet yet grows up well.    Elspeth charms me. I find her strong with a storybook feel. Not much, just a touch. I think it’s the -speth that does it. I think Bess is my favorite nickname for any of the Elis/zabeth variants and Elis/zabeth. Bess charms me with her bounce and verve, yet feels soft and ladylike. My Mom would approve of Elspeth, nn Bess  I bet.  Lily &  Elsa/Elsie would be alternatives like Fifi & Posie are for Josephine.

So you see my dilemma. I couldn’t decide flipping a coin.  Anyone want to help me decide? I’d appreciate it greatly!  😀