The Battling Girls!

I am going crazy over girls names. With boys, I’m much pickier and it’s easier to figure out what I really like vs. what I simply enjoy. With boys, it’s practically a three way tie between Cosmo, Rufus & Barnaby and that’s about it. Everything else on the list pales by comparison. So it’ll be easy to decide on a boys name if we have one.


But a girl? I’m going crazy, literally.

 There’s the “normals”: Cecily, Beatrix & Clementine and the oddballs: Jemima, Zelda & Winifred.  I love all six of them and couldn’t decide which one I’d actually use if you paid me to decide.  I could have sextuplets and happily use them all. Sadly, it’s probably just one and I have to choose.  I love all their combos, really. Clementine’s probably been on the list longest of the normals, She went on the list back in ’95. Zelda’s been on the list of oddballs since ’73, since that’s when I first started keeping lists. She was on the mental list in ’69! I wanted to name my sister Zelda but Mom was having none of it.  Cecily & Winifred are  the newest; Winifred 5 years on, Cecily, two on. Beatrix & Jemima have probably been on the list for about 8 years now.

When I was deciding on Josephine’s name, I brought my notebooks of names in my bag and after she was born, I dug through the lists I had at the time, assembled what appealed in several instances and tried them out on her little self when she was in the room  (I only sent her back to the nursery once, that first night, so I could sleep. Otherwise she was in my room no-stop so I had plenty of time to try them all out.  I finally found something that not only made me sing, but seemed to suit her. I can’t explain how that huge name seemed to suit the little baby she was then, it just did.


How did you decide on your children(s) names? What were the deciding factors for you, How did you narrow it down? How do I do so?  Goddess knows, I’d happily name a girl all of these, ridiculous as it sounds but I know I can’t.  So, how do I go about choosing? Any hints? Pointers? Words of advice? Anything?   Help!



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  1. Paige
    Jan 18, 2009 @ 13:19:43

    Words of wisdom from a childless, name-loving blogger who has heard advice on this topic: wait until you see the baby. I have heard on many occasions of parents agonizing on which of several names to name their child (such as you 🙂 ), but when they actually SEE their newborn, they know exactly what its name is, somehow. Recently, friends were debating between Sofia and Lily for their young one. When the baby was born, they knew immediately she was a Lily.
    Just my $0.02!
    ** I know this wasn’t asked, but here are my personal fave names from your choices: the “normals.” Each would sound great with your kids’ names, and you could play around with combos to see what works best: Clementine Cecily Beatrix, Beatrix Cecily Clementine, Cecily Clementine Beatrix, etc.
    Hope that helped!


    • Lola
      Jan 18, 2009 @ 17:13:44

      Aw, thanks, Paige but I have combos for each of them, just didn’t list them (they’re on the girls page for reference). I probably am going to have to wait but wll still spend the next 7 1/2 months trying to eliminate several. It’s the inner freak coming out. I like things planned & set, not a very exciting person am I. Hate surprises too. So I will be finding out. Don’t know if I’ll be telling many but I want to know if I can.


  2. JNE
    Jan 20, 2009 @ 11:22:23

    Seems to me you’ve got a great system – you’ve got your “eligibles” and then you try them out on the little bundle when he or she arrives… that’s the way we went and we are thoroughly pleased with her name. Although, I will say, we didn’t look at her and instantly know. It was more that we were getting an idea of what fit while she was still kicking around in my belly – she wasn’t feisty enough for Isadora it seemed. We kind of imagined what each of our combos would be in personality and then tried those personalities on what we’d observed from our little monkey and we felt Imogen fit her personality best. When she arrived, it still seemed to fit best, so that was that. That’s how we did it. But since you’re an excellent namer, whatever method you’ve been using seems the way to go!


  3. Lola
    Jan 20, 2009 @ 13:06:38

    That’s pretty much our route too. Figure out what they seem to be like before they’re born. Leo was far more active even before than Simon was, and still is! Josie was a serious drummer/kicker so she needed something a bit more boisterous than the few I had picked out for her (Lilian/Lily was the serious frontrunner for Grandma) Auntie Josephine came to mind and Viola! she had a name. I’m barely 8 weeks so it’s far too early to go that route right now. But it’s still nice to theorise beforehand!


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  5. chaneltara
    Jan 23, 2009 @ 16:39:31

    I’m almost the exact opposite, I have a couple girl names I’m crazy about, and could choose one if I needed, but with boys I have a large list of names I LOVE so much, and will have the hardest time trying to decide on one. The only suggestion I have is the same as everyone else’s, besides doing poll after poll, just waiting until you get to know the baby.


  6. Lola
    Jan 23, 2009 @ 17:08:43

    Yeah, I know but the polls are how I amuse myself. 😀 Funny how I can narrow boys so quickly but never the girls. I think I’m opposite a lot of folks. I aways seem to bin the minority with that.


  7. Emmy Jo
    Jan 25, 2009 @ 20:05:27

    I’m glad to see this post. I had been wondering how you finally settled on Josephine’s name since you have so many other wonderful girls’ options.

    We don’t have any kids yet (as you know), but we have picked out the name for our first daughter with probably 75% certainty. It was the name on my “favorites” list that my husband actually liked. (He’s not very interested in baby names.) The name is Clara. I like that it is simple, literary, Victorian, and not overused. My husband likes that it was the name of the great-aunt widely considered the family saint. When the time comes, we’re planning to have a few other names ready just in case she really doesn’t feel or look like a Clara, but otherwise that will probably be daughter #1’s name.

    Eleanor, Sonia, and Miriam are the three other girls’ names that one of us loves and the other of us finds acceptable.

    We’re not doing so well on boys’ names. I think all his absolute favorites are dull and he thinks all my absolute favorites are weird.


  8. Lola
    Jan 26, 2009 @ 09:39:47

    Her name does seem like quite a mouthful, I know but it really does suit the little diva. She says she loves her name,”It’s a Princess name”! she says quite frequently. Yesterday I showed her one of her blankies that had her name all over the hem. Her Josie, then her full name and then “Posie, Josie, Poppy, Fifi” and then Fifi, surrounded by hearts on the edge. (I did this when she was small so I could tell hers from everyone else’s when we went out).

    I try out every combo in writing. Every one. I have notebooks all over the place with combos galore in them. And I try stuff out at, which is a great place! I got calling cards from them, for Josie for Kindergarten. She’s a bit shy, so I thought that might help her break the ice.

    Writing it down sort of feels final, for me. I get a good sense of whether I love it or not right there. It’s pretty neat. Try it out. That’s why I like, the fonts! ooh, *swoon*! 😀


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