The Battling Girls!

I am going crazy over girls names. With boys, I’m much pickier and it’s easier to figure out what I really like vs. what I simply enjoy. With boys, it’s practically a three way tie between Cosmo, Rufus & Barnaby and that’s about it. Everything else on the list pales by comparison. So it’ll be easy to decide on a boys name if we have one.


But a girl? I’m going crazy, literally.

 There’s the “normals”: Cecily, Beatrix & Clementine and the oddballs: Jemima, Zelda & Winifred.  I love all six of them and couldn’t decide which one I’d actually use if you paid me to decide.  I could have sextuplets and happily use them all. Sadly, it’s probably just one and I have to choose.  I love all their combos, really. Clementine’s probably been on the list longest of the normals, She went on the list back in ’95. Zelda’s been on the list of oddballs since ’73, since that’s when I first started keeping lists. She was on the mental list in ’69! I wanted to name my sister Zelda but Mom was having none of it.  Cecily & Winifred are  the newest; Winifred 5 years on, Cecily, two on. Beatrix & Jemima have probably been on the list for about 8 years now.

When I was deciding on Josephine’s name, I brought my notebooks of names in my bag and after she was born, I dug through the lists I had at the time, assembled what appealed in several instances and tried them out on her little self when she was in the room  (I only sent her back to the nursery once, that first night, so I could sleep. Otherwise she was in my room no-stop so I had plenty of time to try them all out.  I finally found something that not only made me sing, but seemed to suit her. I can’t explain how that huge name seemed to suit the little baby she was then, it just did.


How did you decide on your children(s) names? What were the deciding factors for you, How did you narrow it down? How do I do so?  Goddess knows, I’d happily name a girl all of these, ridiculous as it sounds but I know I can’t.  So, how do I go about choosing? Any hints? Pointers? Words of advice? Anything?   Help!



Beatrix revisited

I’m still not entirely happy with her combo. Beatrix Poppy Elinor stands until I find something that really makes my heart sing. I’ve got beginnings that intrigue me:
Beatrix Jemima Frances/May/Alice/Rose, Realised Beatrix Pandora Jane is pretty spectacular, And Beatrix Scarlet Jane is rather pretty too. Beatrix Alice Rupinder is really close to making my heart pitter-pat. Alice Rupinder makes me sigh, Beatrix in front is swoony!

So I’m still thinking obviously, if anyone likes any of these thoughts, let me know. Maybe someone can toss something at me that would enlighten me?  Or should I just give up on Beatrix entirely? I feel as though I’ve been playing with her forever and I’m starting to bore myself, never mind other people! 😀 

To lay it out, finally:

Beatrix Jemima Frances
Beatrix Pandora Jane
Beatrix Scarlet Jane
Beatrix Alice Rupinder
Beatrix Jemima May
Beatrix Jemima Rose
Beatrix Jemima Alice

or should I just stick with Beatrix Poppy Elinor because I like her just fine, she just doesn’t sing to me like Josephine’s name does for me.  I can’t seem to find anything that does sing to me with Beatrix.  Does that mean I should write her off?


 I could use some help here, for sure!   Thanks!