I’ve got two ways to get her. And I really want to get her. It would mean a lot to him. Tilley is “the” family surname for his mom’s side and no one else has used it. We’re the babies of the family here, his sisters are a small bit older (5 -7 years) and my siblings don’t want kids. So if we don’t use it with this last one, somewhere, it’s going to be gone.

I thought about using it as a middle for a boy, but it sounds too feminine for him there. So, spelling changed on a girl.

My choices are Ottilie & Ottoline. I toyed with Matilda, found I preferred Mathilda and then dismissed it altogether as potentially too popular. I mean, I know Matilda, in any form is not on the charts but I’m hearing it a lot and that bothers me.  I heard Josephine a lot after I had her but that didn’t other me, she was already here.  I don’t have Tillie yet (and don’t know if it will be a Tillie). 

 I love Ottoline, I find her charming and I adore her length. I love saying it. I think she looks pretty neat despite the ‘otto’ at the beginning. I actually like the ‘otto’ at the beginning, I don’t find it any different from any other feminised boy name. But I’ve been rethinking Ottilie, since it’s 1) more familiar, 2) what she’s be called the other part of the time she’s not “Tillie” and 3) a bit more feminine sounding.  I’m not entirely sold on that last point, I mean, I don’t mind feminised boy names and generally find those the fluffiest of all girl names, so maybe consider just points 1 & 2.  🙂

Ottilie feels a bit short to me too, which is odd because she’s three syllables just like Ottoline. And I’m not sure I’m sold on the frilly feel of Ottilie. Ottoline is a bit less frilly and a lot more satiny.  I prefer the satin, overall.

I have a solid combo for each:
Ottoline Alice Marigold – which I absolutely love and couldn’t replace if I had to. It’s perfect!


Ottilie Violet Jane – sweet, short, simple. I like it very much but it doesn’t feel as warm and inviting to me as Ottoline & her combo.  And it feels really simple next to her sister’s whole name! The poll for the battle of the Tillie’s is at BtN now, here . Votr of you’re so inclined. Thanks. 🙂


So, can you help me?  Which should I put in my #2 spot, possibly #1?  I know you’re all probably sick & tired of me mentioning these two, but I swear, this is the last waffle with her. I’m completely satisfied with both combos.  Please, help?   Thanks!

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Emma
    Jan 16, 2009 @ 11:34:44

    I never thought of Tillie for Ottoline. Brilliant! I only thought of Ollie.

    I am crazy about Ottoline, but Ottilie is perfectly charming too, in a slightly different way – a slightly more feminine way, like you said. While Ottilie is marginally more familiar, I don’t think it is more familiar in a really significant way. There will be maybe one or two phone calls in her life where the person on the other end doesn’t have to have her spell out her name. I’m not sure about point number two – if an Ottoline “Tillie” weren’t “Tillie,” she’d be Ottoline, which is perfectly charming to me. So I think it comes down to whichever name you really love more, and to me it seems you love Ottoline more.


  2. Cat
    Jan 16, 2009 @ 13:02:05

    Ottoline all the way. Ottilie is too nicknamey for me (it’s the general Western prejudice; ee sound on the end). Also, I think Ottoline is easier to figure out, from a stranger’s point of view. Ottilie also reminds me of otters. While cute, c’mon! Otters?

    I also adore Ottoline Alice Marigold, so warm and friendly, where Ottilie Violet Jane is nice but much cooler, if you understand me.


  3. Lola
    Jan 16, 2009 @ 13:34:42

    Got it, Cat 😀 and Thanks Emma! It’s lovely to have your outside opinions. Helps me see things more clearly.


  4. Kayt
    Jan 17, 2009 @ 00:00:47

    I really like the reason behind both names, and I love the middle names, but I don’t care for either Ottilie and Ottoline. They’re just not my style. I strongly prefer Matilda. However, I think Ottoline is the better choice. I think you could even get away with calling her Ottiline or Tillie/Tilley. I think your combo is a bit more solid and it sounds as if you like your Ottoline combo better anyways. Clear winner for me, personally.


  5. Lola
    Jan 17, 2009 @ 10:15:12

    Thanks again. I suppose I just just let her rest in first/second place and stop worrying her to death. I could probably call Ottoline Ottilie as eaasily as I could call her Tillie.
    Matilda’s lovely but makes me think of kangaroos. Mathilda’s divine but I think it’s dooming her to a life of spelling her name for everyone. So you see why Mathilda/Matilda’s off my list (well, way down on the list, I may just decide to use it in a fit). 😀

    Never know. Josephine was nameless for almost two full days, I don’t want to have to go through that angst again! 🙂


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