Garner/Affleck Baby!

Alright, so I’m a bit late getting to this myself. But I wanted to say Congratulations! to them here as well and to state unequivocally my vote for their new daughter’s name is Beatrice.     It fits all the criteria they said they were looking for, familiar, not super common, nothing trendy and fits so well with big sister Violet! Since they didn’t release a name right away, methinks they might be a little undecided, just as I was with Josephine!
Anyone else have any ideas for what they should name Violet’s new sister? Post ’em here!  UPDATE!  

According to  baby girl Affleck is  Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck.   I feel bad for Violet now, she only got one middle name!  And while pretty, it seems quite OTT next to Violet.  I’m rather hoping it’s something else entirely.

Help me out!

I’ve been narrowing down the names I like for my #10 spot. And I’m running a poll at BtN right now to try to see which ones are liked best.


Vote in the poll or scroll down a bit to see the list!




Here’s the 10 in line for #10:

Maud India Scarlett 
Agatha Esme Plum 
Euphemia Elinor Glory 
Araminta Alice Green 
Henrietta Ruby Lilias 
Zuleika Esme Violet
Clementine India Jane
Mathilda Lucy Elanor
Beatrix Poppy Elinor
Elspeth Violet Elinor


 Which would YOU put in my top 10, at #10?  Vote or post! Please? Thanks!

Unisex Names

I think most people who hang out here know I’m not a fan of unisex names, preferring my boys & girls to be clearly marked. 😀  But I was really trying to keep my mind open for a lady on another board I hang out at and I actually came up with a few names (some unisex, some obviously masculine) that I could live with on a  girl.  Here are mine,


Finley – Now, Finlay is on my boys list (paired as Clarence Arthur Finlay) but Finlay/Finley could easily go the way of Francis/Frances for me. Why not? 

Connelly –  just a fresher “Celtic surname” than MacKenzie.

Leslie  –  has been girly for a fair while but has been fading. Almost feels fresh again, doesn’t it?

Grey – Colors are unisex as far as I’m concerned. And yes, I’d use Pink in the middle for a boy, if I thought I could get it past the other half (who’s even more of a stickler for ‘boys are boys, girls are girls’, than I am!

Ashton  – it was used on a girl in John Jakes ‘North & South’ Why not?

Greer  – Well, if Brooke Shields can use it on a girl and spell it wrong, why not spell it right on a girl?

Ashby  – Yet another surname name (Henry Turner Ashby). Feels a bit soft,  another why not?

Darren – Yes, it’s masculine but I cna’t be the only one who only thinks “bewitched” when I hear it. So maybe if it goes on a girl for a while, it’ll become fresh for a boy again somewhere down the road?

Ripley – Worked for Sigourney Weaver!

Yancey – This old school Southern sounding surname name sounds effeminate enough for a girl, to me.

Hollis – Another surname name. Sounds suitably girly for me. Anything that breaks down to Holly, potentially sounds girly to me.

Dilys – is an actual girls name that while soft, is sufficiently unfluffy for a girl.

Auden – yep. As in W.H. Auden  Why not on a girl?


So, there are mine, what are yours? And wondering, do you think any of these are alright?  Like I said, I’d rather have my girls and boys obviously so on paper. I don’t find waffling to be any sort of beneficial to anyone. It’s confusing to employers, annoying to the children themselves, occasionally and I just can’t figure out why anyone would bother. But I do try to keep an open mind,  hence this post!   Have at ’em!