Popular or Offbeat?

What’s your inclination? Or: Where’s your comfort level?   I have always been more comfortable with a less popular name and tend to dislike the more popular ones. Not because I hate them, it’s more like over-familiarity breeds contempt. I do the same with music, preferring stuff I don’t hear a hundred times an hour on the radio.  Then again, the music I generally listen to is older than I am, by a few decades so I only have that problem when I listen to the pop tunes in the car!

 When I named Leo & Simon, I named after family and didn’t bother looking at any lists, charts or anything. Then again, was there anything like SSA now back in 1986?  With Josephine, again, I named after family But I was also looking for something that 1> sounded good with our surname, 2> Complimented her brothers names but didn’t follow exactly after them and then finally 3> wanted something not too popular.  Her name was 258 in 2003 and 242 in 2004. Which was about right for me then. Less than 2000 Josephines then. Perfect.

But now I’m looking for something just a bit more off the beaten track, yet still family oriented. Which is where most of the oddballs you see on my lists come from. Or they’re variants (Cecilia-Cecily, Francesca -Frances, Lilian – Lily).  I just dug a bit further back this time.

How about you, dear reader? What sort of names draw you in? those popular, “I hear it all the time and isn’t it pretty” sorts? Or the unappreciated gems from yonder history?  Or somewhere in between? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!


 I  absolutely love Agatha. I have since I was a kid. I first read Agatha Christie’s “Ten Little Indians” (also known as “And Then There Were None”) when I was 7. I loved it and went on to read just about everything by her  a 7 year old could get her hands on. Thankfully, my Pop was sympathetic to the voracious reader I was then (and still am).  So Agatha not only brings back great memories of Pop, she makes me feel  good! I don’t mind Aggie as a possible nickname but am wondering if I could potentially get Thea out of Agatha as well.  Any other nickname options I’m not seeing?  Somehow, I think not.

 I’ve had her on my list before, as Agatha Esme Bluebell (She started  as Esme Agatha Bluebell, but decided I liked Agatha better up front). I’ve been rethinking the combo, especially since Josephine got a baby doll for Xmas that she named Bluebell! Since then, I’ve  come up with  5 that charm me utterly:

Agatha Esme Plum – Esme’s for G. Auntie Esmeralda (whose name I adore but find too unwieldy with the Scots surname)
Agatha Alice Violet/Agatha Violet Alice (can’t decide which way)  – Alice for me, Violet for my most favorite Auntie.
Agatha Ruby Malu (I find this so fun to say aloud!) – Ruby’s for me, Malu I just adore her light feel!
Agatha Lily Frances – my Grandma & my Mom, ‘nuf said.
Agatha Lucy Rosalie – Lucy was my Mom’s top choice for me, Rosalie I just love. I’ve tried Rosalie just about everywhere but I’m really loving her here!

I just can’t decide among them yet, but maybe with a bit of help I could?  It’s after noon and here’s the Agatha   poll!  So, What do you think of the formidable Agatha and do you like any of my combos for her? 


 As always, Thanks!  😀