She’s risen to #3, right behind Cecily & Ottoline and directly ahead of Lucretia. I’m really loving  Jemima and her nickname options of Jemma & Mimi.  I find her fresh, sprightly and feminine. Jemima’s really a lovely name if you can get past the pancake thing! 😀  I’ve had Jemima Frances Ruby on my list for a little over a year now and I will admit she started out as  Ruby Frances Jemima & Frances Jemima Ruby.  Both were attempts to find a home for Jemima. And after a few weeks, I figured, why not Jemima Frances Ruby? Tried it out and liked it, very much.  I don’t think Josephine & Jemima are too much of a mouthful, either. 

I know the pancake thing is a turn off and her roots are even more so. But I’m tired of people saying because it was used badly,  it’s off limits. Why? The practice was shameful, the name isn’t. She’s Biblical, for goodness  sake!  I’m tired of trying to placate one & all. From now on the only ones I really want to please are Him & I. Jemima stays at #3, for now. Who knows, by next year, she may be #1!


 Do you have any thoughts on Jemima? Any kid of mine is likely to be blond (or at least sandy brown) , with curly hair and eyes are up in the air (I have green, he has blue but we have a blue, a green & a brown eyed kid, one each) and about 5’10” tall for a girl,  I expect. (he’s short but I’m over tall and over tall runs predominantly on both sides of the families. Short is the aberration. (And by short, I mean 5’6″ or so for guys, 4’11 for girls, we have him, the lone short guy and I have a cousin [and had a great Aunt] that stand (stood) at 4’11”).  Do you think that description fits a Jemima? If not, what do you think a Jemima should look like?