Yes, Maxfield. My second favorite Max name (Maxim/Maksim still outranks him as a family name), in honor of my absolute favorite artist Maxfield Parrish.  I run into people every so often who are completely unaware of who he was or what he did. I’m rather tired of saying “Google him” so I thought I’d talk about about the inspiration behind wanting to use Maxfield. Firstly, here’s a link to his Wikipedia page:  Maxfield Parrish

 aquamarine-1917  a copy of this picture hangs in my living room, It’s called Aquamarine and was originally painted in 1917.  I could never afford an original!  🙂 I love the blues in it. It makes me feel serene, no matter what state of mind I’m in, when I see it, I can feel my blood pressure go down. It is really a lovely picture.  I have another print:

parrish-maxfield-the-reservoir-at-villa-falconieri-frascatiCalled “Reservoir at Villa Falconieri, Frascati” (1903) and it’s in my bedroom, I love those warm yellows & greens.  That sky is really a plummy shade and overall, the warmth  emanating from this one is lovely. I love yellow & green and those colors echo throughout the house.   My Pop always said it was weird that more than half the pictures in my place were of trees.  But I do seem to be drawn to them.

Back to Maxfield.  Maxfield, being an ‘M’ name, is also green to me. In fact, he’s the same green shade as those trees in that last painting. Such a warm olive tone!  

I know Max is rather overdone but I still like his verve and wouldn’t mind having one around for myself.  I’d rather get him though Maxim, since it is a family name but the men’s magazine rather dissuades me.  I think Max fits in just perfectly with his brothers and still also meshes well with his sister.  So, how unusable is Maxfield, in comparison? If you ran into (yet another) Max, would you rather he be a Maxim or a Maxfield in full?  I’d love to know!  Thanks!

Harvey, Francis & Arthur

 These are the three that have been stewing in my brain for a while now. Well, Arthur’s been there for a bit longer  but he’s resurfacing.

I am drawn to the  jazz laden, knightly image of these three gents. They’re strong, handsome and really quite dashing if you give them a chance.

 I have tentative combos for each of them:
Arthur William Bede
Arthur Finlay Rhys
Arthur Barnaby John
Arthur Henry Llewellyn

Francis Henry Porfirio
Francis Henry Aloysius
Francis Barnaby Finn
Francis Barnaby Jack

Harvey Francis Porfirio
Harvey Finbar Jude
Harvey Milo Valentine
Harvey Jasper Graham
Harvey Edward Augustin 

What do you think of my three knightly gents and which combos do you prefer? I’m going to poll them too, Here: Arthur/Francis   &   Harvey  !  Thanks!

Rufus & Linus revisited

I know I talked about these guys the other day but since today was “get the tree & start decorating” day, I had time to really stew on them. I’ve decided I do like them both enough to at least attempt to pair them. Sorry it took me nearly all day to get this out.

 I’ve got polls going: Linus 1, Linus 2 & Rufus 1 & Rufus 2  If you’re inclined to go vote in them. But here are my favorites & his, of both:


Rufus John Porfirio 
Rufus Taliesin John 
Rufus Barnaby Edward 
Rufus Willem Wilder 
Rufus Edgar Maxfield
Rufus Milo Gavriil 
Linus Alasdair John
Linus Arthur Wilder
Linus Finlay Oliver 
Linus Willem Bleys 
Linus Milo Valentin 
Linus Barnaby Willem
Linus Alasdair Henry
Linus Edward Anselm
Linus Edward Apollo


Yes, we’re arguing a bit more over Linus, which he thinks is a bit soft, despite his minor adulation of Linus Torvalds.  He says he prefers Rufus, which feels strong and rather worldly to him. of course, I prefer Linus, of the two because it reminds me of both Mom & my brother.

 Which would you rather run across, Linus or Rufus?  And of the bunch, which combo do you like? I’m not saying who likes which or why until later. 😉  

The -us boys

I’ve mentioned before my love of -us ending boys:  Julius would be tops for my beloved Marxman but for Josephine. They’re too similar for my liking. So there’s Cassius, Remus, Rufus, Linus, Lucius, Angus, Cyrus, Fergus, simple Gus (for August), Klaus,  Marius, Magnus, Lazarus, Ignatius &  Seamus who’ve been on my lists at various points. Only Cassius, Remus, Rufus, Linus, August & Lucius are still on.


 Cassius is not one that appeals to many to begin with and when they find out his meaning, it turns still more off. “Empty, vain” is not something that truly appeals. I figure, if people can use Kennedy, ‘misshapen head’, Calvin ‘bald’, or Cecilia, ‘blind’, why not Cassius?  He’s got at least as much style as Cecilia!

Remus appeals for his legend and the fact that I could potentially nickname him Remy, which sounds so completely awesome with the surname.  HP tried to take a bite out of him (pardon the pun) but I think he’s got a fair bit of style and strength still.

Rufus – feels a bit homey to me, a touch country-fied. He’s still stylish but less slick. I’m not thinking nickname potential because I don’t think he’s got one.  Which is why he’s on the back burner. I’m trying to decide, merciless nicknamer I am, if he’s worth breaking my own nature for.

Linus – has a soft spot in my heart forevermore thanks to Peanuts. Yeah, he’s my favorite of the Peanuts guys (Frieda’s my favorite of the girls with her “naturally curly hair”) but Linus is also what my mom used to call my blanket toting little brother (who just turned 40 this past Saturday… if you stumble across this, Steve, Happy Birthday!). Lucy & Linus we two were and because of that, they both hold special memories for me.

 August – is on my list because I like his literal meaning ” marked by majestic dignity or grandeur” and in a roundabout way, he honors my Mom, Frances,  who was born in August.  I think he’s got a crisp, clear sound and spiffy looks too. And Gus? Gus is charming while Augie’s jazzy cool.  Two great options for nicknames and a great long form too.

Lucius – I loved him before HP showed up and while yes, he’s a nasty character, they completely ruined his evilness with the yummy Jason Isaacs. Nah, can’t hate Lucius Malfoy for nothing.  And his sound is just awesome. What’s not to like? I’ve noticed Lucius is starting to show up in movies too. Three movies I’ve watched recently have a Lucius in it somewhere (Today’s better: “The Dark Knight”, “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”[for a specific one] and “The Incredibles” ).  And I could probably name a few more, if pressed: ” Talledega Nights” , “The Village”, and we just got “The Planet of the Apes” set on DVD and there’s a Lucius there too.    So again, what’s not to like? 😀


There’s my favorite of the -us enders, what are yours? 🙂

 Updated to add the few Lucius filled movies I have watched recently!)

and just a note for those of yoou who dislike my “snow” When it finally snows here, it’ll go!

girly Boys!

I like soft sounding names, anything with an -s ending is a favorite with Cassius, Remus, Linus & Julius being my favorite favorites.  I like boy names that could possibly get girly sounding nicknames, like Magnus: Mags/Maggie.

I started thinking about the names I grew up with that were used for both and then slid feminine (do any slide masculine? I don’t think so) and came up with these name that I would much rather see on a boy than a girl :


I know there are loads more, what names do you prefer on a boy over a girl? Which of these do you think is still workable for a boy?  All thoughts welcome!

C names

And my seeming fascination thereof.  😛

I do appear to be stuck on the letter C this time around. I mean I have 4 C boy names and 2 girls on my working list, at the moment. Cosmo, Cassius, Clarence & Casimir, Cecily & Clementine.

There are more that I like:

Celandine   Celeste/Celestine
Cymbeline (yes, I know it’s a boy in Shakespeare’s play, it still sound feminine to me)
Cyriana (I just like the sound of this one)
Cyprian (yes, I just like the crisp sound, I doubt I’d ever consider it for anything more than the next goldfish)

 And there’s the collected favorites list (that’s about 5 years old now).  

my C combos:
Cosmo Valentin George
Cassius Barnaby Rex
Clarence Arthur Finlay
Casimir Amadeus John  (he’s the ‘why not?” here) 🙂
Cecily Pandora Jane
Clementine Lily Elinor


 So, what C names do you like? Do I strike you as seemingly obsessed with the letter C or is it just that it looks so appealing written down?   What is it about the letter C?  What do you think?  😀



Near Misses

I say ‘Near Misses’ because I’ve loved the following  names for a long while but just can’t make myself want to use them for various reasons.  Here they are, with the reasons:



Romilly– She’s too surnamey for first name use. I love her but she just doesn’t work with the sibset.

Elspeth– this may still end up on the list, as she’d honor me and Grandma, both.  She’s a bit too Scottish to fit perfectly with the sibset, too but If I can find a way around the Ellie (the elephant) she might end up if I can’t come up with an alternative!  Hence, the ‘near miss’, for now.

Xanthe– She was on my working list for a year as Xanthe Rosalind Elinor. I still adore the combo but she is far too exotic to work with the existing sibset. Leo, Simon, Josephine & Xanthe? nah.

Imogen – I think she’s awesome. And he came up with Io as a neat nickname option should she not like Immy.  I like her clean, spare feel but think she’s lopsided with the set.  She’s a ‘very near miss’.

Allegra – Darn allergy medicine! The lightest, most lovely name in existence and a drug co. swipes it for a medicine name.  *sigh* I tried putting her in the middle, but she overshadows everything I pair her with. I’d much rather her up front, which I can’t make myself do.  *insert huge sigh here* 

Annora – Lovely medieval Annora. I love that the Ann part links her visually to the family’s Ann- population and still gives me Annie/Anna or Nora as nickname options.  But everyone I mention her to hears Honora instead of Annora. It drives me banana. I will not do that to a child.

Philippa – So lilting and charming. I’ve had Philippa on and off my lists for a few years now. The reason for the near miss? I have a dear friend in Sweden, where Pippa (he potential nickname) is a rude word. Yvonne (the Swedish GF) is a part of my extended family structure (with the seriously disfunctional childhoods we both had, we are so not traditional in defining family). So Philippa’s a no-go for me. But oh how I wish!

Agatha – I think she’s charming. Stuffy, yes. A bit stiff, even. But I love her sound. and I love the way she looks written down.  I even find Aggie suitably “witchy’ sounding for me.  But he thinks ‘mothbally English lady’ and will not even try to warm up to her. I bring up Agatha and he goes “humph’. *sigh*  She’d go right to the top if I could get him to come around.  Another “very near miss” indeed.

Penelope –  Another awesome lady. She’s horsey enough to suit and elegant enough to balance out beautifully.The near miss here? I hate Penny, don’t mind Poppy and somewhat like Nellie. I call Josephine Poppy somewhat often and don’t want to duplicate. Nellie full time bothers me.

Winifred – My Uncle Skip’s new wife (5 years now, I think). I think she’s gorgeous. Fearsome strong in looks but so light & lilting in sound.  Another one I can’t get him to warm up to, at all. Not even Winnie makes him think twice.

Scarlett – I love her color (duh) 😀 and find her spunky. Another “no way” from the other half. “Too celebrity” ” “Too cheesy” “Too, Too, Too”.  And after working in interior design for  awhile, Scarlet is too color for me.

Dorothea– Honors my Babci is a roundabout way. She was Cecylia Anna Dorota (anglicised to Cecilia at 15). Dorota is pretty but Dorothea is suitably stern enough for me. Would even honor Uncle Ted in a backwards way too (Ted’s a Theodore).   But he hates Dorothea, Dorothy and any other possible variant I could possibly come up with to offer. He won’t say why either. We each get one “no way, no how” free of charge (no explanation necessary). This is one of his.  She’d be #2 if I could get around that somehow.



Hugo– I’ve had him at the top of my list for at least a year.  But he shot him down with a “gotten too trendy” recently. Hugo Balthazar John.  *sigh*  I really liked him too, warm, fuzzy, hefty Hugo.

Arthur – a paternal Great Uncle would be honored with him. And I love his “kingly” sound. he’s a near miss because I  can tolerate Artie but loathe Art. Art is a field of study for me. And I’m too verbally lazy to enforce Arthur all the time.  It’s a shame too. I really, really love him but only in full.

Constantin/e–   Strong, handsome and familial (he was the oldest of my Babci’s 12 brothers). I even like his nickname options.  But he’s just not playing well with the siblings. 

Rupert – I love him, stuffy, warm, friendly dude he is. But this is his other “no way, no how” card.  I have to live with admiring him from afar.

Rufus– Simply awesome.  I think he’s fantastic and he fits perfectly into the sibset. But he’s got no nicknames and he think he’s old mannish. He’s on the “near misses” because  I’m still working on warming him up to him. He seems a bit more friendly than Remus. and Remus is #3. I think Rufus could replace him, easily.

Duncan – He sounds great with the surname, he’s got a smooth, easy sound. Unfortunately, he also reminds everyone I mention him to of Dunkin’ Donuts. 

Otto –  I’ve loved short, happy Otto since I was a kid.  he’s also one of the few palindromes I don’t mind on a person.  But I swear if I hear “My name is Otto, I like to get blotto” one more time, I’ll scream. Otto sounds athletic to me, too. He’s a very, very near miss.

Roland– I’ve been charmed by Roland since I was about 12. I love his rich, round sound and his knightly feel. I really like Rollo (RAHL-oh) and think between the two, he’ll age well. He’s a near miss because he sounds odd with everything I try to pair him with.

Linus – He’s sweet. Linus is what my Mom used to call my blanket toting kid brother when he was small. He;s sharp, handsome and the Peanuts link really doesn’t hurt him.  Neither does Torvalds or ‘Sabrina’. My hang up? Yet another L name! Two in a family is difficult, but three? I don’t know. He may end up on the lists yet, but for now, he stays here.

Quincy– Four words: Going to the girls.  So sad. It makes me think of Jack Klugman. (Who is also the reason I like Oscar!)

Calvin – I like him. He’s crisp, smooth and handsome. I don’t mind Cal, occasionally, even.  My reasoning is odd but effectively renders him unusable for me:  he’s a two-syllable, end in -n sound boys name. He’ll blend right into the masses. I hate that. 

Sidney– His Grandpop’s name. I find Sidney charmingly stuffy yet warm & friendly. I even like Sid. Sid is happy, open & free sounding, artistic, even.  Unfortunately Sidney’s effectively girly now. Naing a boy Sidney is making him say no, S-I-D… the Boy spelling”! just as my mom had to “No E-S, the girl spelling”! most of her life.  I can’t do that to a kid. But oh, I find Sidney charming.


 Anything on here you think I shouldn’t? Anything you’d rather see used? Let me know what you think! I’d love to know.


I’ve liked Clementine for a long while, three or four years, at least.  And I’ve tried a whole host of combos to try to compliment her.  Clementine Lily Elinor is the standing combo. I like that her initials would mimic her first name: CLEM.  But it took a long time to get to her (and I’m still not entirely taken with the combo, someone sell it to me!)

Here’s some of the predecessors:

Clementine Lila Elspeth
Clementine India Alice
Clementine Lily Ariadne
Clementine Frances Isobel
Clementine Alice Isobel
Clementine Isobel Maud
Clementine Maud Leonora
Clementine Rosalind Maud
Clementine Lilith Zsofia
Clementine Lucy Aurelia
Clementine Lily Agnes
Clementine Lucy Elspeth
Clementine Rosalind Verity
Clementine Alice Maude
Clementine Juno Axelle
Clementine Beatrix Lily
Clementine Louisa Maud
Clementine Juno Viola
Clementine Violet Maud
Clementine Lucy Kathleen
Clementine Lily Matilde
Clementine Lucy Maud
Clementine Lucy Annabel
Clementine Ariadne Grace


And those are just the winners from the polls!  I’ve probably run through a thousand combos trying to pair Clementine up. She’s tough to pair. Nature names sometimes look silly next to her, and other things are too ornate, she’s pretty frilly herself.  I think Clementine Lily Elinor is sleek, rather polished and works well as a set. Lily isn’t too ridiculous next to fruity Clementine and honors Grandma Lily/Lilian too  (Clementine Lilian’s too L heavy for me).   I’m afraid Clementine’s going to get hot soon, so I’ve  kind of pushed her down my lists a good bit. What do you all think of Clementine?  Do you think she’s going to jump up the charts a fair bit or no? Should I move her back up into a working position or keep her down? And if I move her back up, who should I take off the list? Give me your thoughts, any & all are welcome! 


 As Usual, Thanks a million!

Food Names!

There are names that remind us all of food. Here’s a small selection of some  I really like:

Quince  – as a nickname for Quincy, perhaps?

 Anyone have any others that they really like?  Funny thing, the spell check here only had problems with Amandine & Myrtille.

Medieval Boys who still Rock Today

 Just like the girls, there are boys names that were used during medieval times that are still pretty rockin’ today. Here are the ones on my lists that I would consider using:

Alaric – One of my favorites, I like his meaning “ruler of all” or “noble ruler”.
Amadeus – I’d use it yes, in the middle, he’s my other half’s favorite composer of all time.
Ambrose – Cheerfully stuffy. I did use it, in the middle.
Drustan – with nickname possibilities Dru or Stan, he’s pretty cool.
Lazarus – I think he’s got a great sound, a decent nickname option: Laz  and he’s Biblical!
Luther – subtly sexy, somehow.
Magnus – grand. Just grand.
Milo – I like him but he’s getting a bit too popular for my liking.
Odo – for the Star Trek Geek only!
Urban – awesome Pope name, with a modern meaning.
Warin – at least in the middle.


Granted, my boys list is nowhere near as extensive as my girls and I’m still on the lookout for boys names used during the middle ages. If you’ve got any, throw ’em at me, please?

“Y” ending Boys Names

This one’s for Emmy Jo. We were talking about boys names that end in ‘y’ and I listed a few that were on my lists for her. I got to thinking about all of my lists (I have @ 33 documents with names of various types in them).  So late last night, I went mining for “y” ending boys names. Was an interesting look see too. Emmy Jo, feel free to swipe these for yourself, you could easily name a dozen boys off this list!

Y enders (in no special order):
Vasiliy – although Basil makes more sense in English as a first, Vasiliy looks awesome and stands well in the middle.
Aubrey – although it’s going to the girls, I still think he’s handsome enough to rescue.
Cary – suave & handsome, I think the world needs a few more Cary’s!
Chauncey/Chauncy  -A longer way to Chance  as a nickname.
Clancy – which is on my lists as a nickname for Clarence
Darcy –  Mr.!  This should never have gone to the girls!
Dewey – if you’re a library fan, anyway. 😛
Dudley – although HP  rather ruined this one.
Ellery – another should never have gone to the girls!
Elroy – if Judith & George can come back, why not?
Humphrey – Pegs you as a Bogart fan, but still, is that really all that bad? 😉
Waverly – third installment of “should never have gone to the girls”


See anything you like?

Medieval Girls that Rock Today!

There are girls names that have been used since medieval times yet still sound pretty and feel usable even today. here’s a small sampling of the ones I like enough to put somewhere on *my* lists:

Cecily – is my #1 name atm.
Matilda – prefer the Swedish (and English) variant Mathilda. It just looks better to me.
Alice – was what my Mom wanted to name me.
Clotilde – so light, clo-TEELD. Lovely sound!
Elvira – I say El-veer-ah. Doesn’t that sound prettier?
Agnes – I love Agnes. I think she’s so soft & sweet.
Agatha – Another love. She’s a bit stern looking but her sound is lovely.
Elinor – She figures in a lot of working combos because his favorite girl cousin is an Elinor.
Amabel –  Softer than Mabel yet just as sweet.
Anne – I love simple Anne enough to have used it, it’s Josie’s second middle.
Annora – I just love looking at her. There’s something so peaceful about Annora.
Beatrice/Beatrix – Beatrix is a favorite. I like Bea, really, but I am far happier with Beatrix and her possible Trixie.  Old Trixie Belden fan here.  Beatrix is my #3 name.
Clara/Clarice (Funnily, I’m not as fond of Claire) – Clarice has been a favorite since I was 4. She’s Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer’s girlfriend!  *sigh*
Edith – Rounds out my top 10. I love her starched crisp feel.
Euphemia – number 9. I love her look, so strong, so capable but her sound is fluffy cake.
Mirabel – she means “wonderful, for Latin mirabilis. And she reminds me of plums.
Philomena – I just like her look.
Florence – was my mother’s second oldest sister. (Josephine, Florence, Helen, Valeria/Violet & Francesca/Frances they were). I’m fond of her sound but must admit, F is not my favorite letter.
Helen – I like the simple, serene Helen best of all the related names.
Sibyll – although I’d spell it the “modern” way: Sibyl
Ida/Idamay – just fun to say!
Isolde  – How do YOU say this? I say ee-SOL-də.
Jemma – She’s on my lists as a possible nickname for Jemima, along with Mimi.
Thomasina – I’m a sucker for femininsed boys names.
Kateline/Katherine/Katerina/Kathrine – I like quite a few Kath- names.
Lettice/Leticia/Letitia – I’ve love Lettice a long time. I used to name my baby dolls Lettice before I blew their heads off with firecrackers. I think I’m gonna have to name the next cat Lettice!
Lucia/Lucy – Lucy was the alternate “Mom” choice for me. Lucia gives me fits over pronunciation but I still think she looks pretty!
Margaret/Margery – I adore Margery but feel she’s a bit nicknamey. Margaret’s a bit too stern even for me… but Margery works as a nickname possibility that may last until adulthood.
Marion –  Makes me associate with Maid Marian. the two spelling seem interchangeable now but Marion was a G. Aunt of his and remains the preferred spelling for me. 
 Maud/Maude –  Maud is my #4 name. I love her look and her soft sound. Maude makes me think of Bea Arthur. 


So, what medieval names do you think would still work today? Which of those would you use or like to see used? I’d love to hear!

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