Ottoline again

I’m still loving Ottoline. I know she doesn’t appeal to the masses but I don’t care. I love it. And if I love it, she will.

My long standing combo of choice is Ottoline Alice Marigold. I love it but I’m waffling a bit on the whimsy. Ottoline’s different; is adding Alice Marigold going to make her miserable at 16? Marigold means something enough that she charms me and maybe that, being known to her will help her to like it too.

 On those maybes, I thought maybe I should rethink Ottoline combos. So I went to my notebooks & lists and re-found:
Ottoline Lucy Maud. I like proper Maud next to dancy Lucy and I like them both next to frilly Ottoline. (yes, I know they’re linked, literally). They’re beautiful together, why not use them again, especially if they mean more than the literary connection to me?

I’ve also come up with two polls worth: Ottoline 1  & Ottoline 2 .  (if you feel like voting)


I like these best from both polls:

Ottoline Ruby Adele
Ottoline Ruby Elinor
Ottoline Lucy Maud
Ottoline Elinor Rose
Ottoline Carys Elinor
Ottoline Alice Marigold
Ottoline Ivy Frances

As you can see OLM & OAM are still in there. But I was tossing around those little names that float around my family (Elinor, Frances, Maud) or just mean something to me (Ruby, Alice, Ivy, Rose, Marigold) and the few that just appeal  (Adele, Carys).


Like I said, I know Ottoline is not something that very many people like at all. But try to be open minded. 😀  Which of these do you like best? Or should I just stick with Ottoline Alice Marigold?


As always, thanks for stopping by!

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Emma
    Dec 22, 2008 @ 12:48:03

    I adore Ottoline. She is dear. With the occasional nickname Ollie, awww.

    I do not like any combos for it though. I have never come up with one that I like. Nothing matches it precisely enough. I think we get different vibes from it; I fell in love with it after trying to think of a name for the 11-year-old captain’s daughter protagonist of my sea-story, and it is very piratey and oceany and blue and spunky and free. No name quite matches it. The closest I have ever come to being satisfied is Ottoline Seasprite. Barf. So I am afraid my feedback here would not be the most helpful. I like Alice Marigold a lot; Ottoline there makes it flat.

    Your Ottoline seems to be a bit more domestic than mine, which reminds me of Audeline – a spelling I sort of just came up with it while being in love with Ottoline. I like to fancy it coming from Alden. There are actually a good many more Audelines than Ottolines on facebook.


    • Lola
      Dec 22, 2008 @ 13:42:26

      Thanks for trying, Emma. I was thinking Tillie, Ottilie or even Ottie possibly. I really think I’ll be sticking with Ottoline Alice Marigold. It doesn’t sound flat to me, rather round and open, actually. But I like the imagery the combo gives me and I like that it feels storybookish but is definitely not that flighty. Ottoline Ruby Elinor is the only new one I’m really loving at the moment. I may just end up running off Ottoline Alice Marigold, Ottoline Lucy Maud & Ottoline Ruby Elinor because all three appeal about the same to me. And I definitely cannot name her Ottoline Alice Ruby Marigold Lucy Elinor MacK! That would be a bit much, even for me. 🙂


  2. Cat
    Dec 22, 2008 @ 14:33:07

    Well, you know I love OAM, always have, and feel like I always will. Add in the fact that Alice is my current infatuation, and nothing else stands a chance. I want to like Ottoline Lucy Maud, but fawn/mahogany Ottoline clashes dreadfully with vivid blue Lucy. I can definitely see the appeal sound wise, though. Ottoline Elinor Rose is lovely, although Rose seems filler anymore even when it’s not, you know?

    OAM all the way, but you knew I was going to pick it when you wrote this post anyway. 😀


  3. Lola
    Dec 22, 2008 @ 17:08:20

    😀 Indeed I did, Cat. Hope you’re feeling a bit better? I agree, she’s a bit clashy with Lucy color wise but I can honestly ignore that for sound, at least for now. In the end though, color always wins out for me. Rose is actually a family surname for me, and would be as such in OER. Rose is pretty, even if it is filler and would, as a surname balance out with the sibs and also mesh with Josie’s Rosamel in feel. I do tend to avoid Rose, on principle (I know she’s gone filler feeling) but I do so like the look of Ottoline Elinor Rose, even if I prefer ORE & OAM over her. Thanks for stopping by Cat, I really do hope you’re feeling better.


  4. Bree
    Jun 23, 2009 @ 14:27:22

    I really like Ottoline she reminds me of a pearl for some reason.
    Ottoline Alice Marigold is very pretty but I see why you would wonder.


    Ottoline Mae Ophelie
    Ottoline Frances Maeve
    Ottoline Ivy Faye
    tell me if you like any



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