Rufus & Linus revisited

I know I talked about these guys the other day but since today was “get the tree & start decorating” day, I had time to really stew on them. I’ve decided I do like them both enough to at least attempt to pair them. Sorry it took me nearly all day to get this out.

 I’ve got polls going: Linus 1, Linus 2 & Rufus 1 & Rufus 2  If you’re inclined to go vote in them. But here are my favorites & his, of both:


Rufus John Porfirio 
Rufus Taliesin John 
Rufus Barnaby Edward 
Rufus Willem Wilder 
Rufus Edgar Maxfield
Rufus Milo Gavriil 
Linus Alasdair John
Linus Arthur Wilder
Linus Finlay Oliver 
Linus Willem Bleys 
Linus Milo Valentin 
Linus Barnaby Willem
Linus Alasdair Henry
Linus Edward Anselm
Linus Edward Apollo


Yes, we’re arguing a bit more over Linus, which he thinks is a bit soft, despite his minor adulation of Linus Torvalds.  He says he prefers Rufus, which feels strong and rather worldly to him. of course, I prefer Linus, of the two because it reminds me of both Mom & my brother.

 Which would you rather run across, Linus or Rufus?  And of the bunch, which combo do you like? I’m not saying who likes which or why until later. 😉  

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Baby Name Brainstorm
    Dec 18, 2008 @ 02:22:36

    I favour Rufus for sure. He’s warmer and friendlier than Linus; cuddly even! He can be worldly, but also easy going and casual. Actually, I think he’s a big old shaggy dog. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. My family had a beloved dog named Chester for many years. I don’t think a name is spoiled by the idea of a dog wearing it. But Linus feels colder to me. More aloof; a little austere even.

    Rufus John Porfifio is very distinguished.


    • Lola
      Dec 18, 2008 @ 10:24:22

      Thanks! I’ll pass that sentiment along, I’m sure he’ll be pleased to see your comment. 🙂 I agree somewhat, Linus does feel more austere, more Scandanavian (which always seems spare & cold to me) whereas Rufus feels warmer. Definitley a point to think about!


  2. Cat
    Dec 18, 2008 @ 14:10:29

    Rufus is certainly warmer than Linus, but I have such a bias because of Wainwright that everything I say must be taken with a large grain of salt. (Huge huge HUGE Rufus Wainwright fan here.) I really like Rufus John Porifiro, Rufus Milo Gavriil (although I worry about there not being a “normal” name in the bunch should Rufus be difficult) and I want to like Rufus Edgar Maxfield, but I find Maxfield sort of, well, dumb for lack of a better word. It sounds very Playboy to me. Also, Edgar still reminds me of a middle aged Hispanic man. 😦

    Of the Linus combos, I like both of the Linus Alasdair options, as well as Linus Barnaby Willem.


  3. Mia
    Dec 18, 2008 @ 15:00:34

    I like Linus better than Rufus because Rufus reminds me of a dog, and it rhymes with Doofus. Linus might be colder, but it also sounds ‘smarter’ to me.

    And I like the snow, even though it’s been snowing here off and on since the last week of October.


  4. Lola
    Dec 18, 2008 @ 16:01:49

    We got about a 1/2 inch two days ago and it’s all but gone already, just fringes of ice left. That’s not snow, that’s frosting! I want 6″ or more!

    Thanks for the vote towards Linus, it’s one more reason he appeals more. I hadn’t even thought of rhymes!Thanks for pointing that out!


  5. Lola
    Dec 18, 2008 @ 19:39:49

    Cat, Aww. Maxfield is for my very favorite artist: Maxfield Parrish, Google image him if you’ve no clue who he was. it’s a bit geeky, to me but not unbearably so. I can’t imagine him a play
    boy! Rufus John Porfirio seems to be the overall winner of the Rufus combos here and at home too. I like the John in there for Pop and well, anyone who talks names with me ends up knowing of my love for Porfirio. I think he’s going on the list. Rhyme or not, I just can’t seem to let go of him yet.

    As for Linus, I refuse to give him up and will probably be trying a few new combos, just to please myself. As is, Linus Alasdair John & Linus Willem Bleys (Bleys for a literary character we both like) seem to be the ones even we’re settling with. Cosmo still has first place though, so these need to be decided between and put on the list somewhere decent. Let me see where he’ll end up.


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