The -us boys

I’ve mentioned before my love of -us ending boys:  Julius would be tops for my beloved Marxman but for Josephine. They’re too similar for my liking. So there’s Cassius, Remus, Rufus, Linus, Lucius, Angus, Cyrus, Fergus, simple Gus (for August), Klaus,  Marius, Magnus, Lazarus, Ignatius &  Seamus who’ve been on my lists at various points. Only Cassius, Remus, Rufus, Linus, August & Lucius are still on.


 Cassius is not one that appeals to many to begin with and when they find out his meaning, it turns still more off. “Empty, vain” is not something that truly appeals. I figure, if people can use Kennedy, ‘misshapen head’, Calvin ‘bald’, or Cecilia, ‘blind’, why not Cassius?  He’s got at least as much style as Cecilia!

Remus appeals for his legend and the fact that I could potentially nickname him Remy, which sounds so completely awesome with the surname.  HP tried to take a bite out of him (pardon the pun) but I think he’s got a fair bit of style and strength still.

Rufus – feels a bit homey to me, a touch country-fied. He’s still stylish but less slick. I’m not thinking nickname potential because I don’t think he’s got one.  Which is why he’s on the back burner. I’m trying to decide, merciless nicknamer I am, if he’s worth breaking my own nature for.

Linus – has a soft spot in my heart forevermore thanks to Peanuts. Yeah, he’s my favorite of the Peanuts guys (Frieda’s my favorite of the girls with her “naturally curly hair”) but Linus is also what my mom used to call my blanket toting little brother (who just turned 40 this past Saturday… if you stumble across this, Steve, Happy Birthday!). Lucy & Linus we two were and because of that, they both hold special memories for me.

 August – is on my list because I like his literal meaning ” marked by majestic dignity or grandeur” and in a roundabout way, he honors my Mom, Frances,  who was born in August.  I think he’s got a crisp, clear sound and spiffy looks too. And Gus? Gus is charming while Augie’s jazzy cool.  Two great options for nicknames and a great long form too.

Lucius – I loved him before HP showed up and while yes, he’s a nasty character, they completely ruined his evilness with the yummy Jason Isaacs. Nah, can’t hate Lucius Malfoy for nothing.  And his sound is just awesome. What’s not to like? I’ve noticed Lucius is starting to show up in movies too. Three movies I’ve watched recently have a Lucius in it somewhere (Today’s better: “The Dark Knight”, “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”[for a specific one] and “The Incredibles” ).  And I could probably name a few more, if pressed: ” Talledega Nights” , “The Village”, and we just got “The Planet of the Apes” set on DVD and there’s a Lucius there too.    So again, what’s not to like? 😀


There’s my favorite of the -us enders, what are yours? 🙂

 Updated to add the few Lucius filled movies I have watched recently!)

and just a note for those of yoou who dislike my “snow” When it finally snows here, it’ll go!

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kam
    Dec 16, 2008 @ 19:20:58

    Lucius is a favorite long before HP but Jason made me love it more.

    I also like Marcus and Tiberius.



  2. Lola
    Dec 16, 2008 @ 19:36:23

    Shhh! I keep trying to sneak Tiberius in the middle somewhere. True to TrekGeekdom, I would love to have a James Tiberius MacK but he says “Done already” and dismisses it entirely. William Tiberius, Maybe? 😀

    I should have posted a picture of Jason along with Lucius! *droooool*

    Thanks for stopping by Kam!


  3. Cat
    Dec 16, 2008 @ 21:44:22

    Sorry, totally forgot to comment after I wrote earlier! I really like Julius and it’s been on my lists for a while. I also dig Marius, and from your list, Rufus and Linus. Rufus I love for Wainwright and Linus just because. I’ve considered playing around with both but haven’t gotten around to it yet.


  4. Baby Name Brainstorm
    Dec 16, 2008 @ 22:30:23

    Personally, I really dig Cassius; but discovering the meaning takes some of the lustre off for me. Meanings aren’t often thought of, but the little poet in me wants a name that resonates at every level. One of my favourite ‘us’ names would have to be Amadeus. He’s charismatic and sophisticated and has a brilliant namesake. A few other interesting choices are Cyrus, Sirius (like the star), Cornelius, Nikolaus, or, if you’re adventurous: Jesus.


  5. Emmy Jo
    Dec 18, 2008 @ 00:32:27

    I love “-us” enders! On the tippy-tip-top of my list is Julius. My husband doesn’t like it, but I’m still holding out hope of being able to talk him into it someday. (He’s okay with the much-less-exciting Julian.)

    I also love Marius, and I’ve had Darius, Cyrus, and Titus on my list at various points (though they’re not top contenders anymore). I like August, though I’m not fond of Gus, so this isn’t an “-us” ender for me.

    On my list, I actually think of them as “-s” enders instead of “-us” enders, so I’m a bit more inclusive. Miles and Silas are part of this category as well, at least in my thinking.

    Lucius is one I feel I should like but don’t. It makes me think of Lucifer; even though it means “light” it still sounds a bit evil.


  6. Baby Name Brainstorm
    Dec 18, 2008 @ 01:14:26

    A few more -us possibilities:

    Augustus, Octavious, Atticus and Thaddeus. I rather like Thaddeus. It has a kind of Tolkienesque flavour. Maybe because it sounds like Theoden.


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