I’ve liked Clementine for a long while, three or four years, at least.  And I’ve tried a whole host of combos to try to compliment her.  Clementine Lily Elinor is the standing combo. I like that her initials would mimic her first name: CLEM.  But it took a long time to get to her (and I’m still not entirely taken with the combo, someone sell it to me!)

Here’s some of the predecessors:

Clementine Lila Elspeth
Clementine India Alice
Clementine Lily Ariadne
Clementine Frances Isobel
Clementine Alice Isobel
Clementine Isobel Maud
Clementine Maud Leonora
Clementine Rosalind Maud
Clementine Lilith Zsofia
Clementine Lucy Aurelia
Clementine Lily Agnes
Clementine Lucy Elspeth
Clementine Rosalind Verity
Clementine Alice Maude
Clementine Juno Axelle
Clementine Beatrix Lily
Clementine Louisa Maud
Clementine Juno Viola
Clementine Violet Maud
Clementine Lucy Kathleen
Clementine Lily Matilde
Clementine Lucy Maud
Clementine Lucy Annabel
Clementine Ariadne Grace


And those are just the winners from the polls!  I’ve probably run through a thousand combos trying to pair Clementine up. She’s tough to pair. Nature names sometimes look silly next to her, and other things are too ornate, she’s pretty frilly herself.  I think Clementine Lily Elinor is sleek, rather polished and works well as a set. Lily isn’t too ridiculous next to fruity Clementine and honors Grandma Lily/Lilian too  (Clementine Lilian’s too L heavy for me).   I’m afraid Clementine’s going to get hot soon, so I’ve  kind of pushed her down my lists a good bit. What do you all think of Clementine?  Do you think she’s going to jump up the charts a fair bit or no? Should I move her back up into a working position or keep her down? And if I move her back up, who should I take off the list? Give me your thoughts, any & all are welcome! 


 As Usual, Thanks a million!

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Emmy Jo
    Dec 13, 2008 @ 12:21:16

    Clemintine is lovely! She is a bit hard to pair with two middles. Clementine Lily Matilde is my favorite of your combos, though it doesn’t pair quite as well with your last name as I might want it to. (I think I know your last name now, as You Can’t Call It It! had a link to your other baby name website. I enjoyed it, by the way. I like lists.)

    I think she deserves a top 10 spot, though I would understand if you felt Josephine and Clementine were a bit too similar. On my list, she would rank higher than Ottoline, Pomeline, Zelda, or Lucretia, though that’s probably because I tend to go for names that sound sweet and rather familiar. Overall, I think I tend to like C names as well. Clara, Corinna, Caroline, Cecily, Celia, Catherine, and Charlotte are all fairly high up on my list.


  2. Lola
    Dec 13, 2008 @ 13:24:53

    Thanks Emmy Jo! I think you’ve got it too, I know Elisabeth knows my surname as I know hers as well! (I need to find the info I had to log into that other site, I have way more to update there!). I don’t feel they’re too similar, actually. I say jo-sef-een and clem-en-tyne. They just look similar. The only reason she’s not higher is that I’m afraid she’s going to zoom upwards. Not pregnant yet but still trying (the last loss hurt a bit more than I thought it would). Cecily’s still tops for us (funny, I’m rather drawn to C names as well ) Cecily, Clementine, Cosmo, Cassius, Clarence & Casimir are on our lists. Clarissa & Caspar fall just off the top 20, even. maybe I should make a letter C post. I’ve been supremely uninspired the last two days. I hate this time of year, always brings me down. She’s stay Clementine Lily Elinor just because it honors a bit more Mathilde/Mathilda & Maud are all honoring the same Grandma Josephine’s middle does. I’m trying to stay away from Pop’s side of the family this time. Trying to stay more with Mom’s side or His side.Good luck. It’s tough.

    Alright, done rambling. 😀 Look for that C name post sometime soon!


  3. Baby Name Brainstorm
    Dec 13, 2008 @ 17:15:50

    Clementine has a nice ring, but I’m not sure I like her in first place: a little too country, western for my tastes. But she might have good potential in the middle. How do these grab you?

    Florence Clementine
    Isabella Clementine
    Delilah Clementine
    Henrietta Clementine
    August Clementine

    Some of your combinations work well the other way to:

    Louisa Maud Clementine (though I’m not a fan of Maud)
    Leonora Clementine
    Kathleen Clementine


    • Lola
      Dec 13, 2008 @ 17:27:27

      Funny you should mention the middle spot. I tred her there first, but Clementine overshadows everything next to her. At least, that’s the way it appears to me! Clementine strikes me as über British, not country-western, actually. Clementine Churchill is one of the few people my brain thinks of that really had the name. Otherwise it’s all character or song references. I think there’s a celebrity Clementine somewhere, too but I’ve no clue whose kid she might be. So Churchill remains my only mental link to a human. She was a pretty interesting person in her own right, and a worthy namesake, in my estimation. I’ll run the country-western idea past the Mr. and see what he thinks (interesting dinner conversation!) Louisa Maud Clementine sounds pretty awesome, even if I’m not a Louisa fan (Give me a Louis instead). I did try Maud Clementine something too, but it just wasn’t working. I think a lot of people are thinking “Clementine in the middle” rather like they were thinking “Josephine in the middle” about 5 years ago. I think she’s awesome enough for first place. But I will think about other spots for her! Thanks!


  4. Emma
    Dec 14, 2008 @ 01:12:17

    Clementine Lily Elinor is just wonderful. It is just wonderful. That is what I have to say about all of your combos: many are good but gosh this is the best.

    My Clementine combo is Sarah Clementine / Clementine Sarah and I don’t usually like Sarah, so.

    Clementine might shoot up a little bit, but it won’t make it into the top 500. Retro enough to be charming, but too phlegmy for the modern palate to actually use extensively.


  5. Lola
    Dec 14, 2008 @ 11:54:37

    Thanks for the positive vote! I think Clementine’s charming and she looks perfect with Josephine. Maybe she’ll move back up the list! 🙂


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