It’s Malcom’s day! I’ve liked him for a long time, since I was a teen, at least. I find him strong, handsome, smart and fun to say. He’s truly awesome, in a whole host of ways. Sound, looks, feel, color, even: 

He’s a lovely shade of green, vibrant!   india_k-lakshmi-krishna11 After toying with Barnaby in first, I will admit, I’m far more comfortable with him in the middle, I have him in my #2 combo: Cassius Barnaby Rex (I know it’s not something that’s to everyone’s taste) & here, with Malcolm: Malcolm Barnaby Edward. I also have Malcolm in another combo but I don’t like him quite as much: Malcolm Alasdair Rhys. I think it’s got a great sound, overall but he’s a bit too Scottish, even for me in the end.

But Malcolm sounds great with the MacK surname and I must say, his kingly overtones make me happy.   He’s linked to my favorite Shakesperian tale and my favorite Star Trek Bad guy: Malcolm McDowell  (A Clockwork Orange remains a big favorite of mine due to it’s sheer oddness).  I even once got to have lunch with Malcolm Forbes. I used to go to air shows frequently and there was one in NJ (when I was living there), near Readington that I got lucky at. I literally ran into the man and offered my picnic lunch as an apology. He accepted but insisted I join him at it.  What a lovely, warm, friendly man.   I asked Verity to cover him for me back in September.  She did a most admirable job.

So, while I’m besotted, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Malcolm and his combo. You can’t possibly hurt my feelings and I’d welcome any thinks you may have about him!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Emmy Jo
    Dec 06, 2008 @ 20:41:48

    I love Malcolm! While I prefer him to Cassius, Cassius Barnaby Rex feels like a better Barnaby combo to me.

    I’ll agree that Malcolm Alasdair Rhys is a bit too heavy on the Scottish heritage. (I considered Kenneth Alasdair for a while, since my husband and I both like Kenneth, but I rejected him fro the same reason. Quentin Alasdair is my personal favorite Alasdair combo.)

    I like Malcolm with Edward. I’m not sure what other names I’d recommend putting with them, but Malcolm’s definitely worth keeping on the list.


  2. Lola
    Dec 06, 2008 @ 21:10:10

    Thanks, Emmy Jo! I will be keeping him on the variables list, meaning I’m not too sure about his combo but I definitely like him enough to use him. Funny, my other half’s a Kenneth! Alasdair is one on my lists, also with Barnaby. Alasdair Barnaby George. He sounds so friendly and warm to me. I know he likes Alasdair but he won’t agree to him, says he’s too ambitious, whatever *that* means. 😦 Care to swipe it? I think he’s so dashing, I’d love to see him used!


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