Rafael vs. Raphael?

Okay, I’m whitebread American. Granted I’ve got Russian, Polish, Scots & German background and I got the Scots surname out of the deal.  But Rafael is a family name on my late Mother’s side; hangs all over the tree. Raphael is the standard English spelling and for a lot of folks, the default spelling. I’d love to use Rafael/Raphael but am leaning towards Rafael for two reasons:

1. It’s the family spelling and seeing as how he’s stuck with family all his life, Rafael makes a bit more sense.

2. We live in the middle of a huge Brasilian population here in Central MA. I see Rafael more often than Raphael, which may make it easier on him through school. And since he’d be Rafe, again, Rafael makes a touch more sense.

But I’m still waffling. Rafael is sexy, Raphael is the teensiet bit stodgy. I love stodgy but not with Raphael. And the I think Josephine & Raphael, how cheesy is it to have two kids with that ‘ph’ combo in it?

Well, here’s the combo, both ways:

Rafael Edward Porfirio
Raphael Edward Porfiro

Edward’s for an Uncle, Porfirio, I’ve loved him since I was two.  He’s so fun to say: por-FEER-ee-oh. Fun is definitely a priority for me this time.  I have to enjoy saying it over all.

Which do you like better?  Hmm?

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mia
    Nov 07, 2008 @ 00:48:16

    I prefer Raphael, myself, but I think you’ve got good reasons for leaning toward Rafael. When I look at the two, Rafael strikes me as a fun guy, and Raphael as a serious (and maybe slightly vain) guy.

    The combo is great, no matter how you spell it.


  2. Lola
    Nov 07, 2008 @ 01:58:41

    Thanks! I appreciate the thoughts. It helps, especially since we go back & forth on this issue, all the time! 🙂


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